Xfinity Stream Review: Overview, Set up & Features

Xfinity Stream Review is an over-the-top streaming tool that guarantees you unlimited streaming. The number of online streaming services is increasing, and they are increasingly replacing traditional cable TV subscriptions. The article focuses on Xfinity Stream, which is a free streaming service. It has more modern features and will provide you with the best fun. For your convenience, we have provided a thorough review of Xfinity Stream.

What is Xfinity Stream?

Xfinity Stream is an over-the-top streaming service that gives you limitless access to content. More entertainment is available to view on any screen at home or on the go. Thousands of live TV, shows, movies, on-demand films, and more are available with the Xfinity app. Read the full Xfinity Stream Review to know more about it.

Xfinity Stream – What is it?

Features of Xfinity Stream

  • Xfinity’s subscribers have access to over 200 live television stations. To watch it right away, apply the filter “Available Out of Home.”
  • Use the “Available for Download” filter to find thousands of movies and TV shows that you can download and view offline or without an internet connection.
  • Create a purchase PIN to allow you to control your purchases from any device and rent or buy your favorite movies and series.
  • Customers who have a Cloud DVR or an X1 can watch recordings that have been preserved by us.
  • Users can watch leased TV series and movies on the app till the rental period ends.
  • At no extra charge, you can stream full Video-on-Demand library and the contents that are included in your subscription.

Xfinity Stream Supported Platforms

Xfinity Stream Review is available for various platforms and devices. Some popular out of many are as under:

Xfinity Stream – Supported Platforms

Does Xfinity Stream Costs?

The Xfinity app is freeware, with all of its features available for free. There are no subscription fees to watch all of the videos available on Xfinity.

How to Download Xfinity Stream App?

Xfinity Stream-Overview-Set up-Review & Features is available for multiple platforms officially, installation of it is easy on any device. You can follow the same procedure given below on all the devices listed above to download the Xfinity app.

1: Open the app store by selecting it from the Apps column, regardless of the device you’re using. For example, on an Android device, open the Play Store.

2: Using the keyboard, search for the Xfinity app in the search box.

3: From the list of options, select the Xfinity app.

4: Depending on your device, click the Download/Get/Install option.

Xfinity Stream – Overview, Set up, Review & Features

4: Tap the Accept button when asked with a list of permissions.

5: Finally, choose Open to launch it and begin watching Xfinity on your smartphone.

How to Stream it on Web?

If you are about to use Xfinity Stream-Overview-Set up-Review & Features on the PC browser, then follow the steps given below. This also works well for Windows PC, Mac PC, and Linux PC as well.

1: On your desktop or laptop PC, open and open a web browser of your choice.

2: Using the address bar, open a new tab and go to

3: Hover over the Sign-in option in the top right corner of the Xfinity home screen.

How to Stream it on Web?

4: Then provide your username/email/mobile no and password and click the Sign-In button to log in to your account.

5: Select any video and start playing it on the web or online for free.

TechTwitch Opinion

For those considering cutting the cord, Xfinity Stream Review is an all-in-one streaming solution. Because it supports famous live TV stations, you will never miss any of your favorites. Its goal is to deliver a better entertainment experience for movie and television viewers.

FAQs Xfinity Stream

How do you set up parental controls on Xfinity Stream?

To enable Parental Controls, go to the Xfinity app’s main menu and select Settings, then Parental Controls.

Is the Xfinity Stream app compatible with all streaming devices?

No. Only a few streaming devices currently support using the Xfinity app.

Are there any additional fees for using Xfinity on a partner device?

No, Xfinity TV subscribers may play anything on partner devices at no extra charge.

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