8 Best Weather Widgets for iPhone for Custom Forecast

Widgets in iOS 14 offer a lot of customization options, and if you’re a weather nerd like me, you’ll want the most up-to-date weather data right on your Home Screen. Although there are numerous weather apps available, widgets compress all relevant data into a small pane on the Home Screen. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some of the best iPhone weather widgets that you’ll want to add to your Home Screen.

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Weather Widgets for iPhone

You need iOS 14 or higher for widgets to work.

1. Weather Fit | Get Weather and Fashion Recommendations

Weather Fit is a smart forecast app that not only shows the current weather but also suggests outfits. Temperature, weather prediction, location, and relative humidity are among the statistics displayed in the app. The Home Screen widgets with character modification that you can make in the program are, however, the main point of Weather Fit. You can customize the character’s appearance to reflect your personal style, and the widget will suggest outfits based on the current weather.

Weather Fit

Weather Fit is free to use, but you’ll need a premium subscription to enable the widget with outfit recommendations, which starts at $1.99 per month on an annual plan.

Get Weather Fit (free, in-app purchases)

2. Weather Live | Real-Time Weather Forecasts on Home Screen

Weather Live is a feature-rich forecast software that gives you a lot of information about the weather in your area. The app may be used anywhere in the world and gathers data from a variety of sources and meteorological bureaus. You may get a lightning forecast in real-time, as well as wind speed, pressure, and precipitation, as well as rain maps and weather radar.

Weather Live

On the iPhone home screen, the weather widget condenses all the relevant information and displays the minimum and maximum temperatures, current weather, and location. All the data is nicely displayed on an iOS 14 widget of medium size with a background that matches the current weather. It’s a thoughtful touch.

The weather widget app is free to use, but a paid subscription unlocks additional features including a hurricane tracker, air quality, thunderstorm notifications, UV index, and more. The cost of a weekly subscription is $0.99.

Get Weather Live (free, in-app purchases)

3. Weather by Tomorrow.io | Get Air Quality and Rain Alarm

If you’ve ever used iOS’s built-in weather widget, you’ll know that it doesn’t display anything useful. That’s where Tomorrow’s Weather comes in. Its weather widgets show forecasts for the next six hours, so you’re inundated with information. The widget features a simple UI with a dark background and an icon that displays the current weather forecast. The widget also displays the AQI value, which is useful if you reside in a densely crowded city.

Weather By Tomorrow i.o

Weather by Tomorrow is free to use, however, there is a $30/year premium subscription that includes lightning notifications, ad removal, and unlimited alerts.

Get Weather by Tomorrow (free, in-app purchases)

4. AccuWeather | Most Accurate Weather Widgets

The widget places AccuWeather, one of the most popular and dependable weather apps on the iPhone, on your Home Screen. AccuWeather’s iOS weather widget is only available in two sizes: small and medium, and it includes information like location, temperature, feels like temperature, and forecasted weather for the next four hours. With its gradient background and silhouette-like weather icons, the weather widget is quite minimalistic and tends towards minimalism.


The software is free to use, and monthly membership costs $0.99.

Get AccuWeather (free, in-app purchases)

5. NOAA Weather Radar Live | Nothing But Weather Forecast

NOAA is a real-time weather tracking software that delivers essential information about the current weather conditions in your area. On an interactive map, the app displays severe weather alerts, cloud cover, snow cover, and all other meteorological notifications. The widget displays only the weather forecast for your location. It also keeps you up to speed with the newest news, as well as the current temperature and a weather-related graphic.

NOAA Weather Radar Live

The app is free to use, but you may upgrade to a premium subscription for $2.99 each week.

Get NOAA Weather Radar Live (free, in-app purchases)

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6. Cute Weather

Cute Weather is all about customizing your iOS Home Screen and giving you that particular aesthetic that is renowned in Japanese culture as Kawaii. The weather icons are dynamic, and when matched with the appropriate font, they look fantastic. There are five different background gradients to pick from that complement the widget information. The weather widget shows the current temperature, date, highs and lows, location, and weather forecast for the next five hours.

cute weather kawaii weather widget for iPhone

Not only that, but it also allows you to match app icons to the weather widget, allowing you to entirely change the look of your Home Screen. Cute Weather is free to use, but you’ll need to upgrade to have access to the icon set and more widgets. The plan starts at $2.99/month.

Get Cute Weather (free, in-app purchases)

7. Carrot Weather | Weather Forecasts with Sense of Humor

Carrot Weather is a straightforward weather app that appears to be identical to any other iPhone weather app. It does it, though, with a warped sense of humor. Weather predictions and forecasts have a wide spectrum of personalities, from mild to explosive. You may even select your political leaning and turn on profanity to have the program spit out venomous language. It’s all in good fun, though, and Carrot is famous for its originality.

Carrot weather

You can choose from a variety of designs, like a weather widget with witty forecasts or a simple weather map with real-time updates. Carrot is free to use, but map widgets require a monthly membership, which starts at $0.99.

Get Carrot Weather (free, in-app purchases)

8. Widgetsmith | Custom Weather Widgets for Home Screen

Third-party iPhone widgets are the most effective way to customize your Home Screen. Widgetsmith is a widget customization software, so if you’re giving your iPhone a makeover, getting a matching weather widget makes sense, and Widgetsmith includes one with the premium subscription. There are a plethora of styles from which to choose, depending on your needs. You have complete flexibility over how the widgets appear on the Home Screen, from solid black to weather-matched widgets.

Widgetsmith custom widgets for iphone

Widgetsmith is completely free to use, and a premium subscription costs $ 1.99 per month.

Get Widgetsmith (free, in-app purchases)

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Final Verdict: Best Weather Widgets for iPhone

These are some top iPhone weather widgets that provide something different from the stock app. Widgetsmith, Cute Weather, and Carrot Weather are weather apps that emphasize customization rather than forecasting. Weather Fit, Weather Live, and Weather by Tomorrow, on the other hand, provide unique weather widgets with additional weather-related functions. Which app do you think is best for you? Please notify me via Twitter.

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