13 Best Vocabulary Builder Apps for iPhone and Android

There is no replacement for reading books when it comes to expanding your vocabulary. However, reading books is not the only option. Users may study in a fun and engaging way using applications like GRE Vocabulary Builder or Red Herring. Aside from these, there is a slew of other vocabulary-building applications available for Android and iOS. So, without further ado, here are the top vocabulary builder apps for iPhone and Android for expanding your vocabulary and speaking properly.

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Best Vocabulary Builder Apps

1. Wordly

Wordly adheres to the traditional adage of “one new word every day.” It is the simplest app on the list. Every day, a new highlighted word appears with the date at the top. The term appears in a huge bold font with the definition underneath it, followed by a paragraph of explanation to provide the user context. As a result, you’ll have no trouble understanding how the term is utilized in a phrase.

You can only change one setting, which is to display the word of the day at a day’s notice. It is also possible to share it with others.

Wordly Vocabulary app


  • With only one phrase every day, the interface is kept to a bare minimum.
  • Simple to comprehend
  • There is no information on the history or pronunciation of the term.

Download Wordly for Android

2. Orphic Vocabulary Builder Apps

Orphic, like Wordly, shows you a new word every day. However, unlike Wordly, it displays the word’s pronunciation. You may also save the word to your favorites, listen to it in audio, and look for synonyms. Furthermore, Orphic allows you to take brief notes with each word.

You may choose between dark and bright themes in terms of UI. If you have an AMOLED panel, you may additionally activate pitch blacks. This program is more useful since it supports customizable widgets.

Orphic vocabulary builder app


  • Adding custom notes is a useful feature.
  • Integration with dictionaries from other sources
  • Unusual collection of words

Download Orphic for Android

3. 7 Little Words

Crossword puzzles are a great way to learn new vocabulary and discover new ones. Furthermore, it aids in the recall of previously learned terms. But what if, instead of providing you with several rows and columns, you were given only 7 words to work with?

7 Little Word is a simple software that will pique your interest in trivia quizzes. You’ll get seven mystery words and seven associated hints in each puzzle. To answer the hint, you must select one of 21 tiles that contain the correct words in scrambled form. Aside from the hundreds of puzzles you acquire with a purchase, you get 25 puzzles for free every day, and two new ones are introduced every day, all of which are free to play. There are a total of five themes to pick from. You also have a puzzle shop on the premises.

7 Little Words vocabulary app


  • Multiple device syncing
  • New puzzles are added every day.
  • Fewer words mean more power is retained.
  • Reminder to solve puzzles every day

Download 7 Little Words for Android

4. Red Herring

Red Herring is one of the best vocabulary builder apps. Putting common words in groups is one method to boost vocabulary. To put it in context, imagine you’re given a few words and told to categorize them based on their similarities. You’ll not only learn new words but also be able to recollect their synonyms if you succeed. Consider the following screenshot, which shows US Coins. You have four distinct terms for it, which will help you grow your vocabulary even further.

The Red Herring game’s fundamental storyline is as follows. But, to make things even more difficult, there are four hard terms that don’t fit into any of the categories. Every day, you’ll receive three different difficulty levels of free daily puzzles. You have the option of asking for a clue or restarting the problem at any point. There are three puzzle packs available: imagination (free puzzles), curiosity (paid puzzles), and genius (paid puzzles) (paid). Older puzzles can be accessed through in-app purchases. Night mode is also available for individuals who are easily addicted to gaming.

Red Herring Vocabulary app


  • Connecting comparable words is aided by grouping.
  • It’s a simple and enjoyable method to learn.

Download Red Herring for Android | iOS

5. GRE Vocabulary Builder

Whether you’re studying for the GRE or simply want to improve your vocabulary, this app can help. It’s designed for students, thus the information quality and level of challenge are both satisfyingly high.

The quiz is broken into sections according to the test. So you’ve taken the GMAT, ACT, SAT, and so on. These tests are further separated into three degrees of difficulty: basic, intermediate, and advanced. You can choose any of these, and the difficulty level steadily increases as the rounds proceed. The usage of any word determines its meaning. This method leaves a long-lasting effect. You may also play puzzles with strangers, guess words, and stay in the challenge until you make a mistake.

GRE Vocabulary Builder


  • Expertly selected words with audio pronunciation
  • a few examples of sentences
  • a progress monitor
  • Playing with strangers is fun.

Download GRE Vocabulary Builder for Android | iOS

6. Mnemonic Dictionary

Mnemonic is more of a productivity software than a vocabulary builder. It will give you a brief mnemonic (Memory Aids) for the word at the bottom.

Aside from that, there are areas such as the Manhattan GRE global list, Magoosh’s 100-word vocabulary, and others. The meanings of the terms are provided. Users’ mnemonics are displayed at the bottom, which you may alter and share. Additionally, you have the option of creating your own mnemonic.

Mnemonic Dictionary app


  • Ways to remember words in unusual ways
  • Mnemonics Limited database can be added by the user.

Download Mnemonic Dictionary for Android

7. Moon+ Reader

Reading more books is now the greatest approach to learning new terms. Moon+ Reading stands out among the plethora of e-book reader applications. It includes an extensive collection of free books from Project Gutenberg, feedbooks.com, and other sources. Moon+ Reader supports most formats, including EPUB, PDF, DJVU, AZW3, MOBI, FB2, and PRC, if you have your own books. Text size, color, and other aspects of the reading perspective can all be customized. From the reader, you may translate, highlight, and even search the app’s dictionary for terms.

