How to Take Screenshots in Restricted Apps in Android

I was recently scrolling through an onion site on Tor Browser and had to email a screenshot to a buddy. Tor, to my astonishment, refused to let me do so. Even if I record the screen, the results are black. Now that I’ve gone over the list, I’ve discovered that you can’t take screenshots in private mode in any browser. I tried to transmit screenshots of a transaction the other day, however, it turns out that I can’t take screenshots in banking apps. Now, this was getting on my nerves, and I needed to find a solution. So, I found one and also want you to know that how to take screenshots in restricted Apps in Android.

How to Take Screenshots of Restricted Apps

One simple method is to send a photo taken with another phone. However, I discovered a fun way to accomplish it using Google Assistant. So, here’s how to take screenshots of apps that are prohibited.

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Google Assistant

This may be the simplest method of taking a screenshot, and it appears to work with the majority of apps. It worked with Tor, browser Incognito mode, and even banking apps. All you have to do is enable certain Google Assistant settings. In the Google Assistant settings, we must enable screen context. To do so, open Google Assistant and select the “Compass” icon on the right side.

How to Take Screenshots of Restricted Apps

Tap the profile symbol in the top-right corner of the Explore page now. Select Settings from the enlarged drop-down menu.

google assistant setting

Swipe right on the Settings page to access the Assistant tab. Devices connected to the Google Assistant can be found at the bottom of the tab. In this case, we’re thinking of our smartphone, so select Phone.

Google assistant screenshot taking

When you’re on the phone page, go down to the “General” section at the bottom of the page. Allow Google Assistant to take screenshots by enabling “Use Screen Context” and “Donate Screen Captures.” However, before you go, we must first comprehend what this option entails. When you enable it, Google Assistant will be able to assess what’s going on on your screen when you ask it a question.

How to Take Screenshots of Restricted Apps

Now go to the restricted app that won’t let you take screenshots. Invoke Google Assistant on the restricted app and select “What’s on my screen?” You may also inquire, “What’s on my screen?”

google assistant on screen capture

After then, Google Assistant examines the content of your page. This is unimportant, and you can share a screenshot on this page by tapping on Share Screenshot. Now, Google Assistant will capture a screenshot and present you with a pop-up that you may share with other apps.

google assistant share screenshot

Take Screenshot on a Restricted Android App

Google Assistant is the simplest way to take a screenshot in restricted apps. Once you’ve taken the screenshot, I’d recommend turning off the screen analysis options. This prevents Google Assistant from analyzing your screen data.

There are various more ways to accomplish this, but they all require rooting your device. You should attempt the ReEnable Screenshot Module if you already have a rooted device. This module grants apps screenshot permission, allowing you to take screenshots. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns in the comments section below.

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