What is Project Moca (Outlook Spaces) and How to Use it

Notion, Airtable, Coda, Milanote, Roam Research, and other modular productivity applications have swept the market. They’re reinventing the workplace while also challenging established solutions like Asana, Jira, and Microsoft’s and Google’s productivity suites. With the Project Moca (Outlook Spaces) use, Microsoft is quietly developing its own take on modern tools.

Project Moca (Outlook Spaces) and Use

Outlook Spaces, code-named Project Moca, is Microsoft’s attempt to provide modularity to Outlook online. Outlook Spaces, which is now only available to a limited number of users, might be a great replacement for a number of Microsoft 365-integrated apps. Let’s have a look at it.

Where Is Outlook Spaces?

Outlook Spaces is presently in preview, as I indicated earlier. It isn’t extensively available on mobile or desktop, which means it isn’t broadly available. Outlook Spaces is being tested and improved by Microsoft through Outlook online.

Sign in to Outlook on the web with your account credentials. The Project Moca icon can be found at the bottom of the left menu bar.

Project Moca home page

As soon as the software reaches the beta level, we expect Microsoft to offer mobile apps and specialized desktop apps for Outlook Spaces.

Project Moca (Outlook Spaces) Home

Outlook Spaces is a simple program to learn and use. There are two sections on the home page: Templates and Your Projects. You are now ready to begin your project by selecting a template.

Outlook Spaces Templates

At the time of writing, there are just five templates available in Outlook Spaces — Weekly schedule, project schedule, school schedule, and meal schedule, and Personal Wellness.

I anticipate Microsoft releasing additional templates in the future. There are simply not enough templates to accommodate every use case scenario. It’s possible that, like other modular project management programs, it will support user templates in the future.

Outlook Spaces Templates

You can start constructing a project by hovering the mouse pointer over any template, or you can preview the template before using it.

Users can also create their own place. To make it easier for you to find it later, Outlook will ask for the name, persons linked with the space, and a few keywords.

New Space Template

Outlook Spaces Features

I’m using the Project Plan template to organize my articles at TechyLessons in the example below. Please allow me to share my personal experience.

Outlook Spaces can be compared to a large digital whiteboard. The company sells various pieces that can pin anywhere on the board. In contrast to other software, there is no set length or limit for sticking elements on the area.

A collection, note, file, weblink, task, goal, weather, and person are all examples of things that can be added to the board. Simply drag the piece from the left menu bar and drop it wherever you like on the board.

Board in action feature

When you pick an element, Outlook Spaces replaces the background with rulers, allowing you to align items and elements perfectly.

With the Milestone block, the organization also provides a reminder function. Add a due date and time to the job by attaching it to a card.

Reminders feature

The Microsoft 365 integration distinguishes Outlook Spaces from competitors in a genuine Microsoft approach. Microsoft To-Do is used to sync the tasks. Sticky Notes, OneNote notebooks, upcoming Skype calls, Outlook Calendar, and, of course, Outlook Email are all just a click away. If you already have a stake in the Microsoft ecosystem, you’ll appreciate the seamless integration of Microsoft products.

My Experience With Outlook Spaces

Outlook Spaces’ present version is best described as an alpha product. Prior to the public debut, I expect Microsoft to focus on adding more features and functionalities.

Other platforms like Trello, Asana, and Jira do not have the option to import tasks and boards into the software. I’d also want to see an arrow added as an extra aspect, so you can clearly connect your thoughts on the board.

The template library is also devoid of fresh ideas. Before the public deployment, I’m sure Microsoft is working on adding additional built-in templates, and after that, you can expect to see a lot of community-based templates.

Project Moca to-do

The Microsoft 365 integration was a pleasant experience for me. I’m a heavy OneNote and To-Do user, and I admire how seamlessly Outlook Spaces integrates with these two apps. Except for a few minor hiccups, the Outlook Spaces experience has been smooth and bug-free.

Conclusion: Project Moca Outlook Spaces Use

Of course, it isn’t for everyone, and you’re unlikely to switch from Trello or Asana to Outlook Spaces. However, if you’re already invested in the Microsoft ecosystem and have Outlook web’s preview enabled, you should give Outlook Spaces a shot.

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