What is Roku & How to Setup? Complete Guide

Roku is a streaming device that allows you to watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and other popular apps on your television. It, like Amazon Fire TV, allows you to stream a wide range of entertainment content to your television. It’s great for consumers who don’t want to invest in a video gaming console, but yet want to stream digital material.

All Roku devices, which range from set-top boxes to streaming sticks, provide fast access to your favorite media content on a larger TV screen. Rather than paying for cable TV, you may use Roku to access a variety of media material from the comfort of your own home.

What you can do with Roku?

Roku allows you to watch any type of media content you can think of. It provides access to movies, TV shows, cartoons, live television, documentaries, live sports, and other content. Roku, like smartphones, has its own channel store where you can download apps. Nearly 4500 channels are available for download from the store. Simply said, you can have access to a wide range of popular smartphone applications. Roku allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies anytime you want.

Types of Roku Devices / Comparison

Before proceeding with the comparison, consumers should be aware that all the devices are powered by the Roku OS, which is a simple piece of software. As a result, you’ll have the same amount of channels and a consistent user experience across all devices. You must choose the device that is best for your television.

Types of Roku devices

1. Roku Express

Roku Express is one of the cheapest devices by Roku available for streaming content to your television. It only works with HDMI-equipped 1080p televisions.

2. Roku Express+

Roku Express+ (plus) functions the same way as its predecessor (Express) and just has an HDMI port. The only difference between Express and Express+ is that the latter includes a composite cable connection option.

3. Roku Premiere

If you have a 4K television, the Roku Premiere is the device for you. It seamlessly broadcasts 4K and HDR videos to your TV. It only works with an HDMI cable, much like Express.

4. Roku Premiere+

When compared to its predecessor (premiere), the Roku Premiere+ has an improved remote with an enhanced voice search button.

5. Roku Streaming Stick

Roku Streaming Stick is a small device that connects to the TV’s HDMI connection. However, it can only stream videos in 1080p.

6. Roku Streaming Stick+

Roku Streaming Stick+ (Plus) is an improved version of the Roku Streaming Stick. The only difference is that it can stream videos in 4K and HDR.

7. Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra is a high-priced device that you may purchase. It has a micro SD card and USB device connector and looks like a legitimate set-top box. A headphone jack is included on the remote. As a result, you can watch TV without bothering others.

8. Roku TV

Some TV models (TCL & Hisense) come with built-in Roku OS software, which is known as built-in TVs (like the Chromecast built-in TVs). It’s equipped with the same set of functions as other Roku streaming devices.

How does Roku work?

roku devices

First, you must complete the setup procedure, which is described below:

  • The main screen will show on the screen after the setup process is completed.
  • It contains two menus, one on the left with account options and the other on the right with a channel list.
  • Each channel functions similarly to an app on your smartphone.
  • You must use the remote to access the app or channel you wish to watch.
  • You can immediately stream the contents if the channel is free to use.
  • If the content requires a subscription, you must submit the subscription information in order to stream it.

Note: To stream content, Roku devices require an active internet connection. The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to simply connect your device to the internet.

How to Setup Roku?

how to setup

Before you can stream any content, you must first set up the device. The setup process is the same for all Roku devices.

  • Connect the item to your TV after unboxing it.
  • Choose the language you want to use.
  • For internet access, choose your preferred network and input the password.
  • The screen will display an activation code.
  • Now, open a browser on your phone or computer and go to roku.com/link.
  • Tap Submit after entering the code.
  • Create a user account by entering a username, password, and mailing address.
  • You must set up your credit card or PayPal account information. You can also make rental payments and purchase them in a matter of minutes by submitting your account information.
  • On the TV screen, you will now see an All Done notification.

How to Use Roku Mobile app?

mobile app

The device comes with a mobile app for iOS and Android customers that want greater flexibility. Users can use this app instead of a remote to control everything on the device. With the help of the mobile app, you may execute the following tasks:

  • Add and Remove channels
  • Launch and exit App
  • Cast the media contents locally from smartphone
  • Use the smartphone keyboard for text entry
  • Use the smartphone mic for voice commands

Note: You must sign in with the login credentials you used to set up the device after downloading the app.

Roku Supported Channels/Media

As previously stated, the Channel Store offers approximately 4500 channels in a variety of categories, including movies and TV series, news, sports, children’s programming, and more. The following are some of the most popular channels in the channel store.

1. Movies / Videos Channels

Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Hulu, Philo, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, Sling TV, fuboTV, HBO NOW, and more streaming services are available.

2. Kids Channels

Crunchyroll, PBS Kids, DisneyNOW, Nick Jr., FunimationNow, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, and others are available for children.

3. News Channels

CBS News, FOX News, ABC News, Sky News, BBC News, CBN News, Euronews, and other news sources are available.

4. Sports Channels

NBC, ESPN+, FOX Sports, NFL, CBS Sports, NBA, NHL, MLB, WWE Network, DAZN, and more sports networks are available.

5. Music Channels

Spotify, Amazon Music, TuneIn, Deezer, TIDAL, and more music services are available.

Some channels/apps are free to use, while others, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Crunchyroll, require an active subscription in order to access the content.

How to Add Channels to Roku?

Roku makes it simple to add channels and apps. You can either install the apps directly on the device or download them via the mobile app.

Using Roku Device

  • On Home Screen, scroll down to Streaming Channels
  • To access the Channel store, press the OK button.
  • Choose the channel you’d want to download.
  • Select Add Channel from the drop-down menu.

Using Roku Mobile App

  • First, open Roku Mobile App to start.
  • Go to the Channels tab.
  • Select the channel by searching for it.
  • Select Add Channel from the drop-down menu.
  • Turn on the smartphone, the newly installed app will appear on the home screen.

Roku Alternatives

Many streaming gadgets have evolved with enhanced capabilities and functionality over the years. Here are some of the best media streaming options for larger screens.

Wrap Up: Is Roku worth buying?

Roku devices are inexpensive and the greatest method to enhance your streaming experience. Rather than squandering money on cable or satellite TV, it is prudent to invest in Roku. Please give this device a try and let us know what you think. If you still have any questions, do let us know using the comments below.


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