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Finding a mobile friendly theme for your WordPress website is not an easy thing to get. Many beginners search firstly for different kinds of themes on the internet which are related to the content type. Which means, the content they want to publish publicly then they choose the theme which is also mobile friendly to their website. That site they created using WordPress CMS. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and best Mobile Friendly Theme for a WordPress Website.

Here we explore some of the best tips to get the best mobile friendly theme for WordPress websites. One thing matters most and that is flow of traffic on the WP site. The more mobile friendly theme you use the more traffic you get on your site from mobiles interfaces also. So here below we listed some of the most beneficial Mobile friendly themes for your WordPress Website.

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Avada is on the top of the mobiles friendly themes in the list that we are going to explain. Many beginners start their new websites by choosing this theme because it is really very user friendly with a mobile interface. There are thousands of digital marketers, private sectors and social organizations that use Avada theme for their website which is best fit for desktop and mobiles. 

The major plus point for this mobile friendly theme is that it is just a drag and drop customized theme you don’t need to do any type of coding manually. The sum of all explanations is if you really need a best mobile friendly theme then choose Avada Theme for WordPress CMS.


Divi theme is just perfect for both purposes like good for desktop and also beneficial for mobile interfaces. Moreover, Divi theme used for the customization of fonts, toggles and also you can adjust the screen widths according to the various kinds of interfaces and inputs of data. There are many of the packs available in divi theme, packs are like premade beautiful websites models for your small range business.

One more thing to tell you about Divi mobile friendly theme. When you can choose one of the listed packs and install it then be tension free from content optimization because it is fully optimized already. If you are really very serious about your content optimization then choose Divi theme because it is one of the exceptionally mobile friendly themes for your WP CMS.


Astra Theme is on the 3rd number in the list of best mobile friendly themes. Which is completely free of cost and customizable theme. This perfect friendly theme Astra is loaded with fully customized templates. Astra theme is fully helpful for the designer because it gives responsive templates for content creation. 

If you really wanted to create a mobile friendly website then select Astra theme for mobile users. Most of the designers and developers modify typography of content that you add to your website by using WordPress CMS. Astra theme is just fantabulous, compatible and responsive theme for beginners who start their career in wordpress designing and content writing. Storage of Astra theme is just lightly and not much then few MB’s so be ready to get beautiful web templates with not so much consuming space on your hosting plan.


This theme is Specially developed and designed for mobile operative websites. In this theme features and specs are designed and built according to the OS of Mobile Interface. Neve theme come with several kind of free demos and templates in which you can just drag and drop the function to make a responsive and beautiful websites.

This theme (Neve) is just perfect for the E-commerce websites. For Example you want to create the bookstore website then you will find maximum features and functionality for creation of online bookstore. So by choosing this theme don’t be worried about the appearance of your WordPress Website.


This mobile friendly theme is one of the simple but well reputed theme for user friendly WordPress Websites. Design of Hestia mobile friendly theme looks sleek and perfectly beautiful for online business stores sites. The major plus point is that by choosing this you will manage your small size business ventures easily. 

When you select Hestia theme then you can easily establish major woocommerce pages and page builders. With plugins which helps you to create beautiful responsive WordPress websites for use. If you take our suggestion then don’t be afraid by choosing Hestia WordPress Mobile Friendly Theme.

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Final Verdict: Mobile Friendly Theme for WordPress

We personally tested above given WordPress themes and found highly compatible with desktop and mobile devices. If you are going to install one of them for a Website which get more of its users from Mobile devices then you should do it fast. Moreover, you can try all one by one to see for yourself which one of above themes tends to your needs and requirements.

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