MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector Review

Nothing beats viewing a movie or a TV show on a projector, to be honest. You’re missing out if you’ve never sat outside on a beautiful summer night, projecting a classic movie on the side of your house, or visited a drive-in movie theater. It’s a terrific way to expand your movie-watching experience and enjoy your material wherever you go. In our MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector review, we offer you a wonderful alternative to consider when looking for a projector.

MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector Initial Impressions

Initially, the packing and effort that went into preparing the MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector for delivery to me wowed me. The projector itself is well-protected by solid foam and includes everything you’ll need to get started straight away. An HDMI cable, remote, screen with adhesive hooks, and a full cleaning kit with instructions on how to remove dirt from inside the lens are included. It appears as if they’ve been building projectors for a long time and are aware of your requirements before you ever have them. That’s a pleasant sensation.

MVV Mv06 projector top view
MVV MV06 side view
MVV Mv06 front view
MVV Mv06 projector remote
Projector cleaning kit

I’m also taken aback by the high quality of the materials used. It’s not an uncomfortable thing to move around because the plastic doesn’t creak or hold fingerprints. The buttons also click smoothly, making going to your input source a pleasurable experience.

MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector User Experience

It’s also a projector that’s a lot of fun to operate. When I used it, I never felt like it was battling me, which made me feel a lot better. When you turn it on, the menu screen is well-organized, making it simple to do the most important thing: navigate to the “Inputs” section and click on it.

That will take you to whatever device you have linked in, which in my case is usually a laptop connected via HDMI. There’s also a VGA connector for you to use if you have an older system with only VGA, making that old desktop with an optical drive looks like a viable alternative for a classic movie night.

Mvv Mv06 projector review menu

Connecting using your phone is also a possibility. I connected with the iOS Airplay capability using my iOS device. You can connect to the projector through USB if you have an Android phone, but the iOS option for Airplay is far more straightforward.

MVV Mv06 projector iOS Cast

The projector does require Wi-Fi connectivity, which may raise security worries, but if you manage your Wi-Fi network carefully, you should be alright. It should appear as an Airplay display on your iOS smartphone once you connect it to your Wi-Fi network.

This is a great feature for those of us who prefer our cellphones to our laptops because you’ll probably feel more at ease using it than your PC. Furthermore, dealing with display issues that can arise with desktop operating systems and hardware may not be worth the effort.

MVV Mv06 projector review laptop input

Other Nice Features

The speaker quality is also quite good, which is a really great aspect of this equation. Because of all the fans within, projectors may be quite loud, necessitating the use of a good speaker. Once you’ve set it up as sound output, it’s a surprising loudspeaker that you can use to drown out the projector’s volume.

It’s also incredibly wonderful that there’s keystone adjustment. You can then change the angle at which the image is projected onto your screen/surface, ensuring that no images are distorted and that everything seems to be a perfect rectangle. Nice.


There is only one flaw with the MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector: its price. It’s $20 to $30 more expensive than some other projectors available, at around $100 after clicking the Amazon coupon. However, considering the screen, build quality, and overall usage, I believe this projector is well worth the money.

Final Verdict: MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector Review

Overall, I think the MVV MV-06 Wi-Fi Projector is a no-brainer. It’s well-made, thoughtfully planned, and easy to operate. I would strongly advise it to anyone looking to spice up their next movie night.

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