10 Best Outlook Tips and Tricks for Power Users

Despite the fact that Gmail has more users and is more popular, Microsoft’s email service remains the primary choice of businesses and millions of consumers who have invested in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Microsoft is currently working on Project Monarch, which aims to create a single Outlook for Windows and Mac that is based on the present Outlook Web App (OWA). This ensures a consistent Outlook user interface and experience on all platforms. Let’s take a look at some top Outlook web tips and tricks for increasing productivity.

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Best Outlook Tips and Tricks

When Monarch is released, the post will be centered on Outlook web so that you may apply the given tips and tactics across Mac, Windows, Linux, and even Chromebook.

Also, we won’t be discussing the normal email forwarding and scheduling advice. Instead, we’ll concentrate on lesser-known add-ons, new features like Outlook Spaces, and Outlook’s connection with other Microsoft products and services. Let’s get this party started.

1. Use Microsoft To-Do Integration

The Microsoft To-Do task management online app may be accessed through the Outlook web interface, according to Microsoft. But that is not what we are here to discuss.

Flag an email in outlook

You can flag any email in Outlook, and the service will move it to the flagged email section of the Microsoft To-Do app. We frequently use this method to send crucial receipts and credit card bills to the Microsoft To-Do app through email.

Flagged email in outlook

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2. Explore Sticky Notes Integration

Another important add-on in the Microsoft environment is Sticky Notes. Sticky Notes has been seamlessly incorporated into the Microsoft Outlook web interface. To access, edit, and create new Sticky Notes, click the OneNote symbol in the top right corner or use the Notes’ section of the Mail menu.

Sticky notes in outlook

On iOS and Android, you can use the OneNote app, or on Windows, you may use the Sticky Notes app.

Despite the fact that Outlook Mail has a calendar feature, most people prefer to use Google Calendar. However, utilizing Outlook online, you can simply access, see, and update Google Calendar entries.

Google integration in outlook

To view Google Calendar in Outlook, either link Gmail with Outlook and access the Google Calendar data, or go to Calendar > Add Calendar > Subscribe via the web and add the Google Calendar URL.

Because most people sync their Gmail inbox with Outlook, you won’t need to use the latter.

4. Add Sports and TV Calendar

We are aware that during COVID hours, we are not permitted to discuss sporting activities. But bear with us. By adding the future schedule to the calendar app in Outlook, you can keep track of sporting events.

Here’s how to go about it.

1: Go to your desktop and open Outlook online.

2: Select Calendar > Add Calendar from the drop-down menu.

3: Choose from the Sports or TV calendars.

Add sports calendar in outlook

To keep track of forthcoming events, Outlook allows you to add major sports leagues or follow your favorite sports or team.

5. Explore Outlook Rules

Outlook Rules is Microsoft’s version of IFTTT (If This Then That), which helps you keep your inbox clutter-free. Regardless of how hard you try, spam emails will eventually find their way into your inbox.

You can use Outlook Rules to ensure that unnecessary emails are automatically deleted or archived without the need for manual intervention.

Outlook Rules Tips and Tricks

Create a custom rule based on your choices in Outlook Mail Settings > Rules. As you can see from the list, we’ve set up a filter to archive emails that contain the word coronavirus in the body or topic.

6. Unsubscribe Email Accounts

We’re all sick of unsolicited marketing and spam emails from unknown companies. Outlook does an outstanding job of automatically sending them to the Junk folder. However, some irrelevant emails will still arrive in your Inbox.

Unsubscribe Email Accounts

You can either unsubscribe from each one separately, or go to Outlook Mail Settings > Subscriptions, and unsubscribe from all of them at once.

7. Outlook Spaces

Outlook Spaces, code-named Project Moca, is Microsoft’s take on a modular productivity app over Outlook online. And Outlook Spaces, which is now under beta testing, might be a great alternative to a number of Microsoft 365-integrated tools.

Outlook spaces

Start exploring Microsoft’s vision with a variety of templates by going to Outlook Spaces. In our dedicated guide, you can learn more about Outlook Spaces.

Do you know What is Project Moca (Outlook Spaces) and How to Use it

8. Change Outlook Theme

Outlook’s default theme is a monotonous blue with a white background. Microsoft has updated Outlook’s appearance and feel by adding a dark style and a slew of new banner wallpapers. Premium advertisements provide Microsoft 365 subscribers with even more options.

Theme options fot Outlook Tips and Tricks

Microsoft should allow users to import a wallpaper from their device’s storage.

9. Add Outlook Signature

If you add a personalized signature to the bottom of your basic email response, it will look much more professional.

Web signature Outlook Tips and Tricks

Add a custom Outlook signature that will be immediately added to your email account by going to Outlook Settings > Mail > Compose & respond. You can use a picture or create a professional signature using the built-in word editor.

10. Use Automatic Replies

We realize that this is one of the oldest tactics in the book, but we couldn’t close this article without addressing Outlook’s automatic answers.

Automatic replies in outlook

Add the interval in which you will be out of the office to Outlook Settings > Mail > Automatic replies, and create a personalized automatic reply for those incoming emails. You can also tell Outlook to just send automatic responses to your contacts.

Final Verrdict: Best Outlook Tips Tricks

Every feature listed above will be available in the Outlook app for Windows and Mac later this year. Until then, we recommend using Outlook online, which is the most feature-rich Outlook version available. Don’t forget to use these tips and tactics to optimize your daily workflow while you’re at it.

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