Moon+ Reader vocabulary builder app


  • The most comprehensive collection of free books
  • For searching terms, there is a built-in dictionary.
  • The majority of file types are supported.

Download Moon+ Reader for Android

8. WordUp Vocabulary

Because of the accent, the audience had to turn on the subtitles while watching Peaky Blinders. They had no idea what was going on. WordUp specifically addresses this issue and offers a comprehensive package for improving one’s vocabulary in an interactive manner. To determine your level, you begin with a vocabulary exam. You have the option of using British or American English, as well as adding your own language to the mix when translating English terms.

“Remember forever,” which allows the app to suggest the word every three days, a week, and eventually a month is my favorite feature. This guarantees that the meaning of the term is retained in your memory. You may also keep track of your vocabulary-building progress, see new terms, and construct a knowledge map to see where you stand. A pro version is available that focuses on certain themes such as animals, colors, and so on. In Pro Mode, you may also watch a movie/TV show or take an exam, making your free time a fantastic opportunity to practice.

WordUp Vocabulary


  • Keep track of your progress.
  • To learn new terms, watch movies or television shows.
  • There are a variety of games to help you improve your vocabulary.

Download WordUp for Android | iOS

9. Free Rice UN

Have you considered addressing world hunger? This game can assist you in doing so by assisting in determining the correct meaning of a particular word. You get a pop-up ad from the World Food Program’s sponsor every time you obtain the appropriate meaning. As a result, when you play the game, you spend about 10 grains of rice, which is represented by the bowl in the user interface.

It’s a little more straightforward. You are given one word and must pick the proper interpretation from four possibilities. In addition, you may register and compete on the leaderboard with other individuals. If you get bored with vocabulary, there are various other categories to pick from. Identifying countries, flags of the globe, and world capitals, for example. As a result, assist yourself in growing and being a part of the change!

Free Rice UN vocabulary app


  • Contribution to society
  • Several subcategories

10. Ulangi

Ulangi is a vocabulary-building tool based on the open-source Anki flashcard system (spaced repetition). A word will be implanted in your memory if you encounter it again after a particular period. The majority of the content is GRE-based. Ulangi can also display flashcards of the words you’ve stored. After that, you must recall the pronunciation and meaning. Furthermore, you assess your recollection of the term, and Ulangi will flash the word later based on your rating. For example, if you can’t guess a word, it will be displayed right away. It will show you the flashcard after 12 hours if you did well.

In addition, there are word tests and idioms to go over.

Ulangi vocabulary app


  • Based on the Anki flashcard method
  • The majority of the content is GRE-based.
  • Quizzes that put your knowledge to the test

Download Ulangi for Android | iOS

11. Anki Vocabulary Builder Apps

Anki is the first vocabulary-building software that uses flashcards to help you remember words. It displays flashcards at regular intervals, much as the prior software. It’s a fantastic approach to efficiently retaining more words. Although you may manually design a word deck, it also offers many shared decks where you can practice using cards supplied by other people.

There are over 100 vocabulary decks available, ranging from IELTS terms to basic English words you must know. Anki supports user ratings since too many shared decks might be confusing. This makes it simple to choose the finest ones. You may also add additional decks by searching for comparable keywords such as idioms, grammar, advanced English, and so on.

Anki learn vocabulary through flashcards


  • Flashcards are used to teach vocabulary.
  • Cards that may be downloaded and shared
  • An efficient method of learning

Download Anki for Android | iOS

12. Kindle App

To use the Kindle app, you don’t need a Kindle device. To begin, the Kindle app allows you to double-tap any word to get its definition while reading. You can highlight and add extra comments to the word or phrase you want to remember. Unlike other applications, it does not explicitly target vocabulary growth but rather aids in the learning of words when reading books.

Aside from that, you can simply make flashcards using the Kindle app by copying words. Because you’re building it from the book you’re now reading, you’ll have a good chance of remembering it.

Kindle app vocabulary builder


  • Sync with Amazon Kindle in a snap.
  • Allows you to highlight words.
  • Create many flashcards by hand.

Download Kindle App for Android | iOS

13. Words with Friends

Are you tired of attempting to learn new words? One of the finest word games you can play with your friends and family is Words with Friends. It’s similar to scrabble in that the user must drag a word tile onto the board in order to form a word. To score points, you can do it either vertically or horizontally. The software includes a variety of game types, including solo, lightning round, practice mode, and more. You may also play with a random user or invite a buddy to play with you.

It’s a joyful learning process because the game is all about using words you already know and learning new terms from others. The main drawback is that the program shows banner adverts at the top, which some users may find annoying.

Words with Friends vocabulary builder app


  • Gameplay with a Scrabble theme
  • In-game communication
  • Play with friends, at random, or by yourself.

Download Words with Friends for Android | iOS

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Closing Remarks: Vocabulary Builder Apps

If you want something more casual, 7 Little Words and Red Herring are two of my favorite vocabulary builder apps. GRE Vocabulary Builder and WordUp, on the other hand, are great if you consider yourself a disciplined student who wants to keep to a test pattern, with features like tracking progress, material updates, and a steady learning curve that helps you stay to it for longer.

You can buy a Kindle and only read books on it, but you can also highlight material, add words to the dictionary, and use the vocabulary builder. It’s never too late to start learning, no matter what your motivation is. I’m looking forward to seeing you learn the dictionary.

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