Educational Games for Android Free Download

Educational Games means games that designed for educational purposes. Those Games are interactive plays that teach goals, rules, adaptation, problem-solving, interaction, all represented as a story. Those games are kid-friendly educational games. Those games are part of teaching and learning helps to create positivity around the lesson, motivating students. That’s Why Today In this post I gonna tell you some Educational Games for Android Free Download.

Those Educational Games Tech many things like Minecraft teach children basic survival skills, such as sourcing wood to build a home, and skills there are lots Educational Games available on the google play store. If You like to play Those games then Read the Full Post.

Best Educational Games Free Download

ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

ABC Kids is a free game and alphabet teaching app. Kindergarteners or preschool-age children can learn English and the English alphabet simply by following the arrows with their fingers in this app. Adults can easily access settings to engage Teacher Mode, look at report cards, or toggle tracing and phonics games to better facilitate learning. Also, there are lots of features:


  • Smart interface helps kids focus on phonics and letters without accidentally exiting the game.
  • Includes ABC tracing games, phonics pairing, letter matching, and more.                                                   
  • A colorful early education app that helps children learn the English alphabet.
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters to trace, listen to, and match.

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Spelling & Phonics: Kids Games

educational games android

Spelling & Phonics is a multiple-spelling games game for kids. This is a perfect game for kids to learn new things. ABC Spelling was designed with both adults and children in mind. Also If You are a parent then you can report card feature that helps track learning progress. Your Kids will love the bright graphics and the fun cartoon drawings.


  • Sounds to help children learn phonics for letters and words.
  • Report cards show learning progress.
  • Collect stickers & certificates to celebrate learning achievements
  • Colorful graphics and animations to help kids learn.

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Educational Games for Android Free Download.

Funny Food! Educational games for kids 3 years old

Funny Food is an Educational game for toddlers age 3-5 is kindergarten learning game. Your child will master all necessary preschool topics: shapes, colors, logic, etc. These games for kindergarten have a simple interface. Early education for 2-3-year-old toddlers game helps kids to LEARN SHAPES AND COLORS and LEARN COUNT. This game offers kid games free for 5-year-old kindergarten-age kids as a part of preschool education.


  • Training fine motor skills for preschoolers
  • Growth of thinking skills through math
  • The simple interface of kindergarten learning
  • Early education for children 2-5 years old
  • Progress in logic, attention, and thinking for kids

Learn to Read! ABC Letters, Phonics Games for Kids

ABC Letters, Phonics Games for Kids

Learn to Read is an Educational game, that is the best way to engage your child’s mind. This is a step-by-step training program full of kids learning games. Interactive Letter characters and modern kid-friendly graphics make the app. Learning Games for kids are a great way to introduce children to their first words and ABC learning.


  • Letter repetition that isn’t a snooze.
  • Hundreds of hours of educational content.
  • Funny Live Letter characters.
  • Your child can play the alphabet game and gets lots of reading and writing opportunities

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Kids Education (Preschool)

Kids education (Preschool) is an educational games app intended for 3-6-year-old children. This app will help your child develop his\her oral skills and widen his\her vocabulary in colors, vegetables and fruits, animals, body parts, emotion, and relations. There are lots of features available like:


  • Basic skills: the child is required to learn colors’ names, shapes, body parts, and categorization.
  • High skills: a whole section dedicated to high oral and sematic skills, matching between objects
  • and their raw materials, and completing the puzzle shape.
  • A safe app that contains no 3rd party ads
  • Your child can navigate it easily by himself.
  • Available in 11 languages including English, Spanish, French, Arabic Portuguese, German and
  • more.
  • Logical apps for toddlers
  • Names of letters
  • Sound of animal for toddlers
  • Colors for toddlers app free
  • Entertain games and apps for preschoolers
  • Shapes for babies apps
  • Numbers for kids games
  • Talking alphabet
  • Educational baby games free
  • Education puzzles for preschool
  • Human body parts for education
  • Real cute animals for preschool

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Bini ABC games for kids! Preschool learning app!

Bini Super ABC is a game that your child can play letter games for kids and learning games. This game will help your child get familiar with the alphabetical order, as well as the letters and sounds themselves. This game is only designed for educational games for kids and preschool games free up your time as well by keeping your kid busy.


  • Super cool characters for preschool learning alphabet fun.
  • Funny animations of letters and numbers in our ABC for kids games.
  • Hilarious sound effects of the ABC preschool alphabet.
  • A large variety of activities to learn letters.
  • Amazing music to go along with our letters learning games for kids.
  • Baby educational games for kids that make education entertaining.
Educational Games for Android

Numbers for kids – learn to count 123 games!

Numbers for kids Educational games for children. This is the most popular way to study nowadays and our apps will help kids with their preschool education. A wonderful alternative activity for learning numbers from 1 to 10, 20, and counting games for kids. They can be found in the lake, in the house, and even in the galaxy. You are going on an exciting journey.


  • Train logic and attention with kindergarten learning games. Find the numbers in unexpected places.
    Enjoy bright and saturated colors of all figures and be pleasantly captivated with the
  • kindergarten learning games – you know all the numbers in the blink of an eye.
  • New locations – you’ll reach even the Space and see the Sun at a close glance!
  • There is one more thing we can celebrate now – a new chapter in Mathematics for kids.
  • Enjoy bright and saturated colors of all figures and be pleasantly captivated with the
  • kindergarten learning games – you know all the numbers in the blink of an eye.
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