8 Best Bluetooth Keyboards for iPhone

There are plenty of keyboard apps for iPhone on the App Store, but you can only type so much with two fingers. We all utilize the Qwerty keyboard layout, which is designed to be used with all of our fingers. Are you debating whether a physical keyboard is worthwhile? Totally. Let’s take a look at the top iPhone Bluetooth keyboards.

Bluetooth Keyboards for iPhone

1. Fosa Folio Case Wireless Keyboard

Folio Cases for iPad are popular because they are useful and allow you to use your iPad as a laptop. This case accomplishes this by fitting the iPhone on one side and connecting the Bluetooth keyboard on the other, allowing you to use your iPhone as a PC. The folio will fit any iPhone with a screen size of 4.5′′ to 6.8′′. Not only that, but the Bluetooth keyboard is removable, so you can use it without the folio if you don’t want to use the iPhone in landscape mode.

Fosa Folio Case Wireless Keyboard

Buy Fosa Folio Case Wireless Keyboard ($23)

2. Samsers Foldable Keyboard

This foldable Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone is a good alternative if you travel and require a Bluetooth keyboard that can easily be carried in a backpack. It’s a keyboard with a thin profile that can fold up like a book to shrink its footprint by half. The membrane keyboard is completely silent and can last up to 40 hours on a single charge. Sander’s Foldable Keyboard also includes a stand, so you can prop up your iPhone and start typing from anywhere.

Samsers Foldable Keyboard

Buy Samsers Foldable Keyboard ($26.99)

3. Geyes Portable Travel Keyboard

The Geyes Travel folding keyboard differs from the previous one in that it can be folded into a pen case. That’s a lot more transportable. The aluminum body feels and looks quality, and the metal body and hinges make it durable and trustworthy. The keys are extremely thin, and the complete QWERTY configuration is hardly larger than the iPhone itself. The stand is incorporated into the keyboard, so all you have to do is prop it over it and start typing. The keyboard promises to have a 120-hour battery life on a single charge, so it should keep you going for a long time.

Geyes Portable Travel Keyboard

Buy Geyes Portable Travel Keyboard ($32)

4. Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard, iPhone

While the aforementioned Bluetooth iPhone keyboards are fantastic for traveling, you don’t have to settle for smaller keys. The Logitech K380 is a full-size Bluetooth keyboard that can connect several devices in your home at the same time. You can connect up to three devices at once and switch between them smoothly. You may use the keyboard on any of the devices, including your iPhone, Apple TV, iPad, and even your Windows computer. The best aspect is that the battery is non-rechargeable and lasts for 24 months.

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard iPhone

Buy Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard ($29)

5. Dierya Mechanical Keyboard

Check out Dierya if you appreciate the click-clacks of a mechanical keyboard and want to use it with your iPhone. It’s a 60 percent RGB mechanical keyboard with MX Brown switches, which are one of the most popular. There are eight different RGB settings to select from, all powered by a 1900W, mAh battery. When you’re not using the iPhone, you may plug the keyboard into your computer because it supports both wired and Bluetooth connections.

Dierya mechanical keyboard with RGB

Buy Dierya Mechanical Keyboard ($59)

6. Apple Magic Keyboard

Going all-in with the Apple ecosystem has obvious benefits, such as seamless integration with gadgets like the Magic Keyboard and Trackpad. The Apple Magic Keyboard may be used with the iPhone to provide instant connectivity without the need to worry about compatibility. Furthermore, the key arrangement is similar to that of the MacBook, so you’ll feel perfectly at home.

Apple Magic Keyboard, iPhone

Buy Apple Magic Keyboard ($95)

7. Waterproof Rollable Keyboard

Rollable keyboards are distinct from foldable keyboards, which have their own market. This Bluetooth keyboard for iPhones has a silicone casing that is extremely flexible and absolutely silent. With all the electronics and battery jammed into the side compartment, the keyboard rolls flat and becomes a 60% layout keyboard. The internals of the keyboard is protected by this ingenious design, which prevents harm while rolling the keyboard. The keyboard is totally waterproof thanks to its silicone construction.

Rollable Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone

Buy Waterproof Rollable Keyboard ($13.99)

8. AGS Wireless Laser Projector

While many people dismiss these laser keyboards as gimmicks, they actually operate. The little box has a projector that projects the keyboard onto any surface you lay it on. By sensing your finger and its current position, an array of sensors detects the key-press. The keyboard may be used to turn any flat surface into a keyboard, yet it is only moderately reliable. Nonetheless, it’s quite cool.

AGS Wireless Laser Projector

Buy AGS Wireless Laser Projector ($45)

Closing Remarks: Best Bluetooth Keyboards for iPhone

For you, I found some of the most unusual keyboards I could locate. Every Bluetooth keyboard on this list takes a different approach to the same issue. Logitech and Apple put a premium on battery life in their foldable cases, making them ideal for light travel. Which iPhone Bluetooth Keyboard would you choose? Please notify me via Twitter.

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