5 Best Outlook Alternatives for Windows 10

On every Windows 10 OS version, Microsoft Outlook is included by default. On the desktop OS, the software juggernaut supports two email programs. The Mail app by default is designed for touchscreen devices. Users of Microsoft 365 have access to the Outlook desktop app. You might consider Outlook alternatives for Windows 10 because it’s complex and development is moving slowly.

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Reasons to Look for Outlook Alternatives on Windows 10

  • Same ribbon UI
  • Slow progress
  • Integration with other Microsoft services (Not applicable to individuals utilizing these services)
  • The Outlook apps on other platforms do not share features.
  • Microsoft will eventually switch over to using the Outlook web client in place of the Outlook app.

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Best Outlook Alternatives for Windows 10

1. Thunderbird

One of the top third-party email apps for Windows 10 is Thunderbird. It has a stunning user interface and all the required add-ons, like a calendar, tasks, and chat. Also, accurate is the iconography. We can’t say the same for the Outlook app, but you won’t have trouble finding the option you’re searching for.

Thunderbird for Windows 10

Also, quite configurable is Thunderbird. With a variety of theme choices and add-ons, you can customize the appearance.


  • Quick email delivery
  • Several choices for theming
  • Open-source undertaking
  • Built-in For a secure email experience, disable tracking and remote content blocking.
  • Access email, calendar, tasks, and chat with ease by switching between tabs.
  • Use is free


  • The calendar interface is dated.


Free to use and download. Use the website’s Donate button if you like the offering.

Get Thunderbird for Windows 10

2. Mailbird

On Windows 10, Mailbird has perfected the email experience. And no, we are not making up arbitrary assertions. A consolidated inbox, Speed Reader, and many more features are available with Mailbird. It is also packed with features.


App integrations are Mailbird’s key feature. Without leaving the email client on Windows, you can use well-known third-party applications like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Google Drive, Asana, and Todoist by connecting them.


  • Customized audio
  • Key shortcuts
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Individualized sidebar
  • Including third-party social and work app integration
  • A main Inbox encounter


  • None


$49.99 will be paid once. You can also pay by subscription.

Get Mailbird for Windows 10

3. ProtonMail

Supporters of privacy You should read this. The company, which is based in Switzerland, promises to uphold stringent Swiss privacy rules to secure customer data. The UI is on par with other contemporary email programs. The search bar is located at the top of a lovely sidebar.


With end-to-end encryption and no IP logging, ProtonMail offers a secure environment. The email composes add-on is great. It has a tonne of features and provides every editing option imaginable.


  • Open-source undertaking
  • Stylish Inbox layout
  • Heart of security and privacy
  • Free to use and download


  • Not a single inbox
  • Inadequate thematic options


Use is free. For a custom domain and extra storage, pay $5 per month.

Get ProtonMail for Windows

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4. Spike

Look no further and choose Spike on Windows 10 if you are tired of Outlook’s clumsy UI. On Windows 10, Spike has the nicest user interface of any email client. Yes, we did say it. Not only that. It has a distinctive approach that will elevate your email experience. Let’s get into more detail.


Spike converts your emails into straightforward chat interactions, allowing you to work and collaborate with clients and team members more easily and naturally. You might initially confuse it for Windows Messenger or WhatsApp.


  • Priority Inbox to concentrate on the most crucial emails
  • Excellent and contemporary user interface
  • Sharing features similar to those in Notes are integrated with Google Docs.
  • Live interaction
  • Chat with the group’s feature
  • Managing tasks
  • accessible on all platforms


  • The UI and layout may mislead new users.
  • Expensive
  • No integration with outside apps


5 GB of storage is included in the free edition. Additional capabilities, like 50GB of storage, 200 notes, up to 10 participants in group calls, and more, are unlocked by upgrading for $8 per month.

Get Spike Mail for Windows

5. eM Email Client

With all the necessary choices on the sidebar and top, eM provides a simple user interface. This imagery is appealing to us. It has a contemporary appearance and works flawlessly with the OS as a whole.

eM Email Client

Both Windows and Mac users can use eM, which provides practical features including contact management, instant messaging, RSS reader, and more. Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, and Outlook are just a few of the email services that eM supports. We were surprised by the search feature. It moves swiftly and helps you get more done during the day.


  • Available for Mac and Windows
  • Rapid search
  • High-security measures to safeguard user information
  • Free for individual use for up to two accounts


  • The free version has many restrictions.


A 30-day free trial period followed by a one-time fee of $29.99.

Get eM Client Mail for Windows 10

Conclusion: Best Outlook Alternatives for Windows 10

Outlook on Windows 10 is in dire need of a significant update. Microsoft is developing a new web-based Outlook client for Windows and macOS, so they are aware of the issue. The precise timeline, as well as its appearance and functionality, are unknown. Use the aforementioned applications to enhance your Windows 10 email experience while you wait.

Our TechyLessons team is now split between Spike and eM. A good alternative is Mailbird. People who are concerned about privacy should check out ProtonMail.

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