How to Delete Instagram Photos using Phone/PC

You may quickly delete a photo from your Instagram account if you no longer desire it. Instagram is a free social media app that lets you share photos and videos directly from your smartphone. Users can follow others, like, and comment on other people’s postings, just like they can on Facebook and other social media apps. Once a post is published, it remains in your Instagram account indefinitely. You can also use your Instagram account to post tales. The tales are visible for 24 hours and can only be accessed by those who have chosen to follow you.

After you’ve uploaded a photo, you can have second thoughts and decide to delete it. You can easily delete the Instagram Photos and remove the photo from your account easily.

Ways to Delete Instagram Photos

If you have a lot of photos you wish to erase, Instagram doesn’t have any tools to help you accomplish so. Unfortunately, as time passes, your Instagram account will get overburdened with old photographs and posts. Some of which you might not want to flaunt as openly as you used to, so you can delete them. There are two ways to delete Instagram photos.

  • Using Smartphone (Android/iPhone)
  • And Using PC

How to Delete Instagram Photos using Smartphones (Android/iPhone)?

(1) On your smartphone, open the Instagram app (Android or iPhone).

(2) Select your profile from the drop-down menu in the bottom right corner of the screen.

(3) Your entire photo collection will be displayed. Select a photograph.

(4) The image will appear. In the right corner of the screen, tap the three-dotted icon.

(5) Select Delete from the drop-down menu.

Select Delete from the drop-down menu.

(6) Confirm your action by clicking Delete once more.

Confirm your action by clicking Delete once more.

That is all there is to it. Your Instagram photos will now be removed from your profile.

How to delete Instagram Photos using a PC?

On a PC, you can view the photographs, but there is no straightforward way to erase them from your Instagram account. Although there is an alternative, it is preferable to delete it from your phone.

Alternative Way using PC:

(1) On your computer, install an Android emulator. (For instance, Bluestacks)

(2) Sign in to the Google Play Store using your Gmail account.

(3) Using the emulator, download and install the Instagram app on your PC.

(4) Log in to Instagram using your Instagram ID and password on your emulator.

(5) On your Instagram app, go to the profile option.

(6) Choose the photo you want to get rid of.

(7) Choose the “Delete” option from the three-dotted icon.

(8) To confirm, click “Delete” one more.

The above is an alternative method to delete Instagram photos on the PC.

Note: that using Android emulators may cause your system to slow down. This method can be used if you merely wish to delete images off your computer. Otherwise, you may quickly delete it from your phone.

How to delete Multiple Photos/Posts on Instagram?

On your Instagram account, there is no way to select and remove several photos. However, you can delete the photos one by one using the approach described above. If you wish to delete all of your images, you can do so by permanently deleting your Instagram account.

Final Verdict: How to Delete Instagram Photos

Delete Instagram images is a simple process that requires no complicated navigation. Only your smartphone can be used to erase the posts. Using the desktop, there is no option to erase the photos. The photographs can be archived using the “Archive” option. By archiving the images, you will only be able to view them and no one else will be able to see them.

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