8 Best Vegan Apps to Get Started With Veganism

While most people believe that eating meat is healthful, it is actually as unhealthy as any other junk food. I was already going to switch to a vegan diet, but this paragraph from How Not to Die fired my determination even more. I admit that, while I was willing to take the risk, I was aware that it would not be an easy assignment. To go vegan, you’ll need recipes, a way to figure out which ingredients are vegan, and, most importantly, is there a restaurant that delivers vegan cuisine to my door? That may appear to be a lot of research, but you may have all of that information on your phone. You don’t believe me? Here are the best vegan apps to get you started.

“Eating as low on the food chain as possible, a plant-based diet may be the best way to minimize your exposure to industrial toxins” – Michael Greger

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Best Vegan Apps for iOS and Android

1. Happy Cow

Happy Cow is the best app for finding local vegan restaurants. It allows you to locate vegan cafés, restaurants, grocery stores, and other establishments. You may also filter these results by vegan/vegetarian and distance from your current location. Furthermore, because COVID-19 has made eating out extremely dangerous, the app now provides doorstep delivery and takeaways. Despite the fact that the delivery service is only available in the United States, the resource list includes outlets from all over the world. As a result, it’s one of the best vegan apps that you should check out.

Happy Cow

You can browse the app for free, but some services, such as the trip saving option and the ability to save restaurants for offline viewing, cost $3.99.


  • A scrollable menu on the internet
  • A restaurant and culinary critic’s review

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2. Quit Meat

Being a vegetarian is the first step toward becoming a vegan. This software assists you in ‘Quit Meat’ by displaying your environmental effect whenever you choose a plant-based option over a meat product. For example, consider how much water you’ve saved, the impact on emissions, and the number of animals you’ve rescued by not eating meat. Simply select the consumption icons (fish, meat, milk, eggs, etc.) and enter the quantities you consume. Every change you make is shown on the homepage, giving you a clear picture of your usage and savings every time you visit the app.

Quit Meat

Despite the fact that the app has vegan recipes, there are better applications that deal with the dishes I’ve included below.


  • There are more recipes in the app.
  • Some people may find the UI to be overly flowery, so a simpler UI would be preferable.

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3. Is it Vegan?

There are many things that appear to be vegan but aren’t, such as natural vanilla ice cream, pesto sauce, processed sugar, and many others. ‘Is It Vegan?’ solves this issue. This software allows you to quickly identify any animal products or ingredients by scanning the UPC bar code with the app’s scanner. It specifies if the item is vegan, vegetarian, or neither. You’ll also find the whole ingredients list, as well as a section dedicated to vegan ingredients.

Is it Vegan app

The main drawback is that the vegan app is mostly focused on the United States, so if you live elsewhere, you’ll likely be dissatisfied. Don’t worry, folks living outside the United States will appreciate the ability to manually search for ingredients on the app.


  • Improved worldwide UPC code compatibility
  • Ingredients are listed in detail.

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4. 21 Day Vegan Kickstart App

With a 21-day vegan schedule, this app seeks to assist anyone who wishes to shift to a vegan diet. You begin by entering your email address and selecting a start date. When you’re through, the app will tell you what you should consume for the next 21 days. Because it claims to be founded on scientific research, it could be a useful place to start for people battling heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other conditions. However, we recommend that you get advice from professionals first. A doctor or a clinical dietitian. Pita pizza, vegan French toast, spiced pumpkin oatmeal, sweet potato, and other low-fat, plant-based meals may be found here.

21 Day vegan Kickstart app

Once you’ve set a date to start your vegan adventure, the app will display you the ingredient list. Setting an earlier date allows you to buy the components ahead of time and avoid a last-minute shopping spree.


  • It’s possible to use it without logging in

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5. Plant Jammer

Plant Jammer allows you to create a new meal using things you currently have in your home. Simply set a goal and tell the app whether you’re a novice or a seasoned chef (like eating more veggies). In the next phase, you select vegetables from your kitchens, such as broccoli, carrots, and beets, and the software generates meal suggestions based on those ingredients.

Vegan app Plant Jammer

The finest aspect is the shopping list function, which lets you add ingredients that you don’t have on hand. As a result, you can easily plan ahead before going shopping for your favorite vegan dishes.


  • Ingredients that are more conducive

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6. TalkVeganToMe

Counter-arguments such as “But you kill pests while growing vegetables” or “Not all animals are slain in an awful manner” are the first thing that everyone wants to go vegan encounters. If you’re having trouble dealing with disputes like these, this app can be a fantastic place to start. On the home page, you may see a list of arguments and rebuttals. What I appreciate best about this app is that the arguments are backed up by evidence, so you can defend veganism when your friend accuses you of being a charlatan.


You can keep all of your favorite arguments in the app’s favorites section, and you don’t need the internet to use it, which is another benefit.


  • A better user interface with more illustrative graphics and images
  • Encouragement to ask your own questions

Get TalkVeganToMe for (iOS | Android)

7. Vegan Amino

Isn’t a list of the top vegan apps incomplete without a social media app? Consider ‘Vegan Amino’ to be a social networking app for vegans around the world, similar to Instagram. You have a home feed, similar to Instagram, where you can see images uploaded by other vegans. You may speak with them, like and comment on their photos, just like you would on any other network. It’s a fantastic resource for learning about new vegan foods, cooking methods, and vegan lifestyle hacks. The ability to create polls and chat rooms is restricted for new members, but it unlocks as you share, comment, and participate in the community, which is the only drawback in my opinion.

Vegan Amino

If you’re having trouble finding a companion because of your eating preferences, you can use this as a vegan dating app (hope you get lucky).


  • A more uncluttered user interface
  • An account can be created in a faster and more convenient manner.

8. HEALabel Best Vegan App

A user can use the HEALabel app to search up the facts about a specific chemical and see how it affects human health, the environment, animals, and laborers. When looking for cooking items or garment fabrics, the app comes in helpful. Each ingredient or item is accompanied by a photograph, making it simple to identify. Furthermore, everything is color-coded (good, moderate, or negative) for its impact on health, the environment, animals, and labor. Unlike the Is It Vegan app, you can get more information on the ingredients listed. Ingredient lists, food allergies, pH, and sustainability are all detailed descriptions.

HEALabel vegan app

Because it’s a progressive web app, you can install it on your computer. The user interface is comparable to what you’d find on a smartphone. Furthermore, as compared to other desktop apps, a PWA takes up less space.

Although HEAlabel is not available on the Play Store, you can add it to your menu by scanning a QR code from HEALabel’s website.


  • A specific application

Get HEALabel App

Other Ways You Can Learn About Veganism

Veganism is such a widely discussed issue that you can discover a wealth of information about it on the internet. You might start by searching for veganism or vegan diet on the internet and conducting your own study. You can also locate a community of people to help you resolve your questions by subscribing to Subreddits like Vegan and Vegan Recipes. Aside from that, there is a slew of excellent vegan YouTubers who talk about veganism and vegan cookeries, like The Vegan Corner and Avant-Garde Vegan, to which I subscribe.

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Final Remarks: Best Vegan Apps

So there you have it: some of the greatest vegan apps to assist you in transition to a vegan diet and lifestyle. Plant Jammer, in my opinion, should be tried right immediately because it does not only focus on a vegan diet but also allows you to prepare meals with any ingredient you have in your home. Aside from that, the Is It Vegan app may help you cross off items from your shopping list that include dairy or animal ingredients. Finally, the 21-Day Vegan Kickstarter app is a terