5 Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone to Create Brand

To identify the company’s identity and vision, every brand or organization requires a logo. You don’t need to go out hunting for skilled logo designers in 2021. Third-party apps abound in the App Store, allowing you to build a professional-looking brand logo on the move. Let’s take a closer look at our top-rated iPhone logo maker apps.

Do you know the 5 Best Graphic Design Apps for iPhone and iPad?

Best Logo Maker Apps for iPhone

Let’s start with the most obvious choice among designers:

1. Canva

Canva continues to innovate and add new tools to the graphic design world. The Australian-based business has done a fantastic job with the iPhone app, even if the software is best used on a desktop.

Canva iPhone app

A professional brand logo can be created in a matter of minutes with Canva’s specialized logo templates. You may modify the backdrop color, font size, and style, and even add shapes to the logo to make it seem and feel more unique.


  • There are tens of thousands of templates to pick from.
  • For a small screen with big buttons, the UI optimization is excellent.
  • There are numerous customizing possibilities available.
  • Sharing options is plentiful.
  • It’s perfect for making flyers and infographics.


  • The majority of templates are expensive and require customization.
  • When compared to competitors, it’s quite pricey.


Canva is available for download for free. For $9.99 each month, Canva Pro enables premium layouts, icons, and other components.

Download Canva for iPhone

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2. Desygner

Desygner is rapidly gaining prominence in the graphic design world. Like Canva, Desygner uses templates to get you started with a logo. Simply navigate to the Templates area, tap the top-right Search icon, and type in Logo.


The software will show you the standard Logo templates. It’s a lengthy selection, but we’re confident you’ll find something that fits perfectly with your brand’s vision. You can alter the font color and size, as well as additional components, shapes, and icons.


  • Throughout the software, the user interface is excellent.
  • Integration with a calendar to keep track of your designs by date.
  • The ability to include a logo and icons for a brand
  • There are a lot of templates to pick from.
  • To continue generating logos on the large screen, there’s a web app that’s just as capable.


  • Editing buttons are little buttons.
  • The iOS navigation indicator is too close to the editing controls. We kept returning to the home screen during our testing because there was no gap between the buttons and the navigation indicator.


Desygner is available for download and use at no cost. To utilize the pro version, you’ll have to pay $4.95 each month.

Download Desygner for iPhone

3. Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark is the company’s response to Canva’s rising popularity. The popular logo builder app for iPhone is included in the Adobe Creative Cloud bundle, and it can be used to create flyers, logos, and posters.

Adobe Spark for iPhone

When you type in Logo, the app will display dozens of ready-to-use logo templates. One of the nicest editing interfaces we’ve ever seen. The editing buttons are well-organized, with all the necessary options for changing the logo.


  • A large template library is available.
  • The editing interface is very good.
  • Adobe Cloud is integrated.


  • There are not enough free templates available.
  • The cost of an Adobe cloud subscription is high.


The download is free, but an in-app purchase of $10 per month is required.

Download Adobe Spark for iPhone

So far, we’ve discussed graphic design apps that are all-in-one. Let’s have a look at a couple of iPhone apps that specialize in logo creation.

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4. Logo Maker – Create a Design

1000+ layouts, 500+ fonts, and 5000+ background and visuals are available in Logo Maker. Game, Food & Drink, Beauty, Fashion, Automotive, Kids, and more are all nicely categorized on the home screen. Choose a template that suits your needs, and you’re ready to create a logo on your iPhone.

Logo maker app

Editing options include adding text, changing the background, adding graphics, integrating shapes, and more.


  • Excellent categorization.
  • Editing interface that is capable
  • Excellent user interface


  • The template section isn’t as comprehensive as Canva’s.
  • In the free version, the exported logo has a watermark.


The app is available for download for free, with an in-app purchase starting at $50 per year.

Download Logo Maker for iPhone

5. Logo Maker + Logo Creator

So far, of all the dedicated logo creation apps on the iPhone, Logo Maker has the greatest UI. It comes with a dark background by default and all the required templates on the main page. You may also use the app to make a watermark.

Logo creator app

You can modify the text, graphics, background, add stickers, and more when it comes to customizing. We really appreciate the Draw feature, which allows you to add a highlighter, pencil, or marker, and more to create a logo.


  • Editing interface that has been thoughtfully created
  • Many templates are available.
  • The capacity to put a watermark on something


  • Reminders to upgrade to the pro version are sent out on a regular basis.
  • Lag in performance
  • There isn’t a web application.


The basic version is free to download, while the pro version costs $40 per year.

Download Logo Maker + Logo Creator for iPhone

Wrap Up: Logo Maker Apps for iPhone

Without lifting a finger, look through the list above and start generating a professional brand logo on a little screen. Canva and Desygner are used by the majority of TW members. Adobe Spark users should stick with it to stay in the ecosystem and take advantage of the subscription plan.

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