How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone – 2 Simple Ways

Save money on an app you don’t use anymore. Let’s see how it goes. There are a lot of apps for iOS devices in the Apple App Store. The apps in the store are divided into two categories: free and premium apps. Almost all kinds of apps, including entertainment, music, movies, news, sports, and gaming, provide a subscription-based package. Any such app will eventually provide a free trial for a set amount of time, after which it will automatically subscribe at the end of the trial. How to cancel subscriptions on iPhone in the best way. If you decide not to use the app or its services, save money, and it is critical to cancel subscriptions on the iPhone.

While most iPhone users understand how to subscribe to an app, cancelling a subscription on the iPhone is more complex. In this article, we’ll go through how to cancel subscriptions on the iPhone in a nutshell. As a result, by the conclusion of this post, you’ll know how to manage subscriptions on your iPhone.

What does Subscription mean?

Any app that requires a subscription requires you to pay the app developer for access to the app’s advanced features for a set period of time. The customer has the option of purchasing an app on a monthly or yearly subscription basis. Unless the user cancels the subscription plan, it will be automatically renewed.

You can still access the subscription immediately before the next billing day, even if you cancel it before the due date. However, if you cancel your subscription within the free trial period, you will no longer be able to access the content.

Who can Cancel App Subscription on iPhone?

Subscriptions can be cancelled on the iPhone X or any other model for a variety of reasons, some of which are described below.

  • You can cancel an app subscription on iPhone if you are using a free trial of an app and are not satisfied with its features.
  • If you don’t want to use an app’s premium features anymore.
  • You can also cancel subscriptions on your iPhone if you don’t think paying for an app is worth it.

List of iPhone Apps with Subscriptions

While there are millions of premium apps available on the App Store for iPhone, the section below covers some of them.

How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone?

The techniques below will work whether you want to see or view subscriptions on your iPhone or cancel app subscriptions on your iPhone.

Note: To cancel an iPhone app subscription, follow the below provided steps.

Step 1: From the iPhone’s home screen, press the Settings app icon to open it.

Step 2: At the top of the screen, tap on View your Apple ID or your name.

Apple ID or your name

Step 3: Skip to the following step if you’ve already logged in. Otherwise, enter your sign-in credentials.

Step 4: Scroll down until you locate the Subscriptions option and click it.

Locate the Subscriptions option and click it to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone

Step 5: Subscriptions will appear as a list on your iPhone. Choose the subscription you want to cancel by selecting it.

Step 6: At the bottom of the screen, select Cancel Subscription.

Step 7: A pop-up window will display, indicating when your subscription will expire. To cancel the subscription, simply tap on Confirm.

To cancel the subscription click confirm

Wait! Just Try the Shortest Way to Find/Check Subscriptions on iPhone!

If the above approach does not work for you, or you want to try another method to find/check your membership on your iPhone, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Open the App Store on your iPhone by clicking on the icon.

Step 2: Click the profile icon in the upper right corner.

Step 3: To continue, select the Subscriptions option.

Step 4: A list of active and expired subscriptions will be displayed.

Step 5: Click Cancel Subscription after selecting the subscription you want to cancel.

Step 6: Your iPhone membership bundle will be terminated immediately as a result of this action.

How to Manage Subscriptions on the iPhone?

Apps provide a variety of subscription arrangements, including monthly and yearly options. Let’s look at how to manage subscriptions on the iPhone if you wish to change plans.

Step 1: On your iPhone, go to the App Store.

Step 2: Select Manage Subscriptions from the profile icon.

Select Manage Subscriptions from the profile icon to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone

Step 3: Decide which app you’d like to manage your membership for.

Step 4: Select the new subscription plan on the Edit Subscription page.

Step 5: Next, select Purchase. To make changes, click Confirm when prompted.

Is it possible to re-subscribe to an app after cancelling it on your iPhone?

Yes. Any iPhone app can be re-subscribed at any time. To reclaim your subscription, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Open the Settings app first.

Step 2: Choose between iTunes and the App Store.

Step 3: On the top, press the Apple ID.

Step 4: On the pop-up screen, click View Apple ID.

Step 5: Enter your Apple ID password or use Touch ID to unlock your device.

Step 6: Choose the Subscriptions option.

Step 7: Select the Subscription you want to cancel from the expired area.

Step 8: Next, choose a payment method and enter your Apple ID password.

Conclusion: How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone

If you don’t want to pay for something you’re not using, cancelling an app subscription is necessary. You will save money by cancelling the subscription on your iPhone. I hope this post has assisted you in cancelling your iPhone app subscriptions.

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