6 Best Soundboard Apps and Bots for Discord in 2022

Using a soundboard with Discord is an excellent way to change the sound you’re playing. You can import audio from your computer, apply effects, create audio trigger hotkeys, and so on. Aside from that, certain soundboard apps let you change the audio in real-time while you’re speaking. Here are some great soundboard apps and bots for Discord if you want to spice up your sound.

Soundboard Apps and Bots for Discord

Here is a detailed guide about the soundboard apps and bots for Discord. First look at the soundboard apps for Discord.

Top Soundboard Apps

1. EXP Soundboard

If you’re looking for a simple soundboard program that lets you trigger noises, this one is for you. The user interface is designed to seem like the old Windows classic theme and allows you to play MP3 and WAV files.

EXP Soundboard

The app requires virtual audio device software, which acts as a software representation of an audio device (hardware). This driver will be installed automatically if you plan to install the apps listed below (Resanance/Soundpad). You can acquire the driver from VB-CABLE’s Website if you still want to use it.

Get EXP Soundboard

2. Resanance

Resanance is the most popular soundboard software for Discord, with over 450,000 users. It’s completely free, and you may use it with any program that accepts audio input (Zoom, Skype). The soundboard can play .mp3, .wav, .flac, and .off files without any problems. Custom hotkeys can also be set to start/stop playback and activate sounds.

Resanance Soundboard App for Discord

It’s quite simple to set up, and if you get stuck at any point, you can watch the installation video for help. If you have any suggestions for the creator, the app also has a dedicated Discord server. Although unobtrusive, it appears at the bottom of the page and can be eliminated for $2.5 per month.

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3. Soundpad

I’m sure you’ve dealt with a lot of audio files that were either too loud or too quiet. This is when Soundpad enters the picture. It has a built-in volume normalization feature that essentially equalizes all sound to the volume of the user’s voice.

SoundPad Soundboard App for Discord

This program, unlike the first, contains a sound list function that may be used to trigger sounds. It allows you to instantly play any sound by double-clicking on it. Although it has a similar appearance, it is not as sleek. You must navigate through a selection of sounds that can cause you to slow down. There is a trial version of the program that only allows you to add 10 sounds. If you’re satisfied, you can buy the full version for $6.

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4. Clownfish Voice Change

Clownfish is a voice changer application that, once installed, works across the entire system. As a result, any program that requires a microphone, such as Discord, Steam, Skype, and others, can be utilized with this. You can choose from a variety of voice effects. Voice changers (female/male pitch), radio, alien, clone, and more effects are available.

Clownfish Voice Change

It also has a soundboard, which is exactly what we’re searching for. You can add and delete sounds, play/pause at any time, and attach hotkeys for a rapid trigger, just like in other programs. So, if you’re searching for a simple voice changer program with a soundboard, give this a try.

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Top Soundboard Bots

Bots are useful additions to Discord that may be readily introduced to any server. Before we go into them, here’s how to add bots to the Discord server whether you’re on mobile or desktop.

5. Blerp Soundboard

Users love this bot, which has been installed on over 10,000 servers. You can add this bot using the “b!search” command. There is also a dedicated website where you can obtain additional sounds and even create your own soundboard.

You can invite the bot to any server as soon as you like. And you can conduct a sound search and select from the top five audio results.

Blerp Soundboard

You can choose from a variety of categories, including animals, games, celebrity sounds, responses, and many others. Rick-Bot is another well-known bot, but I like this one because it accomplishes the same job and does not lag. Another significant benefit is the ability to design your own soundboard.

Get Blerp

6. The Discord Soundboard

While all the previous Discord soundboard bots were wonderful for noises, this one can also add music to Discord conversations. YouTube has almost every genre of music. The ability to play YouTube videos gives the bot more capabilities. If you don’t want to use YouTube, you can use this bot to play files from your local storage.

The Discord Soundboard

The bot is housed on your local system and is only active for the duration of the playback, which is fascinating. Unlike other bots, this allows the service to be available at all times.

Get The Discord Soundboard

Conclusion: Soundboard Apps and Bots for Discord

I recommend utilizing a separate app like Resanance if you use Discord with other apps that have audio input a lot. If this isn’t the case, simply invite a bot to your channel, which is far easier to set up and operate.


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