The 12 Best Android Tablet Apps

Bringing you with the 12 best android tablet apps and bursting the idea that the same apps could be used for android mobile and tablets.

Android Tablets come with great power, style, and portability. It can be used at home and in the workplace because you can carry it easily. I would rather say that tablet is more of a professional gadget and is largely used by students and office workers.

You won’t be able to make the full and right use of the tablets until and unless you have got the right apps that suit your purpose. Android tablets apps can be used for multiple purposes like reading books, preparing presentations, playing games, video streaming, etc.

List Of The 12 Best Android Tablet Apps

When talking about mobile and tablet apps we often put them under one umbrella. But that isn’t the case, apps work differently for each of them despite the fact both use apps from the same store. This is because the theme and layout of the apps get modified when you are using them on a tablet.

Therefore, we are safe to assume that the Microsoft store has apps specified for mobile and tablets. To provide you with the solution to this problem, I compiled a list of the best android tablet apps and put them into three categories.

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Best Android Tablet Apps for Professionals

Following is the list of android tablets apps that suits pretty well for the professionals.

1. Office Suite Pro 7

Office Suite Pro 7 necessary app for android tablet

Office Suite Pro 7 is the best app you have got to edit or create presentations, text documents, and spreadsheets. It is such a capable app that it can handle both spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations. Not just this, but it supports multiple file formats like PPT, PDF, ZIP, RTF, LOG, PPSM, PPTX, DOCM, DOC, etc.

You get to sync Dropbox, Sugarsync, Google Drive, and SkyDrive easily to Office Suite Pro 7. Moreover, it provides you with a guide for PowerPoint presentations, text documents, spreadsheets, and a separate guide on the homepage. All this to make you familiar with the app if you are a beginner.

  • What I Liked: I liked the variety of features Office Suite Pro 7 comes with like voice search support, numerous editing tools, and has a smart user interface. Above all, it supports most cloud services.
  • What I Didn’t Like: It comes with no track-changes features.

2. Mint

MINT must have app for android tablet

Mint is best suitable for those who want to aggregate all their bank account, investment accounts, debit, and credit card into a single platform. It is more of a finance service than just an app that combines usability, simplicity, and an efficient blend of financial tools.

You get to improve your money management standards with MINT. The design of this app is simple yet featured. You get to set your account in few minutes. Moreover, it keeps the track of the money you have been spending so that you could get quick access to the history.

  • What I Liked: MINT offers its services completely free of cost and comes with simple budgeting tools. Furthermore, it is highly automated so that you don’t have to perform each task manually.
  • What I Didn’t Like: Currently it is supporting only Canadian and US accounts.

3. android app for tablet and mobile

This is yet another best android tablet app for professionals who want to keep a record of their upcoming schedules. is your personal manager that keeps reminding you of important tasks you get to do with.

It provides you with a simple and flawless experience and you even get to share the tasks with your friends and colleagues. Moreover, you can set reminders and prioritize the important tasks by adding them to the star.

  • What I Liked: offer a number of features to enhance your working experience. Above all, it works pretty well for all the major platforms.
  • What I Didn’t Like: The free version it comes with is restricted and doesn’t allow you to use all the features until and unless you upgrade to the premium version.

4. Google Voice

The last we have got on the list of professional apps is google voice. Communicating to your colleagues and friends via tablet won’t be a problem anymore. You get to send the messages to the desired person no matter what gadget he/she uses.

Moreover, Google Voice lets you make a voice call to international numbers as well. You could get quick access to your call or SMS history through call logs. The fascinating fact about this app is that it keeps your personal number safe until and unless you don’t want others to know.

  • What I Liked: Google Voice comes equipped with multiple features like checking your account balance, labeling messages, chose ringtones, and getting help. Moreover, you get to use this app for free.
  • What I Didn’t Like: It needs to come up with regular updates.

Android Tablet Apps for Readings

Given below is the list of android tablet apps that you could use for reading eBooks etc.

5. Flipboard


Flipboard is probably the best android tablet app that you have got for news reading. You get to see the video, social media, and articles into one featured platform. In fact, it more like a digital magazine that is always in your pocket.

It works pretty simply, you can get access to this world of news and trends. All you need to do is, sign up for the account using your email address. After that, you select the desired categories you are most interested in.

  • What I Liked: With Flipboard, you get to read the news offline. It comes with an attractive and friendly interface.
  • What I Didn’t Like: You may encounter repetitive trending stories.

