How to Send Disappearing Messages Using WhatsApp’s View Once Feature

You must be familiar with Instagram’s Disappearing messages function if you use it. Instagram and WhatsApp are the products of Facebook and WhatsApp has now received the same feature from its mentor i.e Facebook. It had the disappearing messages before, but now it has a somewhat improved version called View once. What is the View Once function in WhatsApp and how do you utilize it? This is where you’ll find the answer How to Send Disappearing Messages Using WhatsApp’s View Once Feature. Also, learn the distinction between Disappearing messages and View once.

Note: One thing you should keep in mind that this functionality is only accessible on Android Mobile beta versions for now.

What Is View Once Feature in WhatsApp

The view once, as the name implies, allows you to send disappearing material on WhatsApp that can only be viewed once by the recipient. After the recipient has seen the material, which includes photographs and movies, it will automatically disappear from the chat. That is, such media cannot be replayed. This function is available in both solo and group chats. In group chats, each user will have one chance to open the expiring media. In this write up you will learn How to Send Disappearing Messages Using WhatsApp’s View Once Feature.

Difference Between WhatsApp Disappearing Messages and View Once

You could get mixed up between the messages Disappearing and View Once. For starters, the messages that vanish work over the entire chat. When you enable it in an individual or group conversation, any message you send in the chat will be deemed a Disappearing message (text, photo, video, GIF).

After 7 days, the messages will be automatically deleted from the chat. Because it can be a long time for some people, this is where View comes into play. The View used to work just for photographs and videos, and such communications would expire as soon as the recipient saw them.

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How to Send Expiring Media Files in WhatsApp Using View Once Feature

Here’s how you can send photographs and video clips that you want to expire on WhatsApp:

Step 1. Open WhatsApp and go to the individual or group chat where you wish to send the message that is about to expire.

Step 2. If you want to send a recently captured photo or video, tap the Camera icon in the text area.

WhatsApp’s View Once Feature

Alternatively, press on the attachment symbol and select Gallery from the drop-down menu. After that, choose the required photo or video to transmit.

How to Send Disappearing Messages on

Step 3. You’ll be sent to the preview screen. To enable View once mode for this media, tap the circled 1 icon next to the box where you add a caption. The icon is highlighted when it is enabled. To send the message, tap the Send icon.

How to Send Disappearing media files on WhatsApp’s

Please keep in mind that you cannot send several items in a single View once message. To use this function, you’ll need to pick only one photo or video at a time.

You won’t be able to preview the message after you’ve sent it. As a result, make sure you send the appropriate material. This is how the message appears on the screens of both the sender and the recipient. The first screenshot is from the sender’s perspective, while the second is from the recipient’s perspective.

How to Send Disappearing Messages Using WhatsApp’s View Once Feature

How to check View once Messages

Simply tap on the message to access the received View once message. After that, the message will vanish and you will see Opened text instead of a photo or video.

How to check and receive WhatsApp’s View Once messages

Now that you understand what View once messages are and how to send them, here are some frequently asked questions about them. These questions will clear your mind regarding Send Disappearing Messages WhatsApp’s View Once Feature.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for View Once in WhatsApp

What Happens to Screenshots in View Once?

While the messages are deleted after one viewing, recipients can still snap a screenshot or record a screen recording of the contents received via the View once function. In addition, screenshot detection isn’t possible. You won’t be notified if the recipient captures a screenshot, unlike Instagram’s Disappearing messages. Always be cautious and watchful.

Can You Unsend View Once Messages?

Yes, fortunately. Messages sent with the View once feature can be unsent. Here, the standard Delete for Everyone rules will apply. That is, the message must be deleted within an hour of being sent. Find out how to read deleted WhatsApp messages if you ever feel inquisitive.

Are GIFs Supported in View Once Feature?

No. The View once messaging tool does not allow you to send GIFs. When you try to make a GIF from a video in WhatsApp while sending a View once a message, the GIF option is unavailable.

Where Are Photos and Videos Stored That You Receive Via View Once?

Such photographs and movies are not downloaded to the phone’s gallery because the material expires immediately after the recipient sees it. That would defeat the feature’s purpose. As a result, they aren’t saved on your phone.

How Does Read Receipts Affect View Once?

If you have read receipts turned off on your end, neither you nor the recipient will see them for ordinary communications. In the case of the View once feature, however, read receipts work a little differently.

If you don’t have read receipts enabled on your end, the sender will be able to see when you open a View once message in an individual chat. When you send a View once a message, however, you won’t be able to observe when the recipient opens it. In the case of groups, things are a little different, as seen next.

How Does View Once Work in Groups?

In the case of groups, the methods to send or open View once messages are the same, but there are two slight changes. To begin with, even if read receipts are turned off, you may still see when other group members open the messages that are about to expire. Simply tap the message details icon to do so.

Aside from that, while blocked contacts can still view your regular messages in groups, the same holds true for View once media. That is, once messages are sent in shared groups, blocked contacts will be able to see View.

Are View Once Messages Shown in Notifications?

The View once messages will not be accessible on the notification panel because it is a privacy-focused feature. In notifications, you will only see one photo or one video text.

Wrap Up: How to Send Disappearing Messages Using WhatsApp’s View Once Feature

Due to competition from Signal and Telegram, WhatsApp is attempting to improve its privacy game. They previously offered Disappearing messages, and now they’ve provided more privacy by letting you send Disappearing Messages Using WhatsApp’s View Once Feature to impress users. If you like WhatsApp, there are some fascinating apps that can help you get more out of it. If you’re still not interested in WhatsApp. You can also use Signal or Telegram App as its privacy-conscious competitors.

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