How to Hide Apps on Android Smartphone to Maintain Privacy

When you hand up your phone to someone, there’s always the worry that they’ll look through your apps. As an example, suppose you’re dating on Tinder but don’t want everyone to know. After all, dating can be difficult and stressful enough without having to deal with prying eyes and suspicious looks. All you have to do to get rid of these troubles is simply to hide the aforementioned apps. So, here are some of the most effective methods to hide apps on Android phones.

How to Hide Apps on Android

You can always utilize password-protecting apps like Tinder, Messenger, and others with apps like AppLock. Others will not be able to open these apps without your authorization thanks to this approach. People can still see the app symbol, and that’s all it takes for them to pass judgment on you, which you don’t want.

Here’s how to hide apps on Android so that no one looks at you strangely.

1. Guest Mode

You can have several users on Android just like you do on a Windows machine. All you have to do is switch to guest mode to hide all your activity from the person. The guest mode transforms your phone into a new device that hides all of your installed third-party apps. As a result, the guest won’t be able to see any of the apps, images, files, chats, or other content on your other account.

(1) You must go to the System Settings to enter the guest mode. Pull down the notification bar and hit the gear icon to do so.

system settings to enter guest mode

(2) Once you’re in the System Settings, scroll down to the bottom and touch on System Options.

go to system setting to hide apps in guest mode

(3) At the bottom of the following page, you’ll discover Advanced Settings; tap on the arrow icon to expand the menu even more.

click on advanced menu in android setting

(4)Multiple Users” can be found in the Advanced Settings menu. It will take you to the User Management page if you tap on it.

Click on multiple user to enter guest mode on android

(5) You’ll notice two users on the Multiple Users page: Guest and “Your Google Name.” By default, these accounts are present. To get into the Guest mode, touch on the Guest user.

add guest user

(6) Once in guest mode, the phone seems to be brand-new right out of the box. Pull down the notification drawer and touch on the user symbol to escape guest mode.

touch the user icon to go back

(7) Tap the Remove Guest option from the User menu. You will be prompted to confirm your action in a pop-up window. Remove the item by tapping on it.

remove the guest icon to hide apps on android

(8) I recommend creating a different user if you have children at home who frequently use your phone or if you share a phone with anyone else. Personal data and apps will be stored separately on the phone in this manner.

add new guest user to hide android apps on your phone

2. Nova Launcher Prime

The issue with guest mode now is that the user does not see any apps. This may lead the other to believe you’ve kept things hidden for a reason. What are you trying to hide? One of the questions your SO might ask you. Switching back and forth from guest mode is also extremely time-consuming. It also depletes the resources of your phone. In that scenario, rather than hiding everything, consider hiding certain apps. You can do this with a third-party launcher program like Nova.

Nova Launcher is currently one of the greatest launchers available on the Play Store. One of the numerous benefits it provides is the ability to hide your programs. To get the conceal option, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro edition of Nova Launcher ($1.99). If you wish to utilize a free launcher, check out my personal favorite at the bottom of this page.

(1) Set Nova Launcher as your default launcher after downloading and installing the pro version. Now we must hide apps from the Nova Settings on Android phones. To do so, hold down the Home button for a long time and then select Settings.

nova launcher prime settings

(2) Tap App and widget drawers from the Nova Home Settings menu.

nova launcher app drawer setting to hide apps on android

(3) The “Hide Apps” option may be found towards the bottom of the feature list. To access the Hide Apps menu, tap it.

Click on the hide apps menu in nova lanucher setting

(4) You’ll find a list of all the installed apps on the phone in the Hide Apps menu. Simply select the programs you want to hide from this list. In our instance, I’d like to hide Tinder, so I’ll look into it. The app will no longer appear in the app drawer.

hide tinder apps on android

(5) Despite the fact that the app is hidden from view, it can still be found in the search results.

search tinder apps in nova launcher setting

In the free version of Nova launcher, you can also hide apps on Android phones, although it’s not worth the trouble. I recommend that you use Microsoft Launcher. It’s 100% free and works with a variety of other Microsoft apps, like To-Do, Sticky Notes, and OneNote, to name a few. Especially useful for people who are well immersed in the Microsoft ecosystem.

Download Nova Launcher Prime for Android ($1.43)

3. Nova Launcher Free

The premium version of Nova Launcher is highly recommended. If you don’t want to spend money right now, you can hide apps in the Nova Launcher’s free edition, but there is a catch.

(1) Install the Nova Launcher free app on your device. Go to the app drawer and navigate to the app you wish to hide once it’s been installed. I’d like to hide Tinder in this case. If you press the app for a long time, quick settings will appear. When you tap the Edit option, a dialogue window should appear, allowing you to rename the app and modify the icon.

hide tinder on Nova Launcher Free

(2) Rename the Tinder app in the pop-up window. I recommend renaming the app to something more general, such as Voice Recorder or Notepad.

rename tinder to voice recorder to hide it

(3) After we’ve changed the name, we’ll need to alter the icon to match. To do so, simply tap on the icon.

