Top 5 Photo Booth Apps for iPhone in 2022

Apps for photo booths are constantly in trend, especially if you’re throwing an event. We’ve discussed photo booth apps for Android before, so why not iPhones, which have one of the greatest cameras on the market? So, without further ado, here are some of the greatest photo booth apps available for iPhone users.

Photo Booth Apps for iPhone

1. Simple Photo Booth

If you’re looking for a basic photo booth app, this could be it. There are no extra features included in the app. It’s as simple as downloading, taking pictures (with a countdown), and that’s it. You can choose from a variety of layouts, including polaroid, film strip, black and white, and more. There is, however, no way to change them.

Simple Photo Booth

The software has banner adverts at the bottom, which may irritate some users. Leaving that aside, if you’re looking for a simple app, give this one a shot.

You can install Simple Photo Booth for iPhone.

2. Vintage Photo: Photo Booth Apps

Despite the name’s vintage connotation, there isn’t much vintage reflection in the app itself. This program made the list because, like the first, it’s a minimalist app with a few extra features. You get a simple photo editor, for example, that lets you adjust the contrast, brightness, and warmth of the images. There’s also a sticker section.

Vintage Photo

Most of the layout and frame settings in the popular photo booth software are locked. For a one-time cost of $2.99, you can upgrade to the premium version and use them. This also gets rid of banner advertisements.

You can install Vintage Photo Booth for iPhone.

3. Mini Photobooth

The photo booth design element on this one puts it at the top of the list. You can select from a variety of print layouts, ranging from a film-style photograph to a Polaroid. There are also layout alternatives for special occasions and holidays like Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and so on. You can add text, a custom background, and even some stickers to personalize your photo booth experience.

In event mode, you can give the photo booth a password to prevent attendees from exiting the app by accident.

Mini Photobooth

The ‘lock’ watermark that it adds to the images is a major drawback. If you want to get rid of it, you’ll have to pay $9.99 for the tiny version.

You can install Mini Photobooth for iPhone.

4. Simple Booth

Simple booth ups the UI ante, and if you’re looking for a clean, easy-to-use interface, this should be your first choice. The app lets you choose from one to four photographs in a single snap and even offers a GIF option. You don’t have to pick a layout initially because you can switch between them after you’ve picked the photo.

When you hold your phone stationary, the app will automatically take a picture.

Simple Booth

The only drawback I discovered is that in order to use the app, you must first join up. It would have been nice to have a guest sign-in option.

You can install Simple Booth for iPhone.

5. Instagram

If you haven’t noticed, Instagram features a built-in photo booth. You haven’t been paying attention if you assume it’s one of the standard filters. It’s a specific camera mode that you may access from the camera mode menu on the left. It works in the same way as old-school photo booths, allowing you to take four photos.

I enjoy how Instagram has preserved the photo timer as well as the numerous filters available, such as VHS, retro, and filmstrip. Finally, I’m sure most of the people reading this have Instagram, so that’s one less app for you to worry about. Plus, you’re going to post it on Instagram anyhow. For iPhone users, this is one of the best and must-have photo booth apps.

You can install Instagram for your iPhone.

Other Apps for Editing

As I previously stated, iPhone photo booth apps are primarily used to create selfies, but you can use your phone to take images as well. After that, all you have to do is pick a layout and edit your photos with a good photo editing tool. You might end up with disproportionate photographs at first because you don’t have templates like the programs described above, but it’s still worth a go.

Final Verdict: Best Photo Booth Apps for iPhone in 2022

While we’re on the subject of photo booths, if you enjoy taking selfies, there are a few picture editing applications for iPhone that can help you improve your selfie game. Returning to the matter, if I had to choose, I’d go with the first app. Simple Photo Booth is easy to use because it doesn’t have a difficult user interface and shoots pictures quickly.


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