How to Download Twitter Videos on PC and Mobile

If you’re seeking breaking news or offbeat material, Twitter is a terrific place to go, especially if you’re looking for videos. Since you won’t be able to download Twitter movies natively on your mobile or desktop device, here are some workarounds to download Twitter videos on PC and mobile

How to Download Twitter Videos on Android

1. Twitter Video Downloader

If you currently use Twitter on your phone, this software will make it simple to download videos from Twitter by using the share option. It contains a native gallery component as well as a password-protected private video area.

The program includes a bookmark page feature where you can save videos to be downloaded later.

To download video from Twitter, go to Twitter and click on the video you want to save. Then, tap the share symbol, followed by the Share via option.

Tap the share symbol to Download Twitter Videos on Mobile

Finally, go to the Download Twitter Videos app and select the video quality you desire. Now, in the bottom right corner, click the download symbol, and you’re done.

Download Twitter Videos app


  • Change the location of the download
  • The size of the video is displayed.
  • Ads are kept to a minimum.
  • It costs $1.5 to upgrade to a premium.

Install Twitter Video Downloader for Android

How to Download Twitter Videos on iOS

1. MyMedia – File Manager

We’ve already discussed how to download Twitter videos on your iPhone. So, if you have an iPhone, drop everything and go to the article for a step-by-step guide and more possibilities. The MyMedia option will be chosen by the majority of you because it is the simplest.

Method to Download Twitter Videos on Mobile

You may utilize the built-in browser to download videos from the web apps listed below and then move them to your camera roll.


  • Might be a long process for some
  • Extra steps to save to camera roll

How to Download Twitter Videos on Chrome (Extension)

1. Twitter Media Assist

This is perhaps the most attractive Chrome plugin I’ve ever seen. It adds a download icon immediately under the video on Twitter, making downloading videos relatively covert. This one-click solution closely resembles Twitter’s native UI, so anyone looking at the screen will have no idea what the extension is.

Twitter Media Assist to Download Twitter Videos on PC

To download a video, simply click the download icon beneath any video and it will be downloaded in seconds. It produces random video names by default, which you can edit in the extension options area or on your PC.


  • Design is simple and elegant.
  • Download option blends with native icons
  • Download with a single click
  • Option to download a GIF

Visit Twitter Media Assist

How to Download Twitter Videos on the Web

1. Downloader for Twitter

Because you are not restricted by any platform, a website is a convenient solution. To download Twitter videos, all you have to do is open your browser on your Android or iOS device. To begin, navigate to the video page you wish to save and copy the URL.

Paste the link of Twitter Video Downloader's website & click download

Copy the link from Twitter Video Downloader’s website and paste it into the search field, then press the magnifying glass symbol or enter. Now choose the quality you want to acquire and click Download.


  • There are no advertisements in this version.
  • It always works.
  • There are no platform limitations.

Visit Downloader for Twitter

How to Download Twitter Videos Using a Bot

1. Video Downloader Bot

If you want to download any video from Twitter, there’s another simple solution. Unlike other possibilities, this one leaves a lasting impression. It’s easy for anyone to figure out that you downloaded the movie because it can only produce links when you comment on a post. You can erase the comment as soon as the download link becomes open, which is what I usually do.

To use this bot to download Twitter videos, go to the video page and leave a comment mentioning @DownloaderBot. It’ll only take a few seconds, and then you’ll get a download link in the comments section, which you can find in the notifications section. The next step is to click on the link that will take you to the download page.

 Comment mentioning @DownloaderBot and click on the link to download.

On the following page, pick Download and then touch Download from the pop-up menu. Isn’t it simple?

Pick Download and then touch Download

Visit the Video Downloader Bot website.


  • There is no need to install anything.
  • All platforms are supported.
  • If you don’t delete the comment, it will leave a mark.

Conclusion: Download Twitter Videos on PC & Mobile

Using a bot, in my opinion, is the simplest approach to download Twitter videos. All you have to do is mention the bot and then delete the remark when you’re finished. Because I dislike installing third-party apps, I prefer the website because it leaves no trace and requires no sign-in.


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