7 Best Discord Music Bots to Stream Songs in Servers

When it comes to Discord bots, music is one of the most popular categories. However, there are a plethora of bots to pick from, each with its own set of features. Finding it difficult to select a music bot that meets your requirements? We’ve tried most of the music bots we’ve come across and compiled a list for you.

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Best Discord Music Bots

Let me get started with an all-rounder.

1. Rythm

Feature-packed Music bot

For a reason, Rythm is one of Discord’s most popular music bots. It comes with a variety of functions and supports prominent music streaming sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud, and Twitch, among others. It has capabilities that most Discord music bots don’t have, such as lyrics, a voting mechanism to skip songs, grabbing the song from the server to DM, and so on. The features of the song of the day, week, and month aid in the discovery of new music on the server. In fact, covering all the capabilities that this bot has to offer is well beyond the scope of this post. For more information on Rythm and how to use it, go to this page.


Additional capabilities such as effects, speed, bass, and loudness will be available if you upgrade to a premium account. !queue,!search,!loop,!clear, and other commands are also supported by Rythm. Apart from that, you can use rythm.fm/app to control the music using a visual interface. While Fredboat and 24/7 are both feature-rich, Rythm offers a few advantages over them, such as simple commands, regular updates, and a visual layout, making it our favorite feature-packed option.


  • Feature-packed
  • Lyrics are supported, as well as a voting mechanism for skipping.
  • Commands that are simple to use


  • Do not use services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, and others.

Add Rythm to Your Server

Do you know How to Use Rythm Bot on Discord?

2. Groovy: Discord Music Bots

Supports all famous streaming services for curated playlists

Despite its many features, Rythm lacks integration with services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal, and others. Groovy, which supports all services from YouTube to Tidal, comes into play here. Groovy is the music Discord bot for you if you like playlists curated by these services. You also get access to the most common features, such as setting a queue, looping, shuffling, rewinding, and so on.

Groovy Discord Music Bots

Because some services are not supported, Groovy does not play songs directly from them. They just gather track information from these services and play the music on YouTube. Also, you cannot play the personal playlists that you have created from any of those services.


  • Supports a variety of streaming services, including Spotify and Tidal.
  • Access to playlists from all of these providers


  • Groovy won’t let you access your personal playlists.

Add Groovy to your Server

3. Botify

Ability to play your personal Spotify playlists

Groovy can listen to Spotify playlists, but Botify can listen to your personal ones. This music bot is solely for Spotify, as the name says. All you have to do is use the $botify login command. In the DM, the bot will provide you with a link to log in to Spotify. After that, you can use the command $botify search $spotify $list [Playlist name] to play songs from your personal playlists.

Creating a Spotify playlist with Botify

Check out this post for more information on how to log in and use Botify.


  • You’ll be able to access your own Spotify playlists.
  • Direct creation of new playlists is now possible.


  • Only works with Spotify.

Add Botify to your Server

4. Mee 6

Multi-functional bot to get the work done

Mee 6 is a multi-functional bot with music features, rather than just a music bot. So, if you’ve previously installed Mee 6, you can rely on it for music playback as well. It has all the essential functions of a music bot, as well as compatibility with services such as YouTube, Soundcloud, and Twitch. You get a dashboard, similar to Rythm, to manage the music without having to deal with commands.

Listening to music with the Mee 6 bot


  • A music-playing bot with a variety of functions
  • A dashboard that allows you to control tracks and queues without having to deal with instructions.


  • Commands like search, skip, and others take time to perform.

Add Mee 6 to your Server

5. Bass

To listen to songs with more bass

Bass is a Discord bot for folks who enjoy listening to music with a lot of basses. It contains practically all the standard capabilities you’d expect from a music bot. The main change is that songs are played with a louder bass level by default. The commanding bass can be used! To begin playing a song, type [song name], and then type bass!bass to boost the base strength. Although Rythm offers a premium feature that allows you to alter the base levels, it is not free.

Bass Discord Music Bots

My only gripe with the Bass Discord bot is that it can be a little glitchy when playing tracks via links. It supports YouTube, however, when I utilize links, it doesn’t work. Then you must run the command again, this time with the name of the song, and it will search and pick it correctly.


  • Increase the amount of bass in songs.
  • Commands that are simple to understand


  • Every minor action results in a flood of spam texts.

6. Chip

Audio Effects and Control

Chip focuses on personalization and sound effects. It works with services like YouTube and includes basic controls like play, queue, and pause, as well as lyrics, just like most music bots for Discord.

Controlling vocal boost with chip bot on Discord

However, it also allows you to alter effects like 8D, loudness, pitch level, vocal levels, treble, and bass level. None of the settings are activated by default, unlike the bass bot. None of the bots we evaluated offered such a wide range of changes.


  • The ability to change the music


  • When you set any adjustment to high, there are lags in between.

Add Chip to your Server

7. Jockie Music

A Game to play along with Music

Jockie Music is a simple music bot with a unique twist. You can play a guess the song game in addition to listening to songs. Simply type m!guess the song, and the game will begin in 5 seconds. Once the music has begun to play, anyone on the channel can respond with the song’s title. When the bot has determined that the response is right, it will confirm and begin playing the following song. You’ll also receive points for each correct response, and you’ll be able to compare your scores at the conclusion.

Using Jockie Music to play guess the song game

You are not allowed to mention some random lines or misspell the name. As a result, getting the actual name is as difficult as it gets.


  • Ability to play a game of “guess the music”


  • The song’s actual name must be given.

Add Jockie Music to your Server

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Final Verdict: Best Discord Music Bots

Each bot on the list is unique and serves a specialized purpose. Rhythm is the best music bot on the market, with a tonne of features. If you want Spotify and other music streaming services playlists, Groovy and Botify are wonderful options. Chip & Bass focuses on audio effects and customizations, but Jockie Music allows you to play a game.

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