12 Spotify Tips and Tricks Every User Should Know

Without a doubt, Spotify is one of the best music streaming services available. You gain access to a large music library as well as apps for every device. All of these things might become so overwhelming that you miss out on some of the more interesting aspects. Here are some Spotify tips and tricks which may benefit you.

Did you know that you can use Spotify to listen to local music, set your playlist as an alarm clock, and share your profile playlists via barcodes? These little tidbits could greatly improve your Spotify experience. And with that in mind, here are some Spotify hints and tips.

Best Spotify Tips and Tricks

Listed below are some unique and best Spotify tips and tricks you should know.

1. Transfer Playlists to Spotify

Spotify does not allow you to import playlists from other music platforms such as YouTube, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and so on. However, a third-party program such as tunemymusic.com is always an option.

Transfer Playlists to Spotify

In my instance, I’d like to move my YouTube playlist over to Spotify. So all I have to do is go to tunemymusic.com, copy-paste the YouTube playlist URL, pick Spotify, then log in to my Spotify account. That is all there is to it. Because TunemyMusic searches Spotify for music by title, it may miss some tracks. There’s a one in ten chance of missing a song. You must enable “iCloud Music Library” if you wish to transfer your Apple services playlist.

2. Share Playlists with Barcode

Spotify includes a feature called “hidden Spotify codes,” which allows pals to exchange music more easily. For playlists, specific songs, and even Spotify users, these codes are generated. Instead of emailing song titles, you can just give your friend a screenshot of the barcode.

Simply hit the “three dots” button on the right side of the screen while listening to a song to bring up a Spotify Code.

Share Playlists with Barcode using spotify

To scan a barcode, press on the search bar, and then on the right side, you’ll notice a camera icon. Hover your cursor over the Spotify barcode. After scanning the barcode, it will bring up the appropriate playlist, song, or user, based on the barcode.

3. Group Listening

Multiple people can listen to the same song at the same time with Group Listening. It is, however, a premium feature that requires all users to have a premium membership. On the Connect to Device tab, you’ll discover the “Connect to Friends” option. After an hour of inactivity, this group listening automatically disconnects.

4. Set Spotify Playlist as your Alarm

On Android, you can also use your Spotify playlist as an alarm clock. Connect your Spotify account to the built-in Google clock. Now, if you’re using a phone from an OEM like Huawei, Xiaomi, or others, you’re likely to have their own Clock app. Because these custom Clock apps don’t support Spotify, you’ll have to use the official Google Clock app instead.

Note: If Spotify isn’t showing up, make sure you’re logged in and it’s installed on the same device.

Set Spotify Playlist as your Alarm

To access the extended menu, open the native Clock app and touch on the alarm times. The Spotify tab will appear after you click on the Ringtone choice. You have the option of selecting a single song or your full playlist. Another great feature of Spotify is that you can find playlists like “alarm clock,” which are obviously designed for alarm clocks.

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5. Crossfade

The Crossfade option, which is hidden in the Spotify settings, is another amazing Spotify trick. Crossfade now causes two songs to overlap. The music fades in and the second track begins when the first track is about to end. Go to the options menu to enable crossfading between songs. The Crossfade settings should be found just below the offline mode. It will be turned off by default.

Crossfade App

Simply drag the slider to enable Crossfade. The duration of the crossfade is 0 to 12 seconds. A nice crossfade should last approximately 3-5 seconds, although you can customize it to your liking. On Spotify’s desktop app, you may also put up a crossfade. Crossfade can also be found in the Advanced Settings section of the Settings Menu.

Spotify tips and tricks

6. Play Local Music

You can also upload local songs to Spotify’s desktop version. On SoundCloud, I listen to a lot of NCS or indie-pop music that I can’t find on Spotify. However, I have it downloaded to my computer. As a result, linking the local tracks to Spotify is a superior workaround.

Play Local Music on spotify

All I need to do now is go to Settings and enable Local Files. It picks up tracks from default folders like Downloads and Music by default. By clicking on “Add a source” and then selecting the folder, you can add a custom folder.

