Google Calendar vs Apple Calendar: Which One is Best

The iPhone’s Calendar software has drastically transformed the way we organize our dates and events. I use the iPhone to plan my day and the PC to keep track of my forthcoming appointments. As part of my workflow is tied to Gmail, and the other is tied to iPhone, I’m conflicted between Google Calendar and Apple’s Calendar software. If you’re unsure which Calendar program to get, here’s a full detail of Google Calendar vs Apple Calendar. Let’s get started.

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Google Calendar vs Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar can only be used on Macs, iPhones, and iPads. In other words, all Apple apps, with the exception of Music, are available within the Apple ecosystem.

1. Calendar View/Layout

While the layouts of Google and Apple are very similar, there are a few differences. When it comes to similarities, you may switch between days, weeks, months, or only future events in both calendar apps. Birthdays can be retrieved from your Contacts app and added to the Calendar by Google and Apple.

Google Calendar vs Apple Calendar Layout on iPhone

Both Google and Apple allow you to add numerous calendars, and each calendar is color-coded to help you distinguish between them. Only Google, on the other hand, offers the ability to choose from a list of existing calendars from across the world. Religious calendars, such as those for Christian and Jewish holidays, as well as sports calendars, are available. Apple only supports two calendars: Home and Work, and you must manually create a new calendar in the Apple Calendar app.

Multiple Calendars on both Calendars

Despite the fact that it’s a close race, Google wins due to the huge amount of pre-existing calendars it provides.


  • Google Calendar: 1
  • Apple Calendar: 0

2. Adding Events and Appointments

Google and Apple both do an excellent job of making it simple to add upcoming events to their calendar apps. To create an event, simply press and hold a day. You can create a recurring event on Google Calendar that will be added to every date you choose. You can plan video conferences and invite guests with a single tap thanks to integrated Google Meet integration.

Adding Events to both Calendar

However, Apple allows you to add Travel Time to your events, which I find quite handy, but you miss out on services like Google Meet integration. Similar to Google Calendar, it also allows you to add Invitees. Google Calendar will also get travel and other event information from Gmail to notify you of any delays.

Overall, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar are tied because each has its own set of functions that do not overlap.


  • Google Calendar: 2
  • Apple Calendar: 1

3. Automatic Event Suggestions

Without a doubt, Google takes the cake in this category. It runs a tight ship, fully integrating its services to the point where anytime you receive an email confirmation of an upcoming event, Google automatically creates an event in the Calendar so you don’t miss out. You can read more about Events from Gmail here.

While Apple does have a comparable function, it only allows you to manually add it. If I receive a text containing a date and time in the text body, for example, Apple will highlight the date and allow you to create an event by tapping on it.

Event Suggestions in the iMessage app


  • Google Calendar: 3
  • Apple Calendar: 1

4. Integration With Other Calendars

By allowing users to import calendars from other sources, Google Calendar raises the bar a little too high. You can request access to your colleagues’ calendars using their Gmail IDs, and you can even import third-party calendars using their URLs. If that wasn’t enough, you can now transfer your Apple Calendar into Google Calendar with a single tap, effectively eliminating the need for Apple Calendars.

Adding other Calendars to Google Calendar

Apple allows you to subscribe to custom calendars, but you must first find them and then manually add them to the app.


  • Google Calendar: 4
  • Apple Calendar: 1

5. Exclusive Features

When it comes to programs and services, Apple is the undisputed king of exclusivity, yet the Calendar app pales in comparison to Google Calendar. Don’t get me wrong, Apple Calendar is still a great and functional tool, but Google Calendar adds tasks and reminders to the regular capabilities. Additionally, Google Calendar supports add-ons, which enhances the user experience.

If that wasn’t enough, Google Calendar also offers a Goals feature that keeps track of your health. The nicest thing is that you can sync your Apple Health data and seamlessly finish tasks without switching between different apps on the iPhone.

Exclusive Features of Google Calendar

Even though Apple has separate applications for all the exclusive features I listed above (Reminders and Apple Health), it’s wonderful that Google delivers them all in one app without sacrificing usability.


  • Google Calendar: 5
  • Apple Calendar: 1

6. Availability: Google Calendar vs Apple Calendar

The Google Calendar app is now available for iPhone, iPad, Chrome, and Android users. Using a web browser, you may use Google Calendar on different devices such as Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. With all of its apps, Google has embraced a mobile and web-first approach.

Apple, on the other hand, offers Calendar only for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. You may still use the iCloud website to access it on any platform, including Windows, Chromebooks, and Linux.

Google Calendar on the web

Because Apple Calendar has more specialized apps for Apple devices and Google Calendar has a dedicated app for Chromebook and Android, the difference isn’t substantial. On every other device, both devices can manage an online calendar fairly effectively.

Apple Calendar app on Mac


  • Google Calendar: 6
  • Apple Calendar: 2

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Conclusion: Google Calendar vs Apple Calendar

When comparing all the features, it’s evident that Google Calendar is the superior program over Apple Calendar. Google Calendar features a greater Google ecosystem integration and also allows you to integrate the Apple Calendar. Not to mention, Google integrates everything without making the UI cluttered. Apple Calendar is only useful if you only use it to manually create events on a regular basis. Professional users should avoid this site. What are your thoughts? Please notify me via Twitter.

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