7 Best Secret Texting Apps for Mobile and Desktop

Today, anyone looking to download a new text messaging software will prioritize encryption. Even while security is crucial, the requirement for a phone number when you wish to talk significantly decreases privacy. So, here are several secret texting apps for mobile and desktop to keep your identity hidden if you’re like me and would rather show a personalized username than your own phone number.

Secret Texting Apps for Mobile Desktop

Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Even though you don’t have to input your phone number to verify on some text messaging apps, this decreases responsibility. Because they are anonymous, many believe they can get away with anything. Use it responsibly and judiciously.

Do you know the Top 4 Apps for Texting Between Android and iPhone

1. Telos App with WhatsApp

Recently, WhatsApp faced intense criticism for pressuring users to agree to a new privacy policy that will share user data with Facebook. Leaving that aside, many users won’t likely make the switch permanently due to WhatsApp’s features and large user base. But did you realize that WhatsApp also allows for anonymity?

Telos App

In theory, you require a phone number, but it need not be yours. Confused? Using the Telos software, we can quickly obtain a random phone number. To register, you’ll need an email address or Facebook ID. Once you sign up, you can actually create a Whatsapp account without a phone number and remain completely anonymous. For a comprehensive guide, read the article.

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2. Telegram

If privacy is a concern, Telegram is a third option in addition to Signal and WhatsApp. To sign up for Telegram, you do need a phone number, but not to talk. I’m referring to the username search function, which enables users to look up anyone using their particular username. The ability to change your username whenever you wish is its biggest feature.

Learn more about Telegram and the reasons why everyone is using it if you’re not sure whether to switch.

Telegram's username feature

Tap the menu icon in the top left corner of the screen to create a username. Select Username under Settings then enters the username of your choice. All done. Both desktop and mobile platforms support the app.

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3. Element Secure Messenger

Element is a must-try if you’re very serious about maintaining your privacy. You can sign up without even providing a phone number or email address. Group chats are supported by the open-source secret texting software. For consumers switching from WhatsApp, the unlimited use of voice and video services is fantastic.

Element Secure Messenger

The software is made even more secure by utilizing Matrix’s open-source platform for decentralizing chats. Additionally, you have the choice to self-host the Element if you tend to be overly private in your interactions. These upgrades have a 30-day free trial and start at $2/month.

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4. Discord

It’s extremely uncommon to find a community chat app on our list, but as its user base has grown, so has its utility as a chat platform for individual conversations. You can create a username on Discord as well, similar to how you do on Telegram.

Discord Secret Texting App for Mobile Desktop

Without disclosing your phone number or identity, you may also use Spotify to stream music, add bots to Discord servers, and create communities. Gamers are particularly fond of Discord.

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5. Session Private Messenger

You don’t need to provide your phone number or email address to use this additional open-source private text messaging program. When you sign up, a random number is created and assigned to each user as a unique key. Additionally, you are free to select any original username that conceals your identity. Using a unique Session ID, you may quickly start a chat and add contacts.

Session Private Messenger

The chat length restriction is another intriguing aspect. You can remove messages automatically after a certain period of time, comparable to Slack’s 10,000 message cap. The absence of voice and video calling will be the only negative for the majority of you who are switching from WhatsApp. If you still want to try the app, I advise looking at the thorough comparison between WhatsApp and Session.

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6. Bridgefy – Offline Messaging

There are several chat applications available that need an active internet connection. But what if you want something that is safe, works offline and is also effective in a crowded place? Bridgefy can help in this situation.

Bridgefy Offline Messaging app

It creates a network with other Bridgefy users up to 330 feet away using Bluetooth. With the broadcast feature, you can create a group chat with friends or have private conversations with friends. Using the app with friends at a concert with a bad network or in a large gathering with network restrictions are two examples of use cases. If you like Bridgefy, look into privacy-focused protestor applications that can help you escape risky circumstances.

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7. Threema

Before we discuss one of the finest apps for secret messaging, you should be aware that Threema is a premium app ($2.99/one time), so if you’re looking for alternatives that are free, you should go elsewhere. It uses a key as your username rather than requesting details like your phone number or email address. You do have the option to link your phone number, which makes it easier for your friends to find you instantly, though I wouldn’t advise it.

Threema Secret Texting App for Mobile Desktop

Along with the default Threema Safe server option, you can also do a backup on your own server. Along with chats, you may create groups (with a maximum of 256 participants), make phone and video calls, attach files, etc. Similar to WhatsApp, the app also features a web version that is easily accessible by scanning the QR code.

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Final Remarks: Secret Texting Apps for Mobile Desktop

So, whether you’re using a mobile device or a computer, these are the finest programs for messaging covertly. Check out Signal’s performance in comparison to WhatsApp if you’re worried about encryption but don’t mind exposing your phone number. The Telos app is an excellent way to sign up anonymously if you want to stick with WhatsApp.

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