Save GIFs From Twitter on iPhone, Android, and Web

Twitter has evolved from a 140-character microblogging platform to a cultural hub with memes, caustic tweets, educational tweet threads, and amusing GIFs. If you’ve tried to save the GIFs for later use, you’ve probably discovered that Twitter doesn’t allow that. We’ll show you how to save GIFs from Twitter on iPhone, Android, and the web. Let’s start our topic and try to download GIFs from Twitter.

Save GIFs From Twitter on iPhone

1. With a Siri Shortcut

I use Twitter primarily on my iPhone, and downloading GIFs is a difficult chore. Siri Shortcuts, on the other hand, makes this task very clean and simple, and we’ll utilize one of the Siri Shortcuts to download GIFs from Twitter in this write-up.

Step 1: First of all you have to begin by downloading the shortcut DTwitter from RoutineHub. Place the shortcut aside once it has been downloaded.

Save GIFs From Twitter on iPhone

Step 2: Now, on your iPhone, launch the Twitter app and navigate to the GIF you wish to save. To open the Share sheet, long tap the GIF. The Shortcut D Twitter can be found in the list below. Tap to run the shortcut.

download animated GIFs from Twitter on iPhone

Step 3: The shortcut will run and save the GIF to the Photos app automatically. That’s all there is to it. Now check your downloaded GIF in your library and share it to WhatsApp or any other social media platform with your loved ones.

download twitter GIFs With a Siri Shortcut

2. Using a Mobile Application

Beginners and some new iPhone users may be uncomfortable using Siri Shortcuts. Furthermore, the aforementioned method clogs up your Photos app by storing all of your saved GIFs there. Moreover, you can also download animated GIFs from Twitter. So let’s dig up a new way to download Twitter GIFs.

GIFWrapped is a free app that allows you to save Twitter GIFs to your iPhone without causing havoc with your Photos app. Instead, it saves the GIF to the app’s storage or to iCloud. Begin by downloading the GIFWrapped app from the App Store to your iPhone. With GIFWrapped you can easily download Twitter GIFs.

Step 1: Now open Twitter and look for the GIF you want to save. Copy the link by tapping the Share button at the bottom of the post.

Choose GIF and Copy the link to save twitter gif

Step 2: Simply paste the link into the search bar of the GIFWrapped app. The GIF will be downloaded into the app, and you may save it by hitting the cloud option on the thumbnail.

download twitter gifs on iphone with a mobile app

Step 3: Before saving the GIF, you can see a preview of it here. You may save the GIF to the app itself by selecting Save to Library, or you can save it to the Photos app by tapping Save to Photos.

Save the GIF from twitter on iPhone

Save Twitter GIF on Android

1. Twitter GIF Download with an App

We have a slew of third-party apps that can let you download Twitter GIFs on your Android phone, just like we do on an iPhone. So we would not like you to go to test each app to

Step 1: First and foremost, go to the Play Store and download the Download Twitter Videos app.

Save Twitter GIF on Android

Step 2: Now open the Twitter app and find the Tweet that contains the GIF you wish to save. Simply select the Download Twitter Video option from the Share button in the bottom right corner.

It will take a few moments for the download to complete, and your GIF will store in the Photos app.

download Twitter GIFs on android

Save Twitter GIF on Web

1. Download Twitter GIFs using a Website

If you’re using Twitter on a desktop, you won’t be able to find the GIFs embedded in a Tweet using the Inspect Element tool. Download, on the other hand, allows you to download GIFs to your PC in seconds.

Step 1: Copy the Tweet URL by selecting the Copy link from the Share menu below the tweet.

Download Twitter GIFs using a Website

Step 2: Copy the URL and paste it into the text field at The GIF preview will appear on the site, and you can save it to your computer by clicking the download button.

Save GIFs from Twitter on website

2. Save Twitter GIFs with a Chrome Extension

While copying the tweet URL and utilizing the website to download GIFs is simple, using a Chrome extension is even easier. You can download any GIF with a single click thanks to Twitter Media Assist, which inserts a download button right next to the like button.

Step 1: From the Chrome Web Store, download Twitter Media Assist. After completion, every Tweet will include a download option.

download GIFs from Twitter

Step 2: Simply click the download button to save the GIF from Twitter to your computer. It can’t be easier than that

Click the download button to save the GIF from twitter

Final Verdict: Save GIFs from Twitter

These are a few options for saving Twitter GIFs to your iPhone, Android, or desktop device. Furthermore, there are other Twitter apps for Windows, one of which is Tweeted, which allows you to download Twitter GIFs directly to your PC. What are your thoughts? Is there a method I’m missing? Please notify me via Twitter. Then we will test your provided app and method and must try to include it on this site.


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