How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

Ever encountered the thought of living without your smartphone, laptop, PC, and other electronic gadgets? The answer to this thought is definitely no. This is how technology has changed our lives.

Technology has become such an important aspect of life. We can no longer imagine our life without technology. In many ways, advancement in technology is what we refer to as modernization. Technology has changed our perspective on life.

The major aspect that marks a difference between generations is technology. With the advancement in technology, the previous era becomes less civilized. So, we have divided this change into two categories which are given as under:

  1. Positive Aspects of Technology
  2. Negative Aspects of Technology

1. Positive Aspects Of How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

There is no second thought to the fact that technology is bringing better changes in our life. It’s just that we don’t realize these changes yet. Technology is adding to the better, faster, and fun working and even entertainment experiences.

Let’s discuss the positive aspects that technology bought into our life in detail.

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a. Education

Education in business

The most prominent change that technology bought into our life is that of education. We are all quite aware of the fact that education isn’t available to every class of society. There is this poor class who can’t even manage to take admission in schools. What comes there to aid such people of the society is technology in the form of the internet.

You can’t afford to take a degree from college? You’ve got this alternative to attend online courses about whatever field that you might think would be useful for your career.

Some students can’t continue their higher studies because they have to move from their home which might not be possible for them. Or maybe they don’t have access to transport. With technology, they don’t have to do so.

Not just this, with technology students, can have access to any book online. No matter which part of the country that book belongs to, even if it’s not presented in the library. You’d definitely find that on the internet. Hence, technology is leading to better education, creating a more educated generation

b. Business / Job opportunities

All thanks to the technology that we no more need to buy a newspaper and look for job vacancies. The Internet has made this task much easier. Companies simply give an ad on the internet so that masses around the world could apply for a particular job. This leads to better opportunities for employees and a better outcome for the companies.

Joblessness is becoming nearly rare because you have so many business ideas available. All this because of advancement and the changes technology bought in our life.

With the technology, there are more platforms and more strategies available for one to establish a business or earn money. Technology has brought changes in the ways of earning as well. We no more need to look for physical jobs to earn money because we have a number of virtual job opportunities available for us.

Technology made everything digital. Hence, you no more need to wait long for your payments, there is no need for you to physically go to the bank for bill payment, etc. It is a technology that enabled online money transactions. You can send money to whichever part of the country or world you want to.

c. Better Agricultural Resources

Gone are the days when farmers and other field workers would have to do all the agricultural work manually. Now there is electrical equipment for nearly every task that one needed to do manually in past. Hence, manual working or using the animal for working is something that has become old fashioned.

The advancement in the types of machinery required for agriculture has made farming a more efficient practice. More agricultural resources result in a better working experience for the farmer and better outcomes for those who consume that livestock, dairy, crops, etc.

d. Communication

communication in business

Communication has become much easier with the advancement in technology. All you need is a smartphone and laptop with an internet connection and you can connect to anyone around the world. Your text message would take the almost same time to deliver as would your speech. Hence, it’s like you are communicating with someone sitting next to you.

The internet is one of the crucial and most important inventions in technology that has played an important role in globalization. Communication is making the world a better place to live. People around the world are seen following the same trend, same festival, or same fashion. All this just because of technology. It isn’t wrong if we say that technology is adding to cultural and linguistic communication.

e. Improved living standard

This is yet another change that technology bought into our lives. There is no more need to physically going to market stores to purchase your favorite items. With technology you can do so by online shopping.

We are living a more civilized and smart life all because of technology. You have the internet to answer everything you can possibly think. You have Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Netflix, Instagram, and many more entertainment apps for entertainment and socialization.

Last but not least you’ve got airplanes, trains, cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles to make you reach your destination in a much-limited time. There are even transportation apps that provide you with the ability to book your ride online and have a better traveling experience. This as a whole leads to better transportation means.

2. Negative Aspects Of How Technology Has Changed Our Lives

We have had a detailed discussion about what good technology has bought in our life. Hence it becomes important to highlight that what negative aspects technology has. It is making our life, easier well and good but there are some negative aspects that we need to address.

The following are the negative aspects of how technology has changed our life:

a. Technological Addiction

technological addiction impacts on life

This is one of the negative aspects that technology is held responsible for. No matter which age group you belong to you can’t even imagine a day without your smartphone or the internet connection.

This is a fact of great concern. We don’t want a world of gadgets and robots, but we want a world of human beings. It true that technology has increased communication, but we don’t see families and friends socializing the way they use to do.

b. Health Issues

Health is another change that is becoming an issue. We can’t entirely blame technology but there is an increased rate of health issues because of technology. For example, decreased eyesight is the issue that is gaining popularity. The reason for this is increased screen time.

It is reported by the American Optometric Association that increased use of tablets, laptops, and computers can lead to digital eye strain. The symptoms of eye strain may include, neck and shoulder pain, dry eyes, blurred vision, and headache.

According to research the age of human beings nowadays is reducing as compared to our ancestors. Hence, we are getting an impression about how technology has changed our lives for the worse. We want things to be faster, immediate, and flawless that sometimes becomes impossible.

c. Demised Critical Skills

People seem to rely on what they’ve got and most of us not even think about inventing something new. And those who are inventing it because they want everything to be digital that requires no manual input.

This could lead us to a terrible state where we would be passive and there would be the technology playing the active part. We are becoming addicted to technological tools that are playing their role in the demise of our critical skills.

The kids of our generation are not spending their time when they need to instead, they busy socializing, playing games, etc. Hence, with every passing day, we are going one step further to the more chaotic life.

d. Unpredictable Future

Technology has indeed bought business ideas and business opportunities but being an entrepreneur means competing with the whole world. There is so much competition, it’s a whole world out there to judge, compare, and surpass your work.

Online business owners need to keep on working hard and keep on adapting their work to sustain their products and services. The technology keeps on updating and with that, the needs of people change this makes the future of business owners unpredictable.

e. Too Much Exposure

Too Much Exposure of technology to lives

Technology has made things just a click away be it knowledge, be a product or anything. This is creating a negative effect on kids of our generation. Knowing too much is good but knowing too much at such small age is not good.

A kid of five years now has as much knowledge as a person of twenty-five years might have. This creates anxiety and depression because there is this urge to implement that knowledge. The outcomes might be good, but they can be bad also. Hence, we as adults need to be careful about that

Final Verdict of How Technology Has Changed Our lives

We’ve had a detailed discussion about how technology has changed our lives, its positive aspects as well as the negative aspects. Therefore, we now have a more clear idea about this.

Let’s ask yourself a question. Can you live without the internet? The answer would definitely be no. That is where the problem occurs. Utilizing technology for making your life easy is good but What’s terrible is that we can’t do anything without technology.

Technology has evolved into an important entity and obviously, it’s us who are making it that worth it. However, it’s we who can create a good balance not to let technology become that important part of our life that we can no longer imagine living without it.

We can’t neglect the fact that in many ways’ technology is changing our lives for the better. Hence, the immediate action we could take is don’t let technology take control of us but become the one who controls technology.

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