How to Export Contacts from iPhone in Easy Ways

How to Export Contacts from iPhone To export a large number of contacts from an iPhone, first convert it to a vCard and then export it. Apple products are the world’s most secure electronics. Apple gadgets make it difficult to export files. It is vital to transfer contacts from iPhone if you plan to transition from iPhone to another device or if you want to back up your contacts.

If you wish to send a contact to someone else, you can use Whatsapp to do so. But what if you want to send every single contact you have? To transfer contacts from an iPhone to another device, you’ll need to use a few approaches.

How to Export Contacts from iPhone to other devices?

Although the iPhone includes iCloud to keep your contacts, sharing your contacts with other devices is not recommended. You can use vCard instead of iCloud (virtual card). It is the most efficient method for transferring contacts from your iPhone to other devices.

(1) Open Settings on your iPhone.

open setting on iPhone to export contacts

(2) Tap your Profile at the top of the screen.

click on profile picture

(3) Click on the iCloud option.

open iCloud to toggle on contacts to export

(4) Check for the Contacts toggle. If it is turned off, turn on the toggle. If the Contacts toggle is off, you can’t export contacts to the Vcard.

Export Contacts from iPhone

(5) On your PC, go to and sign with your Apple ID.

open iCloud in web browser

(6) On the next screen, click on the Contacts icon.

browse contacts app on icloud

(7) The contacts that you saved on your iCloud will be displayed. Click on the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.

icoud setting to export contact

(8) Click on the Select All option or press Ctrl + A key to select all the contacts.

(9) After selecting the contacts, click the Export vCard option.

export vCard file from icoud

(10) Your PC will ask for a download location, specify a location and click Save.

(11) All your contact will be downloaded in the .vcf format.

(12) Now, open the file. All your contacts will be displayed on your PC.

How to Import Contacts (vCard) to Gmail

After downloading the contacts in .vcf formats, you can easily import them to Gmail to access them on Android phones or for backing up purposes.

(1) Open your browser and go to on your PC or mobile.

(2) Click on the Import Contacts option.

Import contacts

(3) Click Select file and navigate to the location where you downloaded your contacts file. Click Open.

Give location and select the desire location to download contacts

(4) Now, click Import. Your contact will be imported to your Gmail account.

Final Verdict: Export Contacts from iPhone

Both iCloud and Gmail will now have access to your contacts. If you have an Android device, you may sync contacts from Gmail and begin using it right away. You may also check your contacts at any time by connecting to either your iCloud or Google account.

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