What is Digital Technology?

Digital Technology incorporates a large number of electronic devices and applications that utilization data as numeric code. But this data is as a rule in paired code that is, code that can be spoken to by strings of just two numeric characters. These characters are normally 0 and 1. Gadgets that procedure and utilize advanced data incorporate PCs, mini-computers, vehicles, traffic light controllers, reduced circle players, cell phones, interchanges satellites, and top notch TVs.

Understanding of Digital Technology

A large portion of the data individual’s sense is simple in nature—that is, it fluctuates continually, and an unending number of qualities can be appointed to the data. For instance, the bright light change into dark progressively from on to off could be viewed as simple data. This endless number of brightness can be quantize (separated into ranges). On the off chance that the potential brightness are broken into two numbers, at that point the qualities 0 and 1 can hold advanced data identifying that bulb is bright or not. These numbers represent the analog value. The scopes of brightness can be separated over and over, until there are large number digital values, represented by numerical value.

When simple data has been quantized into advanced data, it is difficult to totally switch the procedure and re-make the entirety of simple signs from the relating computerized signals. For instance, the sound put away as advanced data on a minimal circle (CD) is separated into 65,536 levels. A CD player makes an interpretation of the computerized data into simple data with the goal that a speaker can change over it into sound waves.

A few gadgets process advanced data utilizing a little PC called a microchip or microprocessor. It performs computations on advanced data and afterward settles on choices dependent on the outcomes. In such gadgets, PC chips known as memory chips store computerized data while it isn’t handle. Programming, which comprises of directions as computerize data, is utilizing to control the succession of activities in numerous gadgets that utilization advance innovation.

Types of Digital Technolgy

The major types of digital technologies which are important for our life and using at large scale are explain below in this article. You are already familiar with all these types because these are use in our daily life.

  1. Search Engines
  2. Digital Camera
  3. Microsoft Office
  4. Smart phones and Mobile Phones
  5. 3D Printing
  6. ATM’s
  7. e-Book

1. Search Engines

Search engines

Search engines have an important place in every individual life in the present era. It plays its important role in educational, business, health and many other sectors. If person need some information or knowledge in educational or business sector they can easily search it and understand. The internet provides student solution of their problems and answer of their question. However understanding in educational level is difficult but know by using YouTube they can understand their concepts.

2. Digital Camera

Digital camera

Digital camera is use to taking pictures of things, nature, person and things happening around us. Now, individuals are able to save their memories in eye of digital camera by taking pictures of their special movements, locations, objects and much more. In educational and business sector it has also a great value as a digital technology. They can capture the pictures of different places at trips, activities, their experiments and business meetings, any seminar or presentation and many other important occasions. These pictures are helpful in publication of past event magazine. With the help of pictures, individual use it to write articles or books and use its strategies in communication and learning.

3. Microsoft Office

Microsoft office

One of the most important types of digital technology is Microsoft office. Anyone who want to prepare their assignments, articles, notes, research paper, report writing, projects and presentations use as operating system known as Microsoft office. In business sector Microsoft excel is use to make a spread sheets. Power point is use to prepare presentations in any sector. And Microsoft word is used for writing of any type of document named above. At school level it is used at small scale. But at university and business level it is used at advanced level.

4. Smartphones and Mobile Phones

Smart Phones

I think everyone in present era is familiar with the term of smart phones and cell phones. It is useful in different ways for individuals. Firstly, it is most useful in communication to others located at distance as well as nearby. You can communicate in any way, by phone calls, messages, videos calls etc. you can also use it for entertainment as they have different applications. Like using Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, games and many other applications. With advancement in these pones, peoples are able to pay their bills, buy groceries, order their phone, ire the taxi and many other functions. By using their camera transfer of pictures is very easy from place to place. Simply, Smartphones are minicomputers in our hands.

5. 3D Printing

3D Printing

Most useful and beneficial technology is 3D printing. It used to prepare three dimensional models of objects and building which are helpful in understanding. It is used in prototyping sector, aerospace, jewelry, computer manufacturing, solar panels, and map of buildings sectors.

6. ATM’s


Are you not familiar with ATM’s. I think everyone is familiar with this term and use it. It provides a people easy access to their bank accounts at anytime and anyplace. You can use ATM’s to withdraw your money, check your account balance, or get your mini bank statement. Now in advance technology in ATM’s, People are able to pay bills and bookings through ATM’s.

7. e-Book


In educational sector, e-books have an important role. It is best useful invention of digital technology. Individuals are able to study different books on a single device. It is easy to sit at a place and study whatever you want as compared to go to shops or libraries and searching for books. It is also cost-free. Reader can change the font size, style and color according to their need. Readers also have an approach to study international books.

Advantages of Digital Technology

In advance era, digital technology has variety of advantages in individuals’ life.

  • Connectivity– In the global world, it generates connectivity and we become closer to our friends and family live at distance or nearby. We are globally attaching to world by social media apps like Facebook, twitter, Instagram and others.
  • Portable Digital Devices– As digital devices are small in size so it is easy to carry. Simply they are minicomputers. They can store large number of data in tiny chips.
  • Entertainment– One of the best advantage is entertainment. You are able to watch your favourite serials, listen music and play games on these devices.
  • Save money as well as time– It can helpful in save time and money both. You can compare the online prices of things instead of going market. Online you are able to pay bill, shopping and much more. You can read books online which save your money also.
  • Education– Digital technology has a great advantage in education. By online classes everyone is able to get education. It enhances our skills. By using internet we can solve our problems and find answers of our questions. We can prepare our assignments, presentations notes and much more.

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