7 Best Business Name Generator Tools for Unique Name Ideas in 2022

This is your finish line if you were looking for a business name generator tool to help you find a unique and catchy business or website name.

If you are an entrepreneur or trying to start a new business the first thing came to your mind is a business or website name that will lead you to success. Naming your business is something that really matters when you are in struggling phase.

Moreover, you need to be careful when is comes to picking a business name. Such as, whether the website/domain name is available, how much branded the name is, does someone already running such business, and much more.

Choosing a business name is not that easy to consider every thing at once, and you are done. This is the exact situation where the business name generator came into play. These tools are free to use however some premium features may cost you some value.

To start using these business name generator free tools you only need to type or insert a keyword or niche for your business website. The name generator tool will do his job and show you the exact are relevant business name ideas suggestions that are available to use.

In this article, I have provided 7 best and my favorite business name generator tools, all of which are totally free to use.

The Best Business Name Generators in 2022

Now that we have talked enough about picking a business or domain name, how hard and how challenging it is to be for a newbie. Let’s have a look on the list of excellent and amazing business name generators, then we will discuss in details in upcoming paragraphs.

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1. DomainWheel

DomainWheel Website Name Generator

DomainWheel is one of the amazing business name generator tool around here. It may seem like only a domain name generator, but when you type your keyword and hit enter you may surprise. It also helps you to generate instant ideas with the power of AI.

DomainWheel AI algorithm show you the catchy business name and domain name ideas. Moreover, you only need to enter one or two keywords related to your business and see the magic. It then shows you the relative suggestions, and you can pick one you like.

DomainWheel also show you the short and unique business website name with globally recognize domain names like .com or .net. Furthermore, it also allows you to choose categories just below the type bar before inserting any keyword.

It also let you pick a domain name and get it registered for you. Instead of just checking the exact keywords for domain registration, DomainWheel also show you the keywords related to the phrase with the power of the latest AI algorithm.

2. NameSnack

NameSnack Business Name Generator

You can also add NameSnack in your list of the best business name generator free. It uses various techniques to generate a catchy business name on the basis of your keyword. You simply need to provide one or various keywords and the powerful AI will do the rest.

NameSnack on the other hand a free tool with a lot of premium tools and features that saves you from paying thousands of dollars to any company. Moreover, it also allows you to pick a brandable domain name. It is 100% free and use the latest machine learning technology for generating business name.

Domain name generator tool of NameSnack helps you to instantly discover the available website names related to your business. This amazing tool use the powerful AI to search eye-catching keyword for your business. When you type a keyword NameSnack combine these words with other popular words to find alternative ideas.

Furthermore, it also allows you to check whether the .com domain name for your provided word is available or not. NameSnack is also available in various popular languages including English, Spanish and Italian.

3. Shopify Business Name Generator

Shopify business idea

Shopify can get you some amazing and unique business name with in seconds after inserting your keyword. Moreover, Shopify is as someone expect it to be, a specifically designed tool to help people to open a new online store. But that doesn’t mean you are unable to use this amazing tool if you want to stick with any other plan you have in your mind.

Furthermore, for searching your business, domain or product name you don’t need to signup for anything. Simply go to the webpage (link is given below), type your business name, and the powerful algorithm will do the rest for you. A user can create his business and domain name between 10 to 15 seconds.

When you search any word with Shopify business name generator, it shows you the amazing ideas with adding some unique and new words to the keyword you specified. I strongly recommend this powerful business name generator tool if you are planning to open an e-commerce website or online store. It is also a very helpful tool for you like you want to go with a business name generator for clothing.

The best feature of the Shopify company name generator among others is that it shows you the domain name instantly for the keyword if available. Even more, if you planned to open a Shopify store then you can also get a 14-day free trial with your desired business name and domain name.

4. BrandRoot

BrandRoot brand name

BrandRoot is also one of the best business name creating tool with some powerful and premium features. As its name suggests, it is all about making a brand name. The BrandRoot is also known as the premium business name generating tool due to its classy features.

This may be the best tool for those who want to go with high quality and premium business and website name. Although, BrandRoot provides a premium quality business name along with the beautiful business logo and other related graphics.

Moreover, it also charges some cost which is around $3000 and more. Though your brand name will cost you more than the other regular names, however, your success chances may increase because of premium and catchy business ideas and names.

5. Naming

Naming product name generator tool

Namin.net is a brand of a famous organization known as WriteExpress Corporation, offering various free services in digital writing and technology. Naming.net is an amazing and impressive tool that allows you to generate your business name on the basis of various words, syllables, and letters.

It has a very powerful machine learning system that can generate some unique and catchy names instantly for your brand or domain. Moreover, Naming.net uses the different naming combinations to generate quality words. It also uses the combination of Greek and Latin Prefixes & Sufi.

Furthermore, they are also offering free naming tips with the help of professional writers and editors free of cost. So that you can find the exact business, product, website, or brand name you are looking for. It also allows you to choose a website with .com and .net extensions.

Prior to start, you will also see four to five input boxes for various addition and combinations of the words. By using these boxes you can create different combinations for your search term. You can also choose whether the result will appear on the left are right side and the number of names per page.

6. Themeisle Blog Name Generator

Themeisle blog name generator

Themeisle is a popular brand name that is known for its famous tools, themes, and plugins mostly for WordPress. It is also offering a blog name generator tool, which is getting famed too. Themeisle blog name generator is a powerful tool to generate amazing and catchy blog name.

While on the other hand, you can also use this tool to generate your business ideas. You simply need to add one or several keywords in the type bar and hit enter. The powerful AI engine of Themeisle then generates a list of domain and business name.

It only shows you the unique and high-quality domain and blog name that are available for registration. Just pick one name you loved most and go for it, and register it on your name. The name AI engine generates for blog or domain name can be a mix up of numbers and letters.

Themeisle also provides a lot of resources and tips that help you to start and choose the exact words that increase your chances of getting popular. In my own opinion, it is one of the best options if you want to start your blog.

7. Anadea

Anadea Business name idea

Anadea is a software development company that creates intelligent and custom software products according to your business need. It also helps you to choose the software concept and take it to completion. Moreover, you can also calculate your project cost prior to start using the free project estimation tool.

Anadea also offers a couple of free business tools including Online Business Name Generator. So, here we will discuss this tool, which is very useful and unique for generating business names. Moreover, you can also use this free tool to name your website or brand and spark your creativity.

All you need to do in order to utilize this powerful business name generator AI is type a keyword and click on the “Generate Names” button. The powerful machine learning system will then generate amazing and unique business name ideas. You simply need to pick one of your choices and start your business.

Best Free Business Name Generators – Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that business name generators can make it simple and easy to choose a unique and appealing name that can spark your brand. All these business name generators can give you a kick-start and help you to grow your business and brand name.

Almost all of these tools allow you to get a keyword-based domain or brand-based name according to your business requirements. By using these powerful tools you can get access to thousands of brand names.

And the most wonderful thing is that you are free to choose one, two are all of them as needed. Moreover, all above given business name generator tools are free to get catchy business name ideas.


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