6. Amazon Kindle

amazon kindle

Amazon kindle is a bookstore specially designed for android tablets. It contains thousands of books that could be accessed easily once you have purchased amazon kindle. You will find all the latest novels, poems, prose, and drama.

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is getting popular because of its cost i.e. $130 and its storage i.e. 8GB. Moreover, this app syncs your position and highlights your favorite categories. It is not only portable with a tablet but also with other devices.

  • What I Liked: With amazon kindle, you can easily bookmark and unbook mark pages in books. You get to highlight the lines that appeal to you. Moreover, it has a reading progress option so that you can easily continue reading from where you left.
  • What I Didn’t Like: It doesn’t seem to handle graphic information quite well.

7. Feedly


This is yet another android tablet app pf reading. It is the latest launch by RSS readers. You get to access websites, blogs, and sources as per your interest. Moreover, Feedly can act as a browser bookmarklet for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

It has the feature of saving and mark as a reading option for articles for a good user experience. As soon as you mark as read the article it would disappear from the list. You get to enjoy the social media option where you can share blogs and articles with your friends.

  • What I Liked: Feedly is the clean and easy to navigate reader. It allows you to tag the stories and has site discovery tools.
  • What I Didn’t Like: It required a google account for access.

8. ComiXology


The last we have got in the category of best android tablet apps for reading is ComiXology. It is the digital comic book that brings content from various publishers including Marvel, DC, and Image.

It comes with an easy and smart interface that makes reading pleasant. ComiXology works well on Tablets, Androids, and iOS. Above all, it comes with many DRM-Free titles.

  • What I Liked: It comes with an unlimited reading service. Moreover, most of the books become available on ComiXology that same day they are published.
  • What I Didn’t Like: There are no comic purchasing options directly from the iOS app.

Best Android Tablet Apps for Entertainment

Given below is the list of an android tablet app for entertainment.

9. Netflix

Netflix Best Android Tablet Apps

Netflix wouldn’t sound new to you at all because it has been used widely by numerous people. But the idea that Netflix can work pretty well on a tablet just like a mobile phone or computer might be new to you.

Netflix offers you a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and seasons that could be watched in multiple languages and subtitles. Furthermore, the interface it comes with is user-friendly and you get to watch the movies in HD quality.

  • What I Liked: Netflix supports offline playback; you get to choose from three pricing plans that make things easy for the users.
  • What I Didn’t Like: The selection of movies and TV shows depends upon your disappointing location.

10. Autodesk Sketchbook for Tablets

Autodesk Sketchbook for iOS Tablets

SketchBook is one of many good editors that you can use for drawing and sketching. It comes with various powerful tools that let do your job efficiently on the android tablet. Moreover, you get to have a wide array of brushes, layers, and many other features.

Drawing or sketching with this app is easy, you can choose the desired color from the color wheel and draw simply by dragging on the screen of your tablet. Moreover, you can upgrade to the premium version for more features.

  • What I Liked: Autodesk Sketchbook comes with robust drawing tools and incredible value.
  • What I Didn’t Like: It is capable of only six layers in one image.

11. Snapseed


Snapseed is another android tablet app that is known to be the best for editing photos. You get to give pictures extra exposure and enhance beauty with this app. It has a good number of filters to add a little balance to your pictures.

Snapseed comes with regular updates, its latest update allows you to make a collage of pictures. Hence, you would have an easy experience with it.

  • What I Liked: With Snapseed you get adjusted saturation, contrast, brightness, and alienation of the picture.
  • What I Didn’t Like: It consumes a lot of memory.

12. FL Studio

FL Studio Best Android Tablet Apps

The last app we have got on the list is FL Studio. It is a powerful digital audio workstation. You can listen to music from around the world in different languages. It could be regarded as an audio editing app because you get to record, create, and edit the music.

FL Studio has four versions available and you can go for any of these as per your requirement. Its user interface is completely capable. Moreover, it supports multitouch so that you can move multiple faders around your tablet’s screen.

  • What I Liked: FL Studio is available completely free of cost; you don’t even have to pay for any updates. Above all, you get to manipulate the visible automation clips easily.
  • What I Didn’t Like: It lacks the notation editor.

Verdict- Best Android Tablet Apps

We provided you with an extensive list of best android tablet apps. The list is based on the personal research. Therefore, you can completely rely on these apps for the wonderful experience bet it professional, reading or entertainment.

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