7 Best Riyaz Apps for Mobile and Desktop

We’ve discussed music apps before, but if you’re learning Indian classical music, the practice or riyaz tools are considerably different from those used in Western music. Musicians here utilize the tabla or tanpura for both practice and performance. Because carrying these tools is inconvenient, you can use riyaz apps for mobile and desktop to assist you.

Riyaz Apps for Mobile and Desktop

1. Tanpura Droid

You must have watched performances or practice sessions if you are a beginner learning classical music. The tanpura is a common instrument utilized in these meetings. It is useful not only for tuning other instruments but also for practice. Tanpura Droid eliminates the need for a large instrument to be carried. All you have to do now is download the app, and you are good to go.

Tanpura Droid App Layout

The program is quite basic and just has the most important features. On the homepage, you may adjust the volume and speed, as well as use the pitch shift feature. You can also alter the audio and vary the tone of the first string, which is all you’ll need.

Install Tanpura Droid

2. Tabla Taal

If you’ve decided to perform on stage someday, you’re probably aware of the importance of maintaining a steady rhythm. Unlike western music, which uses a metronome, Indian classical music employs the tabla, which this software imitates.

Tabla Taal

It’s even more minimalist than the previous, displaying all the options on the main page, including taal selection, tempo, pitch, and loudness. Aside from that, there is only a play button that controls the playback.

Install Tabla Taal

3. Sur Sadhak: Riyaz Apps Mobile

Sur Sadhak is a hybrid of the two, with a well-thought-out user interface. It’s simple and straightforward to change. Sur Sadhak is a fantastic riyaz app for training voice or any other Indian instrument.

You may mix and adjust the level in the mixer part of the program to fit your practicing preferences.

Sur Sadhak Riyaz App for mobile

You have a section dedicated to tabla and tanpura. You can modify the number of beats per minute played and select from various taals such as Dadra, Pauri, teen taal, and so on. The best thing is that depending on your practice goal, you can play tabla and tanpura together or separately.

Install Sur Sadhak

Riyaz Apps for iPhone and iPad

4. Dhwani Tanpura

When it comes to Indian classical music and riyaz apps, iOS has a lot of possibilities. Dhawani Tanpura is the same as Tanpura Droid, which we discussed earlier. It’s simple to customize, and changing the pitch is as simple as scrolling down the screen.

Dhwani Tanpura Riyaz App for mobile

A fine pitch and tempo option is available in the quick settings. You’re in luck if you’re thinking of advertisements. This app is completely free and does not contain any advertisements.

Install Dhwani Tanpura

5. NaadSadhana

If you want high-quality music and a well-designed user interface, this is one of the top-rated riyaz apps in the Apple App Store (size is over 500 MB). You can quickly select a scale and begin practising with various instruments.

NaadSadhana Riyaz App for mobile

Carnatic music styles include over 100 ragas, eight taals, and notes. If you know someone who wants to learn but is blind, the app features full voice-over support, making it simple to use.

Install NaadSadhana

6. Riyaz: Learn Singing

Because you’ll need a guru or someone with a better ear for tone recognition when you’re practicing, you won’t always be lucky enough to locate someone to help you. With on-screen real-time feedback, the Riyaz app will fill that void. For classical music students, it consists of classes ranging from alankars to sargams. You can also use the tanpura if you require tonal support.

Riyaz Learn Singing

The app’s only drawback is that it only allows you to execute 10-minute sessions. You can choose to upgrade to a monthly plan, which comes at a cost of $2.5/month. You also need to sign in to use the app, which is meant to track your progress.

Install Riyaz Learn Singing for iOS | Android

Riyaz Apps for Windows

7. Tanpura: Riyaz Apps for Desktop

For all the right reasons, the Windows Store is well-known. If you’re looking for riyaz apps and there isn’t any good software, you’ll have to settle for this one. The app does not feature the speed toggle that the Android app does, but the key can be changed.

Tanpura Riyaz App for Windows

There’s a play and stop button, as well as a volume control. As I previously stated, this is bare-bones software. You can easily use it with your PC because it can operate offline.

Get Tanpura

Conclusion: Best Riyaz Apps for Mobile and Desktop

So there you have it, a few riyaz apps you may use to practice or perhaps perform. Sur Sadhak is highly recommended because of its simple interface, which allows you to get started with just a few touches. Although Mac has a number of tanpura programs, the bulk of them are pricey, so I recommend utilizing a virtual tanpura instead, which is less expensive and easier to use.


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