8 Places to Use Amazon Gift Cards Besides Amazon

For many people, Amazon gift cards have become the go-to option for anything from Christmas or birthday gifts to year-round bonuses. Receiving one, on the other hand, may not be as useful because the thing you want isn’t always featured on Amazon, or you’d rather have the cash to spend on necessities like paying rent and bills. There are a few little-known ways to swap and use unwanted Amazon gift cards for cash or for purposes other than Amazon.

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How to Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards

Apart from being fortunate and receiving gift cards from friends or family, here are the greatest ways to receive free Amazon Gift Cards.

  1. Create an Amazon Associates account and use it to share affiliate links through your blog or YouTube channel.
  2. Use Amazon’s Trade-In program to get Amazon Gift Cards in return for unwanted devices, electronics, video games, and more.
  3. Take surveys to earn Amazon gift cards (Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, MTurk, etc.).

We’ll go over some other methods to use your Amazon Gift Cards in this article. While these solutions are only available to people in the United States, most of the services can be accessed by utilizing a VPN.

1. Sell Amazon Gift Card for Cash

You can sell your unwanted Amazon gift cards directly for cash on websites like Gameflip, Raise, Gift Card Granny, and many others. Amazon gift cards are often advertised at a discount of 2% to 15% off their face value. For example, if you get a $100 present, you may expect to receive roughly $90 in cash.

All of these websites are extremely safe and dependable because each user registration is personally verified. For example, Gameflip needs users to upload a selfie with a government ID. Furthermore, Gameflip workers will manually verify all of the facts, which could take up to 2 to 3 days.

The money is placed into your wallet once the buyer receives your gift card code, redeems it, and completes the transaction by rating the transaction. In addition, these websites will take a tiny fee on any sales you make.

Disclaimer: You can only use these methods if you have an Amazon gift card code. You won’t be able to sell the code once you’ve redeemed it in your Amazon account. . Even if your gift card has been redeemed, there is still hope. You can use your Amazon gift card balance to purchase another gift card from the Google Play Store, and then sell the Google Play gift card.

Aside from the options listed above, you can list your Amazon gift cards on classified sites like Craigslist, Letgo, Oodle, and others. Simply offer your gift card for sale at a specific price, and interested individuals will contact you. Most of the time, you’ll meet people in your city so that you may complete the transaction in person.

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2. Sell It on eBay

Because of its prominence and wider reach, eBay stands out from services like Craiglist, Letgo, and Oodle. If you know how to sell on eBay, you can use your gift card to purchase high-demand items (mainly electronics) from Amazon and then sell them on eBay for cash. You may be able to acquire more money for things that are ordinarily difficult to obtain.

Pro Tip: You can actually offer your product on eBay first and then buy it once it sells. That way, you can have it shipped directly from Amazon to your customer.

3. Trade It for Bitcoin

If you don’t want immediate cash, an Amazon gift card can be a terrific way to begin investing in Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. You may diversify your financial portfolio by starting small and investing often. You may purchase and trade Bitcoins with Amazon gift cards on websites like Paxful, Purse, and LocalBitcoins.

The system works by requiring both parties to agree on an exchange rate, with the platform charging little to no commission on each trade. While purchasing bitcoin through an exchange is usually free, the seller may be charged a fee for each transaction.

You can then use peer-to-peer transfer to send your Bitcoins to a wallet of your choice (such as Coinbase, Binance, or Robinhood). If not, because Bitcoin is becoming a widely accepted payment method, you can always trade it for real money or use it to buy other items.

4. Sell It via Reddit or Facebook

You may also sell your Amazon gift cards on social networking sites like Facebook and Reddit.

For swapping unwanted gift cards, Reddit offers a community called r/giftcardexchange. Users can publish a post with all the essential information, and interested parties will contact them to arrange the exchange. Subreddits like r/barter can also be useful in this regard.

Facebook, like Craigslist, has its own peer-to-peer platform called Facebook Marketplace, which connects buyers and sellers on the social network. Aside from that, you might look for groups in your region that buy and sell gift cards. Another option is to make a post on your timeline or send a group message to a group of people to inform them of the offer.

5. Shop for Someone Else

Reaching out to friends and relatives is another simple but efficient technique to convert Amazon gift cards into cash. You can find out if they plan to buy something on Amazon and then trade your gift cards for cash. You may also give them a 10% discount to make it a win-win situation. Needless to say, selling to an unknown person on Reddit or Facebook is a considerably riskier alternative.

6. Buy Google Play Credits

If you frequently purchase applications, games, books, audiobooks, movies, and other items from the Google Play store, you can put your rejected Amazon gift money toward those purchases. All you have to do is use your Amazon gift card to purchase a Google Play gift card. You’ll be able to buy audiobooks and even rent movies on YouTube with it, something you won’t be able to do with Amazon gift cards. Because I couldn’t pay for Audible using my Amazon gift card, I started paying for the same books on Google Play Store with my Google Play Credit.

Another example is that I moved from paying $3 per month with my debit card to Google Play Credits purchased with an Amazon gift card.

Google Pay credits method

You may accomplish the same thing if you’re in the Apple ecosystem by purchasing an Apple Gift Card.

7. Buy an Online Subscription

You may buy gift cards for entertainment services like Netflix, Hulu, and others, just like Google Play credits, and use them to pay for your membership payments.

So, instead of paying with a credit or debit card, start buying Netflix gift cards with Amazon gift cards. Then you’ll be able to use those gift cards to pay for a subscription. You can also do this with other services like Hulu, Spotify, Disney+, and others. Regrettably, and Sadly and surprisingly, Amazon Prime Video is an exception here.

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8. Buy Grocery for Yourself

If the previous methods are too much for you, you can always use your gift card to shop on your favorite websites using your gift card. While Amazon gift cards are not frequently accepted as a form of payment, a few online shops do accept them in lieu of cash.

So remember to use your Amazon gift card balance the next time you shop online. This way, you’ll get the most bang for your buck and save the trouble of having to follow tiresome steps.

Final Verdict: Where Can I Use Amazon Gift Card Besides Amazon

With so many options for getting rid of your unused Amazon gift card, you can get almost anything in return. Given the current trajectory, Bitcoin may be an excellent investment. Shopping for your loved ones, on the other hand, is a simple answer. If not, Amazon gift cards never expire, so you may always save them for later use.

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