How to Block Calls on Android: 4 Simple Ways

How to Block Calls on Android On your Android smartphone, you may quickly block nuisance calls. When it comes to communication, the Android smartphone has made significant advancements. They’ve taken the functionality of calling and chatting to the next level. Despite its benefits, it causes certain issues for people who aren’t too concerned.

Spam calls from telemarketing companies or strangers are one of the most common problems. Answering a phone call during a crucial meeting or while spending time with family is inconvenient. However, there is a way to get rid of this vexing problem. Simply block calls on your Android device to avoid being bothered by unwanted callers. Do you have any idea how to ban calls on Android?

How to Block Calls on Android?

Unknown calls can be blocked in a variety of ways on an Android phone or tablet. No specific expertise or abilities are required to disable or block spam calls on Android. It’s as simple as saving a phone contact.

On Android, you can block a call using the device manufacturer’s settings or third-party apps. Additionally, there are various ways to block faked calls on Android OS.

How to Block Calls on Android Phone: Manual Method

Blocking calls manually involves different methods, and they are discussed below.

Method 1. Those using Android version 6.0 or above can block private calls on Android devices manually by following the steps given below.

(1) On your call log, long-press the spam caller you want to block.

(2) Select the Block number option to block unknown calls on Android Phone.

How to Block Calls on Android Phone? – Manual Method

This two-step process will work well for those non-stock Android phones.

Method 2. With this, the spam calls will be redirected to the carrier’s voice inbox.

(1) Open the Contacts icon on your Android phone.

(2) Choose the contact you want to block.

(3) Tap on the Edit icon that looks like a pencil in the top-right.

(4) Select the menu icon or three-dot icon.

(5) Check in the box corresponding to All Calls to Voicemail.

With this, the spam calls will be redirected to the carrier’s voice inbox.

Method 3. You may even block calls on Android from the settings menu.

(1) Click on the Phone icon from the home screen.

(2) Tap the three-dot icon and select Settings.

(3) Choose Call and then Call Rejection option.

(4) Then, click Auto Reject List and Tap on Create option.

(5) On the search box, enter the phone number or contact name to block.

How to Block Calls on Samsung Phone

You can block a call on Samsung Android phones and stay away from annoying callers with the help of the below-given steps.

(1) Launch the Phone app at first.

(2) Choose the number you want to block and stop receiving incoming spam calls.

(3) Click on the More icon or three-dotted icon in the top right.

(4) Tap on Add to Auto Reject List.

How to Block Calls on Nexus or Pixel Phone

Those using Nexus Phone or Pixel phone with Android OS can follow the instructions to block calls from strangers.

(1) Open the Phone app on the home screen of your Android Nexus/Pixel.

(2) Press three-dots or menu icon from the upper right corner.

(3) On the drop-down, choose the Settings option.

(4) Then, click on Blocked numbers.

(5) Select Add a Number option and type in the spam caller phone number.

(6) Tap on the Block option and with this, you won’t require attending the spam calls.

Block Calls on Nexus or Pixel Android Phone

How to Block Robocalls on LG Phone

To block the unknown or spam calls on your LG phone, do the following.

(1) Launch the Phone app on your LG phone.

(2) Click on the More icon that resembles three dots.

(3) Select the Call Settings option.

(4) Choose Reject Calls and tap the + button to add the phone number you want to block.

How to Block a Call on HTC Phone

You don’t need to have special skills to block private calls on HTC phones. It is simple if you follow the steps given below.

(1) Launch the Phone app on your phone from the home screen.

(2) Just press and hold the phone number you want to block.

(3) Choose Block Contact and when prompted click on the OK button.

The same steps can be followed to block spoofed calls on Android Huawei and Honor phones.

Is it Possible to Block Restricted Calls on Android?

Yes. There are a few Android apps that can help you stop spam callers quickly and effortlessly. If your Android phone does not have a built-in call blocking feature or if you have an older model, you can also use the Play Store to download third-party call blocking apps. The following are a few of the best apps:

Block Spam Calls on Android via Google Voice

Anyone may effortlessly block a call on an Android phone using Google Voice. To do so, change your primary phone number from your old carrier to Google Voice. When utilizing Google Voice, you can block unknown calls in three distinct methods. It consists of

  • Those phone numbers will be routed to voicemail.
  • You can mark such a phone number as spam.
  • When you hear that a phone number isn’t in service, put it on hold.

Closing Remarks: Block Calls on Android

I hope the solutions covered in this post have made it simple for you to block spam calls. Most Android phones include the ability to ban calls from within the device. In other circumstances, call blocker apps can be downloaded to prevent spam callers from reaching you. You may also be interested in The Best Android Shortcuts You Should Be Using.

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