How to Set a Sleep Timer on Apple Music with iPhone

Going to bed with your favorite song is a terrific way to unwind, and I do it frequently with Apple Music. The issue is that the music continues to play long after I have fallen asleep. The solution is simple: use Apple Music to set a sleep timer, on iPhone which I discovered three ways to achieve. Let’s have a look at those.

Why Set a Sleep Timer on Apple Music with iPhone

Apple Music, unlike Spotify, does not feature the ability to set a timer within the Music app to cease playing after a certain amount of time. There are other implications, such as constant power usage and broadband usage while sleeping. As a result, we recommend using Apple Music to create a sleep timer and have the iPhone automatically halt playback once you’ve fallen asleep.

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1. Use the Timer

There are several advanced timer apps for iPhone that have a unique timer for every necessity, but the preloaded timer app will be sufficient for our purposes. The timer can simply halt the music instead of playing a tone, and setting it up is simple.

1: To access the Timer Section, open the Clock app on your iPhone and tap the Timer button on the bottom bar.

2: Use the timer wheel to set a timer. For example, I normally fall asleep in 15-30 minutes, thus I choose music that lasts that long.

Set a Timer in the Clock app

3: Press the When Timer Ends button after adjusting the time wheel. It would display all the different tones available. Select Stop Playing from the drop-down menu then hit the Set button in the top right.

Stop playing in Timer app on iPhone

4: Press the Start button to begin the timer. Simply launch the Music app and listen to your bedtime music or any song you like. When the timer goes off, the Music app will simply cease playing music, and you should be sound asleep.

Start timer in clock app on iPhone

Finally, I should mention that if you set a Timer after that, it will not go off because you configured it to stop playing music. This is a disadvantage of this strategy, and I frequently forget to set most of my timers because I generally do so from the Control Center. The next two procedures, however, the next two methods don’t have this drawback.

2. Use a Third Party App

While the previous way is straightforward, it is inconvenient if you want to use the Timer for something other than music without changing it in the Settings every time. The app Sleep Music Timer was created specifically for this reason. You can listen to music till you fall asleep. The nicest feature is that it does not conflict with the iPhone’s default Timer.

1: Open the App Store and download the Sleep Music Timer. Open the Music app and listen to your bedtime playlist or any song you like.

Sleep Music timer app Set a Sleep Timer on Apple Music on iPhone

2: Select a time for the timer in the Sleep Music Timer app. With this software, you may set the timer for anywhere between 5 and 60 minutes. Once you’ve decided, hit Start.

Start Timer in the Sleep Music Timer app

When the timer starts, the app goes dark and displays a faint screen with the remaining time. It looks great on OLED panels and can also be used as an Always-On display. You can stop the countdown by double-tapping the screen, but the app will not close. If it helps, plug in the charger to prevent your battery from being too depleted.

Sleep Music Timer is an excellent way to use Apple Music to set a sleep timer. The only disadvantage of this strategy is that you must manually set the timer each night and are unable to stop the app afterward. The next technique, on the other hand, takes care of this by providing an automated mechanism to create a sleep timer on Apple Music.

3. Use Automation with Siri Shortcuts

One of my favorite iOS features is Siri Shortcuts. I’m always trying to come up with innovative ways to use Siri Shortcuts. We’ll automate setting a sleep timer that will silence the music once you’ve fallen asleep in this situation. Because Automations cannot be shared by an iCloud link, you’d have to build it yourself, let’s follow the below provided step-by-step instructions.

How Automation Works

The automation that we’re going to build is straightforward. The automation would start a timer with the desired value when you open the Music app. The song ends when the timer runs out. However, this solution suffers from the same flaw as the first. The Timer would have to be manually set to stop playing music when the timer expired. The good news is that this is something you only have to do once.

1: Remove the Timer tone from the Clock app first. Go to the Timer Section of the Clock app and tap the When Timer Ends button. Scroll down and touch Set on the upper right to stop playing.

Stop Playing

2: On your iPhone, open the Shortcuts app. On the bottom bar, hit the Automation tab and then Create Personal Automation.

Create a Personal Automation in shortcuts app on iPhone

3: Tap the Choose button to open the list of apps after selecting App from the list of triggers.

Choose button to Set a Sleep Timer on Apple Music with iPhone

4: In the upper right corner, locate the Music app and hit Next. Make sure Is Opened is also checked. When you open the app, this will ensure that our Automation runs.

Select the Music app from the list in shortcuts app in ios

5: Tap the Add Action button, put Start timer in the search area, then choose Start Timer from the Actions menu.

Choose Start Timer

6: In the Timer Action, provide a value that ensures a timer for that period is started whenever the Automation runs.

Enter a Timer value to Set a Sleep Timer on Apple Music with iPhone

7: To go on to the next step of the procedure, touch Next in the top right corner. Toggle Ask Before Running off.

Turn the Switch off next to Ask before running

8: In the pop-up that appears, tap Don’t Ask, and then hit Done in the top right corner to complete the setting.

Tap Done to finish the automation setup

That’s it. Your Automation is now ready, and every time you open the Music app, it will start a timer for the specified duration, and the music will simply stop when the timer expires.

Automation running when the Music app is opened

This approach is almost imperceptible and does not require human interaction. One minor annoyance with this Automation is that it doesn’t matter if you access the Music app during the day or at night; the automation will always start. Take that into consideration.

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Wrap up: Set a Sleep Timer on Apple Music with iPhone

There are three ways to set a sleep timer on the iPhone with Apple Music. The first approach is straightforward. You set a timer, and when it goes off, the music stops. The second way, which is more polished, uses an app. It turns off the music but does not change the Timer settings. The third way is simply an automated version of the first, but it appeals to me because it is completely self-contained. What are your thoughts? Which method do you prefer for setting a sleep timer on iPhone Apple Music?

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