7 iOS Apps to Take Scrolling Screenshots on iPhone or iPad

Scrolling Screenshots will be available in iOS 13, but only in the Safari browser. What about other apps, such as messengers, iMessage, and so on? Furthermore, the current version of the uber OS is not compatible with all iPhones and iPads. Take a look at the list below if you’re looking for iOS apps that take scrolling screenshots on your iPhone right now that also support earlier models.

There are numerous applications for such programs. Web sites, to-do lists, notes, photos, messages, comments, articles, and so on are all examples. Whatever your needs are, one of the apps listed below will assist you. In addition to the scrolling screenshots that you’ll see in our review, these apps have a few other capabilities.

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iOS Apps to Take Scrolling Screenshots

For the uninitiated, scrolling screenshots are created by capturing many screenshots of a page and then sewing them together to make a single lengthy screenshot. The ultimate result is a single screenshot that spans the entire screen. Let’s get started with some best iOS Apps to Take Scrolling Screenshots for iPhone and iPad.

1. Native Way

With the release of iOS 14, Apple included a native method for taking scrolling screenshots known as Full Page. Currently, the capability is only available in a few Apple apps, such as Safari. A thumbnail appears in the lower-left corner of the screen when you snap a screenshot.

When you on the thumbnail, you should see two tabs, one of which says Full Page.

Native Way apps to take scrolling screenshot

You may also use annotation tools like the marker, eraser, and color picker to create a scrolling screenshot. However, this is still not available system-wide and leaves much to be desired, which is where third-party programs come into play.

2. Long Picture

Long Picture is the first app on the list. It will capture a lengthy image or a scrolling screenshot of your screen, regardless of the screen or program, you have open, as the name implies. You may change the photos if you want, but I’m not sure why you’d want to. Long Picture is also one of the best iOS Apps to Take Scrolling Screenshots.

Long Picture to take screenshot

The free edition has a 10 image limit. After that, you’ll have to spend $0.99 to get rid of both the advertisements and the restrictions. It includes an image that allows you to change the order, padding, and size. The last one is useful for removing sensitive areas from an image. There is no way to automatically take screenshots.


  • Image editor
  • Manual select
  • No limit


  • No horizontal support
  • No annotation, marking
  • Manually mode only

Price: Freemium, $0.99

Download Long Picture iOS

3. Tailor

Another software that takes scrolling images for iPhones and iPads is Tailor. It can also snap screenshots for you. The main disadvantage is that there is no manual selection, so be cautious when collecting screenshots. Aside from that, everything works perfectly.

Tailor iOS App for screenshot

Tailor works invisibly, however, there is occasionally overlap in the sense that it selects the incorrect image. It doesn’t happen all the time, but when it does, it’s inconvenient. Tailor is free to use but has ads that may be disabled with a $2.99 in-app purchase.


  • No limit
  • Horizontal scrolling


  • No vertical scrolling
  • No manual selection

Price: Freemium, $2.99

Download Tailor for iOS

4. Picsew

On iOS devices, the Picsew app will take scrolling screenshots when and where you want them. In fact, a single screenshot can stitch up to 300 photos, which should be more than enough for most users. While most users prefer vertical images, Picsew also enables horizontal screenshots in uncommon scenarios and situations.

Picsew scrolling screenshot

It’s not necessary to launch the app and then navigate back and forth. In the notification center, there is a shortcut that you can utilize instead. Redact, watermark, annotation, and mock-up are all basic editing features. Again, most consumers will be satisfied. Finally, you may stitch photographs manually, giving you more control over the final result.


  • Horizontal, vertical scrolling
  • Edit images like watermark, annotation,
  • Manual select
  • Up to 300 images
  • Notification center shortcut


  • Can’t resize images

Price: $0.99

Download Picsew iOS

5. Stitch It

Stitch It’s definitely the greatest iOS app for scrolling screenshots. Picsew, which I mentioned earlier, is the only other software that comes close. Take screenshots of the web page or the text message window to begin. You can then modify these photographs within the program to cut out sensitive regions or delete undesired portions.

Stitch It app for iPhone screenshot

Redact, highlight, and other editing tools are available. Finally, you’ll be able to sew them together. The development staff is very sensitive to customer feedback, and they are constantly introducing new features or tweaking existing ones in response to user feedback. Very well done.

The pro version is $2.99 and removes the advertisements, watermark, and three-image limit.


  • Image editor like highlight, crop
  • Manual select
  • No limit


  • No horizontal screenshots
  • Manual only

Price: Freemium, $2.99

Download Stitch It iOS

6. SIRI Shortcut

Shortcuts is a new program from Apple that allows users to build recipes that automate many of the tasks on their iPhones. Websaver+, for example, can snap scrolling screenshots of full web pages with a single click on iPhones. There’s no need to take several screenshots and then stitch them together. There’s also no need to open the website.

SIRI Shortcut to take scrolling screen shot on iPhone or iPad

While the above shortcut is convenient, it is only applicable to web pages. What about other apps, such as messaging, chat, and so on? You can also use a different shortcut for this. To use one of these shortcuts, you must first download the program. The URL is provided below. It is beyond a doubt, and there are no advertisements.

Download Shortcuts iOS

7. StitchPics

StitchPics is another software that allows you to make long scrolling images on your iPhone using both manual and automatic stitching. Apart from Picsew, it’s the only other software on the list that supports both vertical and horizontal scrolling. When it comes to picking photographs, most scrolling screenshot apps get it wrong, but not StitchPics. It just works.

take scrolling screenshot with StitchPics iOS App

Because there is an auto function that captures screenshots, matches them, and then connects them, this is possible. There are no editing options available here, however, there are lots of image editors that can help. It would have been wonderful, though. On the bright side, the app is absolutely free, although it is sponsored by advertisements. For $2.99, you can get rid of the advertisements while also getting cropping, watermarking, and the option to add borders.


  • Vertical, horizontal screenshots
  • Manual, automatic mode
  • No limit
  • Image editor


  • None

Price: $2.99

Download StitchPics iOS

Wrapping Up: iOS Apps to Take Scrolling Screenshots

If you need to take screenshots in Safari and your device is compatible with iOS 13, you may either wait for the new version or download one of the apps listed above. StitchPics and Picsew, on the other hand, are definitely your best bets if you need to take screenshots in both vertical and horizontal forms. Then there’s the above-mentioned Shortcut recipe, which is limited to the Safari browser.


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