How to Download Reddit Videos on Android New Method

Reddit is a social networking platform with a lot of user-generated material in the form of specialized Subreddits like memes, news, hobbies, and so on. I’ve had the desire to save photographs and movies for later viewing so that I may share them with my friends. While the Reddit app allows you to save images by just tapping them, it does not allow you to save videos by default. Let’s fix that by showing you how to download Reddit videos to your Android device. The procedure for saving Reddit videos on the iPhone is slightly different and has been discussed separately.

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Downloading Reddit Videos on Android

1. Use a Reddit Video Downloader App

Downloading Reddit videos is easier with a specialized video downloader program, whether you use Reddit’s official app, a third-party client, or simply a browser on a desktop. Viddit is a straightforward yet effective video downloader that allows you to save Reddit videos with audio. Simply use the Share Sheet to share the post with the video, and the program will retrieve, download, and save the video to your phone.

Begin by downloading Viddit from the Google Play Store. Open the Reddit post where the video you want to save is located. Select Viddit from the Share Sheet by tapping the Share icon.

Sharing Reddit post with a video to viddit

The Viddit software would retrieve the post’s link, process it, and locate the video file. It may take a few seconds for the video to be processed, but once it is, it will automatically store the video on the Android phone.

Saving the Reddit video with viddit

Viddit is a fantastic software for downloading videos from Reddit. It also has the ability to download several videos at the same time.

Download Viddit

2. Use a Third Party Reddit Client to Download Videos

There are dozens of good third-party clients that offer unique features if you don’t like the original Reddit app. Infinity for Reddit is a simple user interface that allows you to save Reddit videos to your phone with one tap.

To begin, download Infinity for Reddit from the Google Play Store. Open the app and look for the video you want to save in a post. Open the video player by tapping the video.

Infinity for Reddit android

In the top right corner, you’ll see a Download button. To save the Reddit video to your Android phone, tap the button.

Saving Reddit video using infinity on android

It’s really simple to store videos using Infinity. You simply hit a button, and the video is saved; however, if you don’t use Reddit frequently and don’t want to install additional software, you can also use a web browser.

Download Infinity

3. Download Reddit Videos on Web Browser

If you don’t want to download a distinct app for every task, there is a simple solution for you as well. You can use, a simple downloader that works off a browser, to download Reddit videos to your Android smartphone.

To download the Reddit video, all you need is the post link. So go ahead and copy the post’s link. At the bottom of the post, touch the Share option, then copy the link.

copy the link to the post on Reddit

Now, open your Android smartphone’s web browser and navigate to by putting it into the address bar or simply touching this link. To bring up the paste button, tap and hold the input box on the webpage.

Paste the Reddit link on

When you press the paste button, the Reddit post URL will appear in the input field. To get the video from the URL, tap the right arrow button to the right.

Go button to fetch video

A preview of the video would appear underneath it, along with a download button. It will open the video in a new tab if you tap it. Select Download from the options’ menu at the bottom of the movie.

Download button to download video

Your video would begin to download and be saved to the storage of your phone. You may now access the video clip from either the Files or the Photos apps.

Video being downloaded to the phone

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Final Verdict: Download Reddit Videos Android

These were three distinct methods for downloading and saving Reddit videos to your Android device. Each approach works uniquely, yet they are all effective. The downloader program downloads the video with just a few touches, and third-party clients can save videos natively. What are your thoughts? Is there a better way to do things? Let me know on Twitter.

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