7. Device Controls

Spotify apps on various platforms are able to connect with one another. For example, you can use your mobile device to control the Spotify desktop client. All you have to do is log in on both devices to your account. When you play a piece of music, you can choose to listen to it on your phone or on your computer.

Device Controls tips for spotify

If you have a casting device on your network, it will prompt you to stream music to that device right now. For example, I have Spotify installed on my Android TV, which is connected to my household WiFi. When I connect my mobile device to the home WiFi, however, it asks me to play music on the television. Connecting and playing tunes on casting devices is a breeze.

8. Spotify with Google Maps

Spotify, as well as other music services like Google Play Music and Apple Music, are supported by Google Maps. However, this isn’t enabled by default. Swipe up on the navigation window to open the Settings and change to Spotify. Apart from Google Play Music, you should notice Spotify.

Spotify with Google Maps

You can now switch from Google Music to Spotify as your preferred media player. As a result, you may listen to your Spotify playlists on the Map window. You may even search and listen to music without leaving the Maps window. Spotify’s integration with Google Maps elevates the music-listening experience.

9. Smart Home Integration

When it comes to the music experience, Spotify can be integrated with practically all virtual assistants. It doesn’t matter if it’s Google Assistant, Bixby, Cortana, or Alexa. Only a premium Spotify account is required for Alexa.

Smart Home Integration of Spotify

First and foremost, you must make Spotify your default music player for the virtual assistant you are using. Go to Google Assistant Settings, for example, to designate Spotify as the preferred music playback for Google Assistant or Google Home. Simply type Spotify into the search field once you’ve logged in. In the search results, look for the Spotify app icon and tap it. When you start the Spotify app, you’ll notice a Link button underneath it. To integrate your Spotify account with Google Assistant, click it.

This will make Spotify your default music player, and you can now just ask Google to play any song. When I say, “OK Google Alexa, play DJ Tonight,” it just pulls these songs from Spotify.

10. Archive discover weekly

Discover Weekly and its music recommendations have so far been my favorite feature in Spotify. If you’re unfamiliar with discover weekly, it’s a weekly playlist of songs that arrives in every Spotify user’s account every Monday. The Discover Weekly playlist is based on your song listening habits and suggests music based on your preferences. The issue with Discover Weekly is that the playlist is updated weekly. As a result, the previous week’s songs will not be available the next week.

In any case, you may use this IFTTT applet to make sure you never miss your weekly Discover playlist. This applet creates a new playlist with all of the songs from the discover weekly playlist. It’s just a backup of your weekly Discover playlist.

11. Install Spotify Lite

Spotify has a free lite version available in 36 countries, but unfortunately, the United States is not one of them. Spotify Lite is a condensed version of the Spotify app that consumes less data and storage. The software is merely 9 MB in size and takes up about 38 MB of internal storage. It is primarily aimed at countries with limited bandwidth and is designed to work in slow network environments.

Install Spotify Lite Tips & Tricks

But why should you download it if you already have good data and enough of storage? The Lite edition, on the other hand, works just as well as the original Spotify app. The best part is that both applications function together, so you can have both on your phone at the same time. Finally, the Lite edition allows you to set a monthly data limit, so if you download a lot of music, you’ll be able to keep track of it.

Download Spotify Lite

12. Spotify Workout

Spotify has a really clever web app that mixes tunes and podcasts for you to listen to as you work out. You only need to go to the web app and answer a few questions. Spotify’s technology will then generate a Workout playlist for you. The quality of this playlist is entirely dependent on how long you listen to it in the Spotify app.

Spotify Workout App Tips

Visit Soundtrack Your Workout

Closing Remarks: Spotify Tips and Tricks

Finally, here’s a piece of advice. It’s all about playlists on Spotify. It’s like if you make a playlist once and then use it on every fricking device. As a result, the more you use playlists and avoid looking for songs, the better your experience will be. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns about Spotify in the comments section below. Do you need more Spotify tips and tricks? Let us know.


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