Fix YouTube Shorts Not Showing on the YouTube App

For various reasons, YouTube constantly alters the Shorts menu. It used to be in your Home feed, but it now has its own tab. It seems as though Google is undecided over the TikTok ripoff of YouTube Shorts. Additionally, Shorts is only accessible in nations like India and the US and is still in beta. Therefore, if YouTube Shorts aren’t appearing for you, here are detailed instructions on how to fix YouTube shorts not showing on the YouTube app.

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General Guideline for YouTube Shorts

Here’s a quick notice on which videos are considered YouTube Shorts before we get to repair them. YouTube’s tales are more distinct than shorts. It appears with your other YouTube videos in your usual channel feed, unlike YouTube Stories.

In essence, a video must meet 2 requirements in order to qualify as a YouTube Short.

  • Vertical video is required (portrait-style)
  • The video must be no longer than 60 seconds.

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How to Fix YouTube Shorts Not Showing Up

Fix 1: Update the YouTube App

It’s the most fundamental thing, I know. However, make sure your YouTube mobile app is up-to-date. The Shorts tab is located at the bottom of the most recent version of the YouTube mobile app (Version: 16.17.36). It takes the place of the YouTube app’s Trending tab.

Additionally, the Plus icon is now used to conceal the Shorts upload option. To access the Create a Short option, tap the Plus icon.

Create a Short option

Fix 2: Check if Shorts are available in your country

Currently, in testing, YouTube Shorts is a feature. You might not be able to view Shorts in the YouTube app because it is currently only available in the US and India.

However, the best method to view Shorts is through free VPNs like ProtonVPN if you want to get over these geo-restrictions. However, TechyLessons suggests paying for a VPN because they perform better and are typically safer than free alternatives.

  1. Install a VPN program that you downloaded.
  2. Choose a server located in the USA or India.
  3. Open the YouTube app after clearing the cache.
  4. The option to see and upload shorts should be available.

Fix 3: YouTube Shorts is Mobile only

Due to the nature of the content, YouTube Shorts is now only available on mobile. It isn’t accessible on the YouTube web app. Hence, there’s no point in searching for Shorts on your computer.

However, you can upload Shorts videos from a laptop. Same as submitting a typical video, the entire process is similar. To identify it as a Shorts video, you must use the hashtag #Shorts in the title and description.

How to Upload Shorts

Comparable to other similar programs, YouTube Shorts were created with mobile devices in mind. Despite the fact that you can post Shorts from the desktop app as well, I don’t suggest it. To minimize confusion and to get the greatest experience, use the mobile app.

1: Open the YouTube app and click the plus sign (+) at the bottom. The Create a Short option, which is still in beta, should then be selected.

Create a shorts option

2: You can upload an existing movie or make a short using the Shorts’ camera app. Tap on the Photo icon in the bottom-left corner to upload an existing video.

Youtube shorts upload process

Why My Video Doesn’t Show Up as Shorts on My Feed

It’s a frequent misperception that the words “Shorts” must be followed by the hashtag “Shorts” in both the title and description. It’s not necessary, though. You must include #Shorts in the title and description of your Shorts videos if and only if you submit them using the desktop YouTube app. But typically speaking, it has little impact.

To prevent confusion in your timeline if you publish both standard and short movies to the same channel, you can designate the short video with the hashtag #Shorts.

Visit the Manage Video option in the YouTube app to verify whether your video was uploaded as a Short. A little Shorts logo would appear at the bottom of your Shorts video.

Additionally, if you visit your Home feed, all of the Shorts videos are stacked across at the bottom.

Manage videos and shorts on youtube

Where to Watch YouTube Shorts

In the most recent upgrade, YouTube added a tab specifically for shorts. So you may now go to the Shorts page and watch the suggested Shorts films immediately. Due to your browsing history and patterns, Shorts will continue to appear in your home feed.

Overall, the mobile app offers 2 options for viewing Shorts.

Shorts tab on the youtube mobile app

Additionally, you may always search the channel if you want to view a specific creator’s Shorts. To access their entire Shorts library under the Channel, scroll down to the bottom of their home feed.

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Closing Words: Fix YouTube Shorts Not Showing

A $100M creator fund is also being established by Google for Shorts makers in the US and India. Over the course of 2021–2022, this cash will be disbursed. In other words, YouTube will get in touch with producers each month whose content has gotten the most views and engagement. Google will compensate these creators.

It, therefore, appears that Google is promoting Shorts. The time is here to begin making some short videos for YouTube Shorts.

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