What is Google Assistant Ambient Mode and How to Use It

When your Android device is charging, Google Assistant Ambient Mode adds smart display capability to the lock screen. In this write-up, you can learn more about Android’s Ambient Mode and how to enable it on your Android smartphone. Furthermore, Google Pixel phones, as well as some Nokia, Xiaomi, and OnePlus (OnePlus 3 or later) phones, support Google Assistant Ambient Mode in Android.

What Is Google Assistant Ambient Mode?

While hooked into the charger, your Android phone displays additional information such as the weather, your calendar, and incoming notifications in Ambient Mode. Without unlocking your phone, you can use Google Assistant, control audio playback, and even manage other linked devices. You can also use your Google Photos to create a slideshow screensaver.

When your phone is charging, Ambient Mode effectively transforms it into a smart display similar to the Google Nest Hub Max. You can use voice commands or the touch display to turn off the lights, check your home security cameras, and more if you have connected smart devices.

How Do I Enable Ambient Mode in Google Assistant?

When you plug in your new phone and it supports Ambient Mode, you’ll receive a notification. Toggle Ambient Mode on in your phone’s settings by tapping the notification. Follow these procedures if you don’t get the notification:

1. Open the Google app on your phone. It should already be on your phone, but if not, go to the Play Store and download it.

2. Click More.

3. Tap on Settings.

how to use Google Assistant Ambient Mode android

4. Tap Google Assistant.

5. Scroll down and tap Phone under the Assistant tab.

6. Toggle Ambient Mode on in the Personalization section.

Note: If Ambient Mode is not offered as an option, your phone does not support this feature.

Google Assistant Ambient Mode setting

7. Follow the on-screen directions to personalize Ambient Mode. When you’re not using your computer, for example, you can select to use a slideshow screensaver from your Google Photos.

8. Connect your phone to the charging station. Ambient Mode will be enabled on your device.

Google Assistant Ambient Mode while charging

Using Android Ambient Mode

While your phone is charging, you may utilize Google Assistant voice requests and use the touch screen to manage your connected smart devices. Open the Google Home app and navigate to Home > your device > Settings gear > Photo frame, then check under More settings to adjust what appears in Ambient Mode.

Ambient Mode for Google Smart Displays

Ambient Mode is also the name of the default screen on Google smart displays. Swipe up and tap the Settings gear > Photo frame on a Nest Hub or comparable device to modify what appears in Ambient Mode. You may also like to read How to Hide Apps on Android Smartphone to Maintain Privacy.

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