What is NOW TV App: All About This Epic Entertainment Service

What is NOW TV App, NOW TV is a no-strings-attached way to be entertained. There are many passes to pick from, and you only pay for what you view.
There are a plethora of options for watching TV without a cable subscription. Streaming apps play a significant part in giving endless entertainment.

The best way to save money on your monthly cable payment is to use online streaming services. With NOW TV, finding great entertainment is no longer a challenge. It’s an online TV service that allows you to view high-definition television without a box or satellite dish. NOW TV is a great way to watch whatever you want without having to sign a contract. Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about NOW TV.

What is NOW TV App?

Sky Limited’s NOW TV is a subscription-based VOD and internet television service. It allows users to watch blockbuster movies, exclusive TV shows, never-before-seen series, live sports, and the greatest of children’s material, among other things. NOW TV’s goal is to give the best of pay television without the need for a commitment. You may start streaming anything simply by creating an account and connecting to the internet.

You can download movies or television shows and view them offline on any device. The downloaded content will be kept and available in the My TV section for around 30 days. Different passes are available on NOW TV, and you may start viewing quality entertainment for a reasonable price.

You don’t have to sign a one- or two-year contract, unlike other streaming services. Every other NOW TV pass offers different types of material, which you can purchase every month based on your entertainment demands. With NOW TV passes, you can get amazing entertainment in only a few clicks.

Types of NOW TV Passes & its Cost

There are five different NOW TV passes available and you can get anything based on the content you want to watch.

Types of NOW TV Passes & its Cost

Sky Cinema Pass

Stream over 1000 movies, classic on-demand, Sky Cinema channels, and a premiere every day with Sky Cinema Pass. Buy it at £11.99/month.

Sky Entertainment Pass

With Entertainment pass, you can watch premium channels from more than 300 binge-worthy box sets, live channels, Catchup shows, etc. Get it for £8.99/month with a 7-day free trial.

Kids Pass

With Kids Pass on NOW TV, you will get kid’s shows, six live TV channels, thousands of episodes on demand, etc. It costs £3.99/month and offer a 7-day free trial.

Hayu Pass

With Hayu Pass, you can stream thousands of episodes, reality shows from the US, and more at any time on any of the devices. Buy it for £3.99/month with a 7-day free trial.

Sky Sports Pass

Get a Sky Sports Day Pass for £9.99, a Sky Sports Week Pass for £14.99, or a Sky Sports Month Pass for £33.99 per month with a Sky Sports Month Pass. You can watch live sports events as well as 11 Sky Sports channels with this. Get Sky Sports Day/Week/Month pass or choose Sky Sports Mobile Month Pass.

List of NOW TV Supported Platforms

Content from NOW TV may be viewed on more than 60 different devices, including large and small displays. It can be registered on up to six devices, and you can watch it on two of them at once. Platforms serviced by NOW TV include:

How to Start with NOW TV?

  • To begin with NOW TV, you need to create a NOW TV account and become a NOW TV member at first.
  • You can even create an account and start the free trial at Now TV with an internet connection.
How to Start Off with NOW TV?
  • Then you should select one of the five different passes listed in the preceding section.
  • To establish an account with NOW TV, click the Checkout button and fill up your information.
  • Finally, select Start watching to begin watching NOW TV shows and programs.

Key Features of NOW TV

  • You can stream videos with subtitles for selected movies.
  • Watch programs, and other content via the NOW TV app on all digital devices.
  • If you have a Sky Cinema/Hayu/Entertainment/Kids Month pass, you can download content to your Android or iOS device using the NOW TV app.
  • If your device has an HD screen, you can watch videos in HD resolution.
  • You can also watch videos in SD and 720p quality.

How to Download NOW TV?

NOW TV is available officially for different operating systems like mobile phones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, etc. The procedure given below will help you easily download it on any device.

1. Open the respective app store on your device from the Apps column.

2. On the search bar, type as NOW TV and click the search icon/enter button.

3. Select the NOW TV app from the list of apps suggested.

How to Download NOW TV?

4. When directed to the app info screen, click the Get/Install/Download button.

5. When prompted, read the list of permissions and select Accept option.

6. After the download, tap on the Open button to launch NOW TV app on your device and start streaming.

What are NOW TV Streaming Devices?

Plug-and-play technology is used in the NOW TV streaming devices. Simply connect it to your television and begin watching. With NOW TV devices, you’ll have the finest way to watch your favorite shows on the big screen. Furthermore, these devices do not require any installation. The streaming devices must connect to the smart TV and can be either a NOW TV Smart Stick or a NOW TV Smart Box.

What’s inside the Box?

Whether it is a NOW TV Stick or Smart TV, the following items will be included within the box.

  • NOW TV Smart Stick/Smart Box
  • Remote Control
  • Power cables
  • Two AAA batteries
  • User manual

What is NOW TV Smart Stick?

It is a little device that you must connect to the internet/Wi-Fi after plugging it into a compatible TV. You’ll have infinite video material, a tonne of catch-up TV, your favorite apps, voice search, and more with this.

You can acquire a NOW TV Smart Stick for £14.99 or a NOW TV Stick for £19.99 with a variety of passes.

What is NOW TV Smart Box?

LIKE THE STICK, the NOW TV Smart Box should be plugged into the TV for uninterrupted viewing. It comes with four NOW TV passes, allowing you to watch movies, kids’ programming, Sky sports channels, and more. With just a few clicks, you can browse the most recent material and view all of your favorite shows. If you wish to stream media in 4K quality, the NOW TV Smart Box is extremely beneficial.

Buy a NOW TV Smart Box with a remote for £45.99 or a NOW TV Smart Box with a one-month pass for £49.99. (Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Kids, Sky Sports Day Pass)

List of Apps Available on NOW TV Devices

NOW TV devices support about 50 different apps. They include

How to Cancel NOW TV Passes?

Canceling NOW TV passes is all the way simple just like subscribing to the passes. To cancel any of the passes, you may follow the instructions given below.

1. To Cancel NOW TV Entertainment/Hayu/Sky Sports Month Pass, open NOW TV app or go to its official web page of NOW TV web.

2. Select the My Account option and then choose My Passes to enter your username and password.

Select the My Account option

3. Choose the Cancel option present next to the pass you want to cancel.

Choose the Cancel option present next to the pass you want to cancel.

4. Choose the reason for canceling NOW TV Passes from the given list.

Choose the reason for canceling NOW TV app

5: Follow the on-screen instructions and when the subscription is canceled, you will get a confirmation message.

Final Verdict: NOW TV App

NOW TV is well worth the money, and you can watch all of your favorite shows for a low monthly fee. Furthermore, the NOW TV passes have categorized content, and you may choose from one of five options for an unlimited streaming experience. In addition to the NOW TV app, smart TV viewers can purchase the NOW TV Box or Stick to watch content without having to set up anything. Overall, the NOW TV app is the best entertainment app available for all types of entertainment consumers.


Is there a way to stream NOW TV on the Sky Box?

No. On a SkyBox, it is not possible to watch NOW TV.

Is it feasible to prevent others from using the saved cards to purchase Passes?

Yes. If you don’t want your family or friends to buy passes or other content with your saved cards, you can enable Payment PIN.

Is it possible to set up the Parental PIN on NOW TV?

Yes. By setting up a parental PIN on NOW TV, you can prevent your children from seeing anything that isn’t relevant to them.


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