Google Assistant 15 Tricks To Replace Apps on Android

Google Assistant 15 Tricks To Replace Apps, Every corporation appears to be promoting its own virtual assistant. Bixby, Cortana, Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are all available. Google Assistant is unquestionably the best of the bunch. Accents are quickly understood, and talks may be followed in context. I’ve been chatting to it a lot lately, and I’ve learned a few simple ways to accomplish certain jobs. These hacks now perform the functions of another Android app and may eventually replace it.

As a result, we’ve collected a list of the most useful Google Assistant tips and techniques to help you replace other Android apps.

Google Assistant Tricks

1. Identify a Song

I’ve previously used Shazam to identify songs at random gatherings. However, Google Assistant gained this capability with the launching of the Google Pixel 3. All you need to do now is ask Google Assistant to “Identify this music.” It switches to listening mode and assists you in identifying the music presently playing. It operates in a similar way to Shazam, and the results are fantastic. With that out of the way, I decided to uninstall Shazam.

Identify a Song Google Assistant Tricks

Update: Google has now added a new capability that allows the assistant to recognize the song that has been stuck in your head. Simply ask Google Assistant to recognize the music and hum the tone. It will show you three results that can be close accurate. You can click on them for a quick Google search and instantly play that song on YouTube Music, Spotify.

2. Calendar & Events App

If you have an Android phone, you may already have a calendar app built-in. If it’s from Google, you may sync your email address and calendar events. However, if you don’t, you can utilize Google Assistant instead. You may already be familiar with Google Assistant’s ability to add Notes and Reminders. However, by just stating “Create an event,” you can add custom events to Google Calendar. “Create a Pixel 5 event for November 18th at 10:00” is a one-line summary of everything.

 Calendar & Events App

And, you can also recall your events by asking “Show me my meetings/events for today” or “What’s my next meeting”. Unfortunately, you cannot edit or delete those events via Google Assistant tricks.

3. Calculator & Unit Conversion

There are instances when I need to use the Google search bar or the calculator to find answers to my questions. However, you can use your voice to conduct calculations. It’s much easier to do this than to open a browser tab and type the complete statement. Instead of using the local calculator, Google Assistant uses the Internet to conduct computations. You’ll need an Internet connection to achieve this, as well as the ability to uninstall your native Calculator.

Calculator & Unit Conversion

Apart from solving simple expressions, Google Assistant can also perform currency and unit conversions for you. For example, if I have to convert 10$ to INR then all I have to say is “Convert 10$ to INR”. Similarly, you can also ask “Convert 10foot to inches”. Since this is an online conversion the metrics are daily updated and the results are much more accurate.

4. Dining & Restaurant Apps

Rather than downloading applications to find nearby eateries, you can instead use Google Assistant. “I am hungry,” is all you have to say. Google will show you all of the eateries in the area, along with user ratings and reviews. I’ve been using Yelp for this lately, but Google Assistant appears to be doing a decent job. I was able to retrieve the restaurant’s phone number, directions, official website, and even the menu in a matter of seconds.

Dining & Restaurant Apps

5. Train Updates

If you go by rail between cities on a daily basis, Google Assistant has a feature called “Where is my train.” This service is a train information system that allows you to find out where trains are. Any question about trains must be preceded by the phrase “Talk to where is my train.” For example, if I want to know where 11094 is right now, my search query will be “Talk to where is my train about where 11094 is right now.”

Train Updates Google Assistant Tricks

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6. Weather Apps

The Weather Channel has provided Google with a large amount of weather data. So, rather than downloading a separate weather app, you can simply ask Google Assistant. The weather queries can range from “How is the weather?” to “Will I need an umbrella tomorrow?” to “Will I need an umbrella this weekend?”

You may also set it to send daily weather reports by just saying “Send weather reports daily.” After that, you’ll be prompted to choose a time for the report to be delivered. After you’ve completed all of these steps, Google Assistant will send you a push notification every day at the specified time.

Weather Apps Google Assistant Tricks

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Another additional service you can access is the World Air Quality Index which tells you the Air Quality Index of cities. You can trigger it by saying “Talk to World Air Quality Index”.

7. Food Calculator

For my workout, I have a bunch of fitness apps ranging from push-up to calorie calculators. But recently, Instead of having a calorie calculator app, I have started using Google Assistant. It’s quick to find me the calorific value of the food I am having. This helps to shed an app as well as keep track of my diet.

