How to Make GIFs From YouTube Videos PC and Mobile

Do you want to create animated GIFs from YouTube videos? You may accomplish this without having to download the videos or convert them to GIFs. Here are some programs to make GIFs from YouTube videos on PC and mobile, regardless of your platform. Are you a Mac user? Try this! Best Apps to Record and Create GIFs on Mac. Let’s get started with creating GIFs from YouTube.

Make GIFs From YouTube Videos

Let’s dig it out with all methods one by one. Firstly to start creating GIFs on the Web. However, you can also save GIFs from Twitter using iPhone.

Make GIFs on the Web

1. is the most widely used GIF creator. To convert a YouTube video into a GIF, simply type ‘gif’ before or after ‘‘. Consider the following scenario:

This will open an editor where you may change the length of your GIF (up to 20 seconds), crop, blur, pad, flip the clip, add a hue, invert colors, speed up the video, and so on. to make GIFs from YouTube Videos

All of these effects will be applied as layers, which you may subsequently delete or change. In a nutshell, you can think of it as photoshop for GIF creators. It adds a watermark to the export; to remove it, you must pay $1.99 per month for premium access.


2. GIFit (Chrome Extension)

It’s a Chrome add-on that allows you to create GIFs right from the YouTube page. There’s no need to create a separate website. While watching a video with the extension installed, the GIFit logo will appear beside Captions. Simply click it and use the pop-up menu to specify the start and end times, alter the width and height, frame rate, and quality for your GIF. Simply click the GIFit button, and the extension will begin creating GIFs based on your preferences.

GIFit to make GIFs from YouTube videos

The nicest aspect is that making GIFs from YouTube videos on GIFit has no time limit. The main drawback is that you can’t watch the movie while the GIF is being created, and it takes longer to export than the prior web app.

Add GIFit Chrome extension

Make GIFs From YouTube Videos on iOS

3. Video to GIF

If you want to produce GIFs from YouTube videos on your iPhone, your options are restricted. The Video to GIF app is one of them. To make a GIF, simply open the program, select the YouTube to GIF option, paste the YouTube URL, and choose the start and end times.

 Video to GIF

There are a few templates available as well, although they aren’t really nice or useful. After you’ve finished making the GIF from a YouTube video, you may either save it or share it immediately on social media.

Download Video to GIF

Make GIFs From YouTube Videos on Android

4. GIF Maker

Android, like its sibling iOS, does not offer a wide range of alternatives. The closest you’ll get is the GIF Maker app. You’ll have to rely on the native screen recording feature because the app doesn’t include a YouTube to GIF option. With a 3-second countdown, you can begin recording from the app’s homepage. Furthermore, from the notification drawer, you may immediately stop the recording.

GIF Maker

You may cut the movie, remove frames, adjust the pace, color correct, and do a lot more with the editing tools. I know it’s not as simple as copying and pasting a YouTube link, but the benefits outweigh the inconvenience.

Make GIFs From YouTube Videos on Mac

5. GIPHY Capture

GIPHY has created a free app. Because you’re effectively recording everything on your screen, it’s similar to screen recording. To resize the canvas, simply drag and move the window. You can only make GIFs that are up to 30 seconds long right now.

GIPHY Capture

Giphy Capture also includes a number of editing options. You can, for example, change the frame rate, add animated subtitles, and apply filters. Aside from that, you can also create a record shortcut and add a watermark from the quick settings menu.

Get GIPHY Capture

Make GIFs From YouTube Videos on Windows

6. ScreenToGif

ScreenToGif is the finest GIF creator app I’ve used on Windows so far. It’s completely free and includes practically all the features you’ll need. Depending on the end purpose, the software is broken into four components. Recorder, webcam, board, and editor are the four options.

ScreenToGif windows

Open the recorder option if you want to produce or convert a YouTube video to a GIF. You may drag to alter the window size, just like on the Mac program. After you’ve finished recording, use the GIF editor to erase frames, create transitions, draw, and adjust other things.

Get ScreenToGif

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Closing Remarks: Make GIFs From YouTube Videos

I hope you now know how to effortlessly create GIFs from YouTube videos. So, go to Techwiser’s YouTube channel and start making some silly GIFs. If you already have a lot of GIFs on your computer, here are some of the best GIF editing apps you can use.


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