What Do Symbols and Icons Mean on Instagram

The Instagram user interface has a variety of symbols and icons. When you’re new to Instagram, it can be difficult to figure out what each icon means. Don’t be concerned. We’re here to assist you. A list of Instagram symbols and their meanings may be found here. Please keep in mind that the position of the symbol on your device may differ. This is due to Instagram’s constant repositioning of icons. The meaning, however, stays the same. Let’s start with this guide.

List of Instagram Symbols and Icons

Let’s take a look at what the different symbols and icons on an Instagram post, stories, Reels, and bio imply.

1. Instagram Post Symbols Meaning

Below provided are some symbols used on Instagram posts.

Heart Symbol

The like button replaces the heart sign. It will become red and add a like to the photo if you tap it. You can also like a photo by double-clicking on it. Learn how to see all of your favorite photographs. Learn how to hide likes on your Instagram photos as well.

Instagram Heart Symbol Meaning

Chat Bubble

This symbol denotes a comment. To see the comments under a post or to leave a new comment, tap on it. Learn how to access all of the Instagram comments you’ve made.

Instagram Chat Bubble icon Meaning

Paper Plane Icon

Think of it as a send button. It allows you to send the post to your Instagram friends via Instagram messaging or to add it to your Instagram story.

Instagram Post Paper Plane Icon Meaning


You can use this symbol to save or bookmark the article in your collections. Open your Instagram profile screen and tap the three-bar symbol at the top to see the saved posts. Select Saved from the drop-down option. Saved posts are private and may only be viewed by you.

Instagram Bookmark symbol Meaning

Person Icon

When you see a person icon on a post, it implies that someone has been tagged in it. Tap on the post to see the tagged person’s username.

Instagram Person Icon Meaning


Other options include sharing outside of Instagram, turning on post alerts, and more when you click the three-dot icon on a post.

Instagram Three-Dot icon means

2. Instagram Home Screen Symbols Meaning

Symbols given as under are used on the Instagram home screen.

Add (+)

Create a new post, story, live, or Reels video using the add or plus icon.

Instagram Home Screen Add Icon Meaning


At the top, there’s a symbol that looks like Facebook Messenger. This will lead you to your Instagram inbox, which is now linked to Facebook Messenger; however, you can unlink Facebook Messenger from Instagram if you wish.

Instagram Home Screen Direct Messaging Meaning

Search Icon

The Explore feed is accessed using the search icon. You will be alerted to new material as it becomes available. If you’re looking for something specific, use the search bar at the top to enter your search term.

Instagram Home Screen Search Meaning


This symbol will take you to the Reels section of the website. Swipe up to see the latest Reels.

Instagram Home Screen Reel symbol Meaning


It will display your Instagram alerts if you tap on it.

Instagram Home Screen Heart icon Meaning

Profile Picture

To access your profile, tap this symbol. If you have numerous Instagram accounts, you can long touch this icon to view and switch between them.

Instagram Home Screen Profile Picture Meaning

3. Instagram Profile Page Icons Meaning

These symbols rendered below are used on Instagram Profile Page.

Profile Tabs

There are several tabs on the profile or bio screen. Posts, Reels, IGTV, and tagged posts are among them. To switch to it, tap on it.

Instagram Profile Tab Symbols Meaning

Arrow Icon Next to Username

You’ll notice a small down arrow next to your username at the top of your bio screen if you’re browsing your own bio. If there are many profiles, tap on it to switch between them. If you notice a red dot, that signifies there are unread notifications on one of the other accounts.

Instagram Arrow Icon next to user name Meaning

Bell Icon

A Bell icon will appear when you are viewing someone else’s profile. Tap it to receive notifications when that person posts a story, Reel, IGTV video, or other content.

Instagram Bell Icon Meaning

Arrow Icon Next to Following

You can mute, restrict, unfollow, or add the individual to your Close Friends list by clicking the small arrow next to the Following button.

Instagram Profile Page small down arrow next to following Meaning

4. Instagram Story Symbols Meaning

Icons and symbols used on Instagram while updating or publishing stories are mentioned below.

Paper Plane

The Paper aircraft icon can be found while viewing stories. You can send or share the tale with others by tapping on it.

Instagram Story Paper Plane Symbols Meaning

Send a Message

Tap the Send message button to send a message to the story’s creator. You’ll see smileys that react quickly. Tap it to send a smiley or the GIF icon to send a GIF as a reply. In the Send message box, you can also type your response.

Instagram Story Send a Message Icon Meaning

5. Instagram Reels Symbols Meaning

Similar icons to those found on a post may be found on Instagram Reels. The heart button, conversation bubble, and paper plane icon are all represented in this way. They all have the same meaning as the title of the article. Aside from that, there is the Sound icon. It will take you to the audio page for the sound used in the video if you tap on it. You’ll also notice a Camera icon at the top of the screen, which allows you to start a new Reel.

Instagram Story Reels Symbols Meaning

Final Remarks: Symbols and Icons Mean on Instagram

Apart from the symbols mentioned above, Instagram messages contain a slew more iconography. You can use IG icons to their full potential now that you’re familiar with them. Learn how to add numerous photographs to your Instagram story, send disappearing messages with vanish mode, and make your own selfie stickers.

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