UltraSurf VPN Review: Best Free VPN

UltraSurf VPN is a free VPN with a simple UI and the best connectivity. VPNs are one of the things that everyone needs at the start of the new decade. Internet security will be the most important issue in the coming decade. VPNs are used to protect against internet threats. UltraSurf VPN review: It is a free VPN service provider with locations across the globe. Premium VPNs such as NordVPN and Express VPN charge money for their services, however, Ultra Surf VPN is completely free. After reading the UltraSurf VPN review, you will be able to decide that whether you have to buy it or not.

Ultra-Surf VPN Overview

Ultra-Surf VPN Ove
JurisdictionUnited States
Servers Not mentioned on the website
Simultaneous ConnectionsNo login required
Encryption Protocols256-bit military-grade protection
Supported PlatformsAndroid, Windows
Chrome ExtensionFirefox Extension
Chat SupportEmail support only


  • Available for free
  • Unblock Netflix
  • Easy to connect


  • Keeps logs
  • Not available for iOS

Jurisdiction of UltraSurf VPN Review

The UltraSurf VPN company is based in the United States, which is monitored by 14 authorities. You will suffer certain disadvantages if you use a VPN that has jurisdiction over 14 eyes. The USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and Sweden are the 14 eyes countries. VPNs in these 14 countries will follow strict logging policies and data retention.

It is advised to choose a VPN that has jurisdiction away from the 14 eyes. Cyber Ghost VPN, NordVPN, Express VPN are the best examples of this.

Servers and Country Location

The number of servers is currently unknown, and the official website makes no mention of it. The countries that are available are also not shown on the website. Users are still unsure about the server location and available nations.

Despite the fact that the number of servers is limited, and the available country location is unknown, Ultra Surf continues to operate without interruption. One of the biggest causes of this lack of knowledge is the provision of free VPN services.

Ultra Surf VPN Supported Devices

Ultra Surf VPN is not a popular VPN service, it is only available on limited devices.

Smartphones Android
Desktop Windows
Browser Extensions Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox
Streaming devices Amazon Firestick

As you can see from the table above, Ultra Surf VPN is only accessible for Android smartphones; it is not available for iOS devices.

Pricing of Ultra Surf VPN

Ultra Surf VPN is completely free to use. It never asks for login information; simply download and use the VPN on your own. In terms of free VPNs, Ultra Surf VPN is one of the best options accessible.

Logging Policy for Ultra Surf VPN

On the website, the logging policy is not explicitly stated. They do, however, keep track of your browsing history. Because the VPN is based in the United States (a 14-eye country), your browser data will be monitored once you connect to it. They are literally lying if they state they will not maintain logs on your data. They will undoubtedly monitor your data with 14 eyes.

Security and Encryption

The servers of Ultra Surf VPN are protected with 256-bit military-grade encryption. Furthermore, it includes the SHA-256 cryptographic hash function.

The tunneling protocols are not disclosed, despite the fact that it has the above-described encryption and security. There is no information on the OpenVPN, PPTP, or SSTP protocols on the website.

Torrenting and Streaming

Ultra Surf can unblock popular streaming services such as Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and YouTube TV in the streaming section. The VPN can be used to unblock streaming services, despite the fact that it is free. Unblocking streaming services from another location will offer you access to content that is only available in that location.

User Experience with Ultra Surf VPN

There is no user interface for Ultra Surf. You can exit the VPN software by opening it and clicking the Connection toggle icon. For a single connection button, you have no user control. Even though it has a simple user interface, it will show you the data upload and download speeds.

User Experience with Ultra Surf VPN

When you connect to the VPN, it will always take you to the official Ultra Surf website. It may irritate some users. You will not be able to stop the redirection procedure.

Speed And Performance

There is no VPN that can guarantee you a 100 percent download speed. It will take some time to connect to the VPN. However, in Ultra Surf VPN, it will consume your bandwidth, leaving you with very slow download and upload speeds.

Customer Support

UltraSurf VPN review: It is a relatively unknown VPN that is only used by a small number of users. There is no live chat help or a support center on the customer support page. There is only an email chat available.

Customer Support of Ultra Surf VPN

In reality, Ultra Surf VPN does not require a live chat or help center. All you have to do now is download the VPN and start using it. To begin surfing the internet, simply press the Connect toggle button. You don’t need anyone else’s help with this task. You can email them if you have any connection or performance problems.

Final Verdict: UltraSurf VPN Review

VPNs were introduced for the sake of safety and security. Premium VPNs, however, such as NordVPN, face security dangers and are subject to privacy breaches. Security risks are affecting even paid premium VPNs, while cheap VPNs are even more vulnerable. Choose a premium VPN if you want your browsing data and online privacy to be safe and secure. Ultra Surf VPN is a completely free VPN service. A free VPN has a lot of privacy risks. However, you may still use UltraSurf VPN, which is one of the finest free VPN available. After going through this UltraSurf VPN review you make decide whether you have to get it or not.

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