6 Best Invoice Maker Apps for iPhone Freelancers

In order to make a digital invoice in 2022, you are no longer required to use Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. Today, we can create invoices using specialized web applications like Invoicely and Wave. Not only that. To produce an invoice on your iPhone while traveling, use an invoice maker app from the App Store. Read the article to find out about the top six iPhone invoice maker apps if you’re thinking about purchasing one.

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Best Invoice Maker Apps for iPhone

Let’s begin the list with Swift Invoice, one of our top invoice apps for the iPhone and iPad.

1. Swift Invoice

With a stunning user interface and a wealth of functionality, Swift Invoice easily takes the top spot in our list of the best iOS invoice builders. The software is accessible on Android and the web and may be downloaded for free. Create an account, then sync all of your platforms’ invoices.

Swift invoice for iPhone

You may add customers, merchandise, your own logo, support for several currencies, taxes, and more using the app. To enhance the final invoice’s appearance, you can pick from a variety of templates.


  • Stunning user interface
  • A large selection of templates
  • The capability of including a custom logo
  • Face ID security
  • Support across platforms
  • Several options for customizing templates


  • The free version has constraints.


Free to download with an in-app purchase of $19.99 annually.

Download Swift Invoice for iPhone

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2. Invoice Simple

Modern UI with a perplexing UX are combined in Invoice Simple. On a large phone, it can be challenging to access options like Settings and Search, which are toward the top. You can enter Business details, tax information, default notes, export data as a spreadsheet, backup data using a personal account, and more in terms of features.

Invoice simple for iPhone


  • The option to mail your own invoice
  • Estimates for bills
  • Complete reports


  • The interface does not feel native.
  • Missing templates
  • Limited customization possibilities


Free download with a $5.99 monthly membership.

Download Invoice Simple for iPhone

3. Invoice Maker & Estimates

Looking for a free iPhone app to create invoices? Invoice Maker by Bookipi should be your search’s pin. It’s a reliable iPhone app for creating invoices. The software has a straightforward user interface with intuitive menus and features.

Invoice maker for iPhone

Regarding features, an Invoice enables you to include your business’s logo, contact details, a personalized signature, payment instructions, and more in a professional-looking invoice template.


  • Absolutely no cost to use
  • A good user interface
  • Detailed reports to monitor revenue
  • Ideal for independent contractors
  • Integrating Slack


  • Terrible UX The top selections are the majority



Download Invoice Maker & Estimate App for iPhone

4. Moon Invoice

We were surprised with Moon Invoice. The software has a tonne of features and asks users to personalize invoices right immediately as it launches. Everything can be altered, including the text’s color, fill, border, style, size, paper size, header, footer, and signature.

Moon Invoice

From the app, one can also set up online payment. All the well-known payment methods, including PayPal, UPI, Google Pay, American Express, Mastercard, Stripe, Square, and Apple Pay are supported by Moon invoicing.


  • Best onboarding experience ever
  • Excellent user interface
  • Different export options
  • There are numerous customization options to customize the invoice’s appearance.


  • Pricier than competitors


Free to download with a $20 monthly membership to have access to additional features including expert invoices, limitless clients, and more.

Get Moon Invoice for iPhone

5. Invoice Bee

To access choices and menus, Invoice Bee provides a unique user interface with a hamburger menu. From the main menu, you may check estimates, credit notes, items, signed paperwork, and more.

Billing bee

Users can add goods, a signature, the client’s signature, a remark, and a picture while making an invoice.


  • A good user interface
  • Adding a company logo is possible
  • Passcode security
  • Many export choices


  • In 2021, the hamburger menu seems out of place.


Free to download with a monthly subscription of $5.99 per month.

Download Invoice Bee for iPhone

6. Tiny Invoice

Don’t be misled by the name Tiny here. It’s an effective iPhone app for creating invoices. The number of templates and customization choices in the program is quite large. You will be astonished by the variety of options available when you go to the app’s Settings > Style page.

Tiny invoice for iPhone

While adding an item to the invoice, we enjoy the QR code reader. Tiny Invoice will make adding goods to an invoice simple if your business relies on QR codes.


  • A bottom bar in a native user interface
  • Templates in plenty
  • Numerous colors to alter invoice appearance
  • To sync invoices across all platforms, use Tiny Invoice Sync.
  • The capacity to add tax information


  • No website support
  • No Face ID security


Free to download with a monthly subscription of $5.99 per month.

Get Tiny Invoice for iPhone

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Final Verdict: Invoice Maker Apps for iPhone

Use the applications on the aforementioned list to quickly and easily produce an invoice that looks professional. Our top pick for a native UI and dozens of pre-built templates is Swift Invoice. Check out Invoice Maker by Bookipi if you’re seeking for a free option. Although Moon Invoice is a good choice as well, it is more expensive than Tiny Invoice and Invoice Bee.

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