What is Computer Science? All That You Need To Know

Computer science is an area of study that is getting broader with every passing century. That is the reason more and more people are interested to explore this field. Therefore, we bring you with a detailed article about everything that you need to know about it

If you are planning to opt for computer science as your career field, you are probably making the right decision. That is because you not only get to learn new things, but you also get to invent new things. Above all, it is the field that comes with many job opportunities and good income.

With technological advancement, it is the field that begins to get broad and broader. The invention of the new software, application, program, games, etc. all falls under the field of science, the computer, and technology. It is a whole new world of endless possibilities.

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What is Computer Science? A Brief Overview

Computer science is the study of computers and its system that include both hardware and software. You get to learn everything about the system’s functioning, design, theory, and application.

By studying all this you could become a computer scientist and contribute your part in the race of technology. You get to have a new perspective by bidding into this field.

Computer scientists look at a problem through the lens of a computer and try to come up with a solution. That is where you apply this science that includes programming, coding, or engineering.

History of Computer Science

Computer was developed to solve the mathematical problems and it took ages for it be used for entertainment and other technological purposes. The history of computer dates back to 1801 when Joseph Marie invented a loom that waved the fabric designs automatically.

Years later, Charles Babbage who is also known to be the father of computer launched a calculating machine that could solve basic mathematical problems. This was just a beginning that laid the foundation for development of computer.

So, we see that how the idea of solving mathematical problems paved a way to such an advanced development. The invention of computer then paved a way for computer science. And now its been years that we are conducting reaches and experiments for technological advancements.

Importance Of Computer Science

Computer science has become an essential part of our life. It is bringing solutions to our daily life problems. It is something that has made communication, online shopping, trading, and much more possible.

Computer science is playing a vital role in the following fields.

1. Computer Science in Business

Computer science bought many advancements in business. You could manage and run your business using technology. You can manage all the mathematical processes using a computer.

In fact, without this field of science, your business couldn’t be that successful. Moreover, you can start an online business and earn just by sitting at your home.

Freelancing is also one such field that could make you earn money. All this would never have been possible without the knowledge of science.

2. Banking with


Banking could be considered the subbranch of business. It makes use of computer science of deposits making the process of online transactions possible. That is what gives rise to internet banking. Banks provide access to transferring, money, paying salaries, online bills, online shopping, and much more.

Moreover, a bank customer could keep the track of their account simply by some application or call/SMS. Computer science is something that makes sure that all of these banking procedures go about smoothly.

3. Science Role in Education

Education and Computer Science

Computer science couldn’t play its role as much as it does during the pandemic situation. Students could get access to online lectures and even the exams could be conducted online because you have several applications and websites to make this possible.

Thus, computer science and computer are becoming an essential part of education. Students no more need to discontinue their education just because they are living far away from college or university. With the working internet connection, one could that at their home.

3. Science in Hospitals


Medication is yet another field that is utilizing computer science. Hospital authorities can create a database of a patient to keep a record of their treatment and medical history. Medical equipment that made the diagnosis of many diseases possible is another advancement of it.

Doctors get to research certain diseases and their possible treatments through computer science. You can even connect to your doctor for an immediate consultation and save yourself from any emergency.

4. Marketing


Marketing is another broader field that is utilizing computer science in many ways. With technological advancement, businessmen get to have more innovative ideas to market their products or services. You could market your product to the world and take your business to another level through online trading.

Social media platforms play an important role in the advertising or marketing of the brand. Amazon is one such platform that is serving to be useful platform for trading. Millions of people are using to flourish their online business.

Branches Of Computer Science

As discussed earlier, computer science is a diverse field that can further be divided into multiple branches. Let’s discuss its branches one by one.

1. Information Systems

Information system with Computer Science

Information systems could be defined as the interrelated components of a computer working together to collect and then process the information for controlling, decision making, visualizing, and analyzing in an organization. Following are the components of the information system.

  • Software: The instructions that run the hardware.
  • Hardware: The touchable part of the technology.
  • Data: Collection of the related information and facts.

This branch of computer science deals to integrate information technology to meet the information needs and come up with new ideas. The exploration of this branch could lead to the achievement of the business objectives efficiently.

Information systems lead emphasis on new possibilities in the information and technology so that it could be utilized in professional disciplines. It tries to come up with the information that computer systems could provide for processing and achieving goals to aid business enterprises.

2. Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is yet another branch of computer science that led its emphasis on problem-solving and inventing software and hardware interfaces. It is concerned with the integration of computers and their systems.

You get to explore the digital designs including communication systems of hardware and other computer components. Computer engineering focuses on practices, theories, and principles of mathematics and electrical engineering. And then apply the data to design computer-based devices.

3. Information Technology

 Information Technology

Information technology is concerned with the use of computer storage, hardware devices, and networking to create store and then process electronic data. It is mainly used for business purposes rather than personal.

Information technology collects useful information related to technology through application software, computing hardware, operating systems to enhance the computing methodologies and technologies. It is important to mention that IT is turning out into a more complex field because more application-creating processes are being associated with it.

However, the complexity is something that is making IT vital as well. Let’s briefly discuss the importance of IT.

  • IT is useful in invoicing and sales.
  • It does data processing for taxes and accounting.
  • Human resources and payroll are getting advanced because of IT.
  • IT is useful in market research and marketing.

You would have realized that how diverse this field of computer science is developing. Therefore, it gives more room to the profession and guarantees success.

4. New Media

Social media and computer science

New media is yet another branch of computer science that deals with electronic communication through smartphone apps, podcasts, and other online platforms, etc. You get to study and then investigate information to create new ways of communication.

New media is concerned with the digital form of communication that is taking place via electronic gadgets like, mobile phones, laptops, computers, etc. You could go for this field because as the name suggests new media is the new field, and you can give your input to the technological advancements.

5. Software Engineering

Software Engineering in Computer Science

Software Engineering is concerned with computer software and all that you could do to advance the computer software. That field was launched to bring in the latest software to replace the old low-quality software.
Software engineering is bringing technology solutions to daily life problems. Once the software is launched the next step is to keep on updating it so that it might not stay behind in the race.

Verdict – What is Computer Science

We have had a detailed discussion about computer science which led us to the conclusion that this field of science has made it nearly impossible for us to live without it. That is good as well as bad. Good in many ways like we can predict the weather, climates, seasons, etc. Therefore, it is enhancing our way of living.

Whereas, computer science is bad in the sense that our part in the daily life workings is getting passive and technology is playing the active part. We are becoming more curious about the future rather than living in the present. Instead of technology getting controlled by us, we are controlled by it.

However, we cannot neglect the fact that the reach of computer science is quite extensive. All we have to do is, learn to keep the balance and avail it in best possible ways.

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