How to Upload All Photos From iPhone to Google Drive

There are several limits to using Google Drive on your iPhone. You won’t get a seamless experience as you would with iCloud, and you’ll have to handle a lot of things manually. Backing up your images to Google Drive, for example, or downloading them to your iPhone, isn’t easy, but it can be done. Let’s look at how to upload all photos from iPhone to Google Drive. It’s cumbersome for us, the users, whether it’s due to Apple’s restrictive restrictions or Google’s inaction in providing a frictionless manner of uploading images to the Drive. I discovered four solutions to this issue.

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Upload Photos in iPhone to Google Drive

1. The Conventional way

Before we get into the speedier options, let’s go over how to upload iPhone images to Google Drive the old-fashioned way.

1: On your iPhone, open the Google Drive app and tap the folder where you want to upload the images. Tap the Add button in the bottom right corner of the screen once you’ve found the folder you want.

Add button to upload photos iPhone to Google Drive

2: Tap Upload and choose Photos and Videos from the Photos app to upload. Tap the Browse button if you have photos in the Files app.

Select photos and videos from the iPhone

3: You’ll now have to manually choose each photo and then hit the Upload button.

Upload all photos in iPhone to Google Drive

The element that irritates me about this method is that you have to tap each and every thumbnail. However, I’m used to swiping across thumbnails in the Photographs app to select numerous photos, and it automatically selects every photo I’ve swiped on. You can swipe and hold your finger on the top corner of the screen, and the app will continue to select photographs until you let go of your finger. This strategy is neither user-friendly nor efficient.

2. Use the Files App

One of the main reasons I explored alternate methods was the inability to swiftly select many photos, and this is the closest choice that feels fluid. You may immediately drop all of your photographs from the Photos app to Google Drive using the Files app, which can map your Google Drive within itself. It’s a truly remarkable method.

1: If the Google Drive location isn’t visible in the Files app, you’ll need to enable it first. Open the Files app, select Edit from the options menu in the top right corner.

Edit option to upload photos from iPhone to Google Drive

2: A toggle switch to enable Google Drive will appear; turn it on and tap Done.

Enable Google Drive in the Files app

3: Now all you have to do is open the Photos app and choose all the photos you want to save to Google Drive. After you’ve made your selection, touch the Share icon in the bottom left corner. Look for the option “Save to Files” on the Share Sheet.

Select and save photos to files

4: To see the folders, tap Google Drive. Select the folder you want to save to and hit Save in the top right corner. Your photos would be instantly uploaded to Google Drive.

Selection of folder to upload photos from iPhone to Google Drive

The best aspect of this method is that I can choose all the photographs in the Photos app with that seamless swiping move. It’s far superior to manually select each photo.

3. Enable Auto-Backup with Google Photos

You can’t automatically back up your images to Google Drive, despite the fact that your cloud storage is shared by Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos. You must use Google Photos, and Google Drive’s built-in backup option is completely useless.

If you try to take a backup from Google Drive, it will only function if you keep the app open until the backup is finished, otherwise, you will have to start over. On the other hand, Google Photos is completely seamless and even works in the background.

If you can get by with a Google Photos backup, continue with the steps below. The next method, on the other hand, would only allow backup to Google Drive, not Google Photos. As a result, let’s enable Google Photos’ Auto backup feature.

1. Install Google Photos on your iPhone. Log in using your Google account credentials and allow access to all photos after the app is installed.

Google Photos to upload all photos from iPhone to Google Drive

The program will ask you to allow backup first, then press the backup option and choose a backup quality for your photos.

2: Original Quality is the uncompressed image, however, it takes up storage space in your Google account. Images of high quality are compressed and take up less space. After you’ve made your selection, tap Confirm.

Select a backup quality

3: Your backup will begin, and you may monitor the status of your backup by tapping your avatar in the top right corner.

Backing up status

4. Use Photosync to Upload All Photos to Google Drive

Even if Google doesn’t allow you to backup your iPhone images to Google Drive, Photosync can help. It was created to make uploading files and photographs from the device to many destinations, such as a NAS, a PC, or cloud storage, as simple as possible.

1. Go to the App Store and download Photosync. Open the app and tap the bottom-right Settings button. To open the list of destinations, tap the Configure button.

Configure google account in settings

2: Sign in with your Google account and choose Google Drive from the list of targets. You have complete control over where and how your photographs and videos are backed up. You can specify a destination, upload quality, and establish subdirectories, among other things.

If you want to upload in higher or original quality, you’ll need to purchase a subscription for $0.99 per month. To save your changes, tap Done.

Add google account and tap done

3: Return to Photosync’s album section and hit the sync button in the upper right corner to back up the photographs.

Photo-sync option

4: Tap the All button to select all the photos and then select a destination. To upload iPhone images, I went with Google Drive.

Selection of all photos and destination

5: Select the upload quality and then click OK. Your Google Drive backup should start automatically.

Upload quality selection

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Conclusion: Upload Photos From iPhone to Google Drive

These were a few options for transferring and backing up all of the images on your iPhone to Google Drive. You can also check How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to PC. These approaches are far superior to manually backing up your photos, particularly if you have a large number of them. What are your thoughts? Is there a better way to back up your data? Please notify me via Twitter.

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