8 Best Chrome Extensions for Zoom for Better Meetings

The Zoom Desktop version has a lot of functionality, however, the Zoom Web app is very simple. It lacks minor functionality such as note-taking and automated calendar sync with Google Calendar. Furthermore, Zoom makes it extremely difficult to participate in Zoom meetings via the web. That’s where Chrome extensions for Zoom come in.

Chrome Extensions for Zoom

So, here are some useful Zoom Chrome extensions to help you fill the void. Furthermore, all of these add-ons are free and open-source. As a result, there’s a lot less to be concerned about in terms of privacy and security.

1. Zoom Redirector

Pop-ups are one of the most unpleasant aspects of attending Zoom meetings through the web. Instead, Zoom always encourages you to download their desktop app.

You can solve this problem by installing the Zoom Redirector add-on. Every Zoom meeting link is automatically redirected to the Zoom web client. As a result, instead of bothersome pop-ups, you will be smoothly redirected to the Zoom desktop app.

You can download Zoom Redirector

2. Zoom Meetings Auto Page Closer

If you already have the Zoom desktop program installed but wish to join over the web, Zoom makes it difficult. As a result, Zoom Meeting’s Auto Page Closer cleverly ignores the Launch Zoom app pop-up and instead allows you to connect from the browser.

Zoom Meetings Auto Page Closer

You can download Zoom Meetings Auto Closer

3. Zoom Scheduler by Zoom

Zoom’s calendar does not immediately sync with Google’s. As a result, you won’t receive automated Zoom meeting notifications on your Android smartphone.

Zoom Scheduler by Zoom.

You can get around this by using Zoom’s native Zoom Scheduler add-on. It not only syncs with Google Calendar, but it also allows you to rapidly create meetings with just one click. After you’ve installed the Zoom Scheduler extension, you may even schedule meetings using the Google Calendar web interface.

You can download Zoom Scheduler

4. Zooming Utils

Utils is a Zoom Chrome add-on designed for folks who attend a lot of meetings. It’s a Zoom meeting organizer that keeps track of all of your past and future Zoom meetings. My favorite feature is that it can automatically detect Zoom URLs and links while surfing the web and prompts you to add them to your Zoom Utils organizer.

Zooming Utils: Chrome Extensions for Zoom

You can also manually enter information for many meetings, including timing, date, and day, within the extension. It will intelligently send you reminders for Zoom meetings based on your schedule, ensuring that you are never late.

You can download Zoom Utils

5. Zoom History: Chrome Extension Zoom

Zoom History, like Zoom Utils, is another Zoom organizer. However, in terms of features, it is extremely limited.

It simply maintains track of all the Zoom meetings you participate in on a daily basis. It’s essentially a little box where you can access all of your previous Zoom meeting URLs in one spot. It’s a convenient method to re-join old meetings or look up the times of sessions you’ve already attended. Previously, I had to sift through my Slack chat history to get all of these Zoom meeting URLs, which was time-consuming.

You can download Zoom History

6. Zoom Tab Killer: Chrome Extension Zoom

Zoom has a terrible habit of leaving tabs open in the browser, as you may have seen. When you use the Zoom web app to schedule and start a meeting, it opens three tabs for the same function. If you don’t manually close these tabs, they will remain open in Chrome and consume RAM and other resources.

Zoom Tab Killer aids in the resolution of this issue. Except for your main meeting tab window, it shuts all remaining Zoom tabs automatically.

You can download Zoom Tab Killer

7. Breakout Room Bot

Breakout rooms are another great Zoom feature. If you have a large team, it’s a great approach to collaborate. Breakout rooms, on the other hand, are difficult to manage for a single host. However, you can use the Breakout Room Bot plugin.

Breakout Room Bot: Chrome Extensions for Zoom

It allows participants to rename Breakout rooms and swap between them using Zoom’s public chat. To see all the available breakout rooms, simply send the message “!ls.” To switch to the specified breakout room, write “!mv breakout room name.” It works flawlessly and also keeps track of conversations in the chat. So you may go over it again in the future to get a better look.

8. Zoom Question Manager

Another useful Chrome plugin for Zoom is Zoom Question Manager, which helps you organize your long Zoom sessions. It displays all the questions in a separate window, where you can rapidly respond to them using built-in text templates or simply ignore and archive them.

All non-essential questions are filtered away by Zoom Question Manager. It isn’t sophisticated enough to recognize the message’s context, so it merely looks for queries that finish in a “?” sign and presents them to you. Nonetheless, if you deal with large gatherings with a lot of FAQs and chats, it’s a useful tool to have.

You can download Zoom Question Manager

Final Remarks: Chrome Extensions for Zoom

So there you have it: some of the greatest Chrome add-ons for managing Zoom meetings. Because Zoom’s attention tracking capability has been deleted, I’ve omitted add-ons like Zoom Spoofer and Zoom Smart Assistant.

If you use Google Meet, we have a list of must-have Google Meet extensions to help you get the most out of your meeting.


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