Food Calculator

8. Tip Calculator

It’s always a question “How much do you have to tip?” and how to share it with friends. Now, you can just ask Google the same question and get a calculator where you can enter your bill amount, the percentage you want to pay, and the number of people you are sharing with. Just a quick little tool that comes in handy and doesn’t need an app to install on your phone.

Tip Calculator Google Assistant Tricks

9. Food & Drink

Ideally, this will not be an additional app, and you will prefer to watch videos on YouTube. But give this one a shot. To surprise yourself, ask your Google Assistant about Food Recipes. You may now ask for “dinner recipes” or “lunch recipes,” and it will instantly retrieve a list from several websites. This doesn’t make an app smaller, but it does make me think about what I should be making today.

You can now ask for recipes for any dish or cuisine you like. Simply start by asking, “Where can I get dinner recipes?” You may also use services such as Tasty to get recipes using materials you already have in your refrigerator. Or just get some random recipes that are currently popular.

Food & Drink

10. Games and Fun

If you’re a casual gamer who doesn’t want to download gaming apps, this is the game for you. That’s right, that’s me. With Google Assistant, everything will be fine. It can be used as a time-saver at times. It covers a variety of games such as “Stone Paper Scissors,” “Ask Roll on,” and others. But “Argument Room” is my personal fave. It’s more of a conversational competition than a game. It aids in the development of wordplay, wittiness, and the acquisition of new vocabulary. That’s a great method to learn something new.

Games and Fun Google Assistant Tricks

11. Sports App

If you are a sports fan, I do like to keep updated. Now, I have been using a couple of apps for that and they do really provide me extra inputs. But for basics, I can query Google Assistant for match schedules, statistics, and leaderboard through Google Assistant

Sports App Google Assistant Tricks

You can also use the Google Assistant Snapshot to look for upcoming sporting events. When Google Assistant is activated, simply swipe up to open a snapshot. Check out the Snapshot tab to see all of your scheduled activities, reminders, bill payments, and more, as well as upcoming sporting events.

12. Following Stocks

When it comes to Snapshot, you can use it to keep track of stocks. When Google Assistant is enabled, simply slide up to open the Snapshot, where you can discover your stocks in the “Stocks you follow” card. However, you must first follow the stocks you wish to keep track of on Google.

You may track stocks with your Google Assistant using this tutorial: How to Smartly Follow Stocks Using Google Assistant

Following Stocks

13. Translator and Interpreter

Rather than needing a translator app, simply Google “How to say Hello in Japanese,” and the Assistant will display the results as well as call out the pronunciation. You may also acquire a camera that will scan any writing and translate it into your native tongue.

Google Assistant can also act as an interpreter for you. Simply ask Google to “Be my Chinese Interpreter,” and Google will continuously interpret your chat back and forth.

Translator and Interpreter

14. Notes and Shopping Lists

“Show me my Notes” will bring up Google Assistant’s built-in notes, which you may access by saying “Google Assistant, show me my Notes.” You may add, remove, and edit notes directly from Google Assistant. You can also sync your notes with apps like Google Keep, Any do, and others, allowing you to launch the app and view all of your notes.

Notes and Shopping Lists

The shopping list is in the same boat. Simply say to Google Assistant, “Add sanitizer to your shopping list,” and it will be added to your list, which you can access at

15. Reminders

The most evident major feature that many people use with Smart Assistants is the reminder. You can ask Google to remind you of something at a certain time or at a specific area. You can also set reminders for your notes, and Google will remind you of them at the specified time.

Reminders Google Assistant Tricks

With the information from Gmail, your assistant may also automatically remind you of bill payments, airline schedules, and theatre tickets, among other things. Finally, it can serve as a reminder of your friends’ birthdays. However, you must first enter the information in your Assistant’s “Your People” area.

Suggestions and Recommendations : Google Assistant Tricks

This one is an added bonus! Although it’s rare, you may run out of tracks or movies to view. However, you can ask Google Assistant to play a piece of random music or video, and it will do so based on your search history. Now, I’m not so sure about Google’s tracking, but the suggestions are worth a shot.

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So there you have it: some fast Google Assistant tricks and shortcuts that can be used instead of a full-fledged Android app. You may read more about it in our other articles. 10 Best Android Emulator for Windows PC, and 15 Best Canva Templates to Create Amazing Instagram Posts.

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