Nova Launcher Free change the icon of tinder

(4) Tap Built-in in the icon change window to see the installed icon pictures.

change icon with built-in icons

(5) Now choose an icon that corresponds to the name you saved. I’ll choose a suitable icon in my instance because I’ve titled it “Voice Recorder.”

choose voice recorder icon to hide tinder app in android

(6) Now that you’ve updated the icon and name, press Done to save your changes.

Click done to hide the tinder app using nova launcher

(7) After you’ve saved the modifications, you won’t be able to find Tinder in the app drawer. Instead, it’s been renamed Voice Recorder and given a new icon.

Download Nova Launcher for Android (free)

4. Apex Launcher

Because Nova Launcher is the most popular launcher, we’ve spoken about how to accomplish it there. However, Apex Launcher is a good option if you want to completely conceal apps in Android phones from search results and the app drawer. This launcher is focused on privacy and app concealment. Apart from merely concealing the app, you’ll find sophisticated privacy choices.

(1) From the Play Store, download and install the app. To go to the Home Menu, hold down the home button for a long time. To access the Launcher’s Home Settings, tap on the setting.

Apex Launcher setting to hide apps on android

(2) Hidden Apps is an area of the Launcher’s Home Settings that you can access. To get to the menu, tap on it.

Click on the hidden apps in Apex Launcher setting

(3) An empty list can be found in the Hidden Apps menu. To add the Tinder app to that list, go to the bottom of the screen and tap the “Add Hidden Appbutton.

add hidden apps to hide the apps like tinder

(4) Scroll down to the bottom of the installed apps list and select Tinder or any other app you want to hide. After you’ve chosen an app, touch the “Hide 1 appbutton.

choose app to hide in android

(5) You’ll also be asked to enter a Pattern or Password. Make your selection based on your personal preferences. After you’ve completed the setup, go to the Hidden Apps tab to see which apps you want to hide.

hide tinder app in Apex Launcher

(6) You may also opt-out of having the app appear in search results. To do so, go to the top right corner of the screen and tap the gear symbol.

click on setting in Apex Launcher to search the app

(7) Move the slider beside the text “Show in Search Results” on the Settings Page. The app will no longer appear in the search results as a result of this.

move the slider to show in search results

(8) To use the app, navigate to the Apex Settings Hidden Apps menu and touch on the app.

use hidden tinder apps in Apex Launcher setting

The Apex Launcher’s only flaw is the full-screen advertising in the Settings section. Although the advertisements are uncommon, they are worth noting. In addition, the launcher produces various quick shortcuts on the home page without permission on the initial install, such as Themes, Apex Premium, and so on. You can still get rid of the shortcuts, but they shouldn’t have been there, to begin with.

5. App Hider

App Hider allows you to conceal apps on Android in a variety of ways. You can make a duplicate of the Tinder app and then delete the original. Tinder is now alive and well within App Hider. But what if App Hider is discovered? App Hider can be disguised as a calculator, putting it one step ahead of programs like Parallel Space. So all you see in your launcher is a calculator app that anyone may use. However, if you input a specific passcode, you’ll be taken straight to the real app.

app hider to hide apps on android smartphone

Download and install App Hider to get started. Click the Plus symbol in the top right corner of App Hide. The app allows for snapshots, however, the user interface is quite simple. Select the app you wish to clone next, and App Hider will take care of the rest. Return to your Android launcher and locate the Tinder app to delete it. You may uninstall it from the Settings menu as well. Tinder is currently hidden within App Hider. To access more options, swipe from the left of your screen to conceal App Hider. Protection for App Hider is the first. Simply click on it and follow the on-screen instructions.

6. Smartphone Manufacturer Solutions

OEM manufacturers such as Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei have developed their own bespoke solutions in response to consumer demand for a service that allows users to hide apps and even files on Android phones. Samsung offers a Secure Folder, which is an encrypted place on your phone where you may keep programs, data, and anything else. You may also be interested to know that Android Apps Are Coming to Windows 11.

Xiaomi does not have an encrypted storage place for important information or programs, but it does have Second Space. It functions in the same way as Guest Mode does, allowing you to create a separate profile and save apps and data that aren’t visible on the main screen. The same may be said about Huawei, which provides a Private Space. No one can access that space or anything within it because it is not encrypted.

Final Words: How to Hide Apps on Android

You can use Nova Launcher’s free version, however, Apex Launcher is a better alternative if you want a full-featured solution. You can also utilize Microsoft Launcher, which performs admirably in searches. There are various alternative apps available in the Play Store, but read the comments and permissions they request before installing them. They either don’t work or they tamper with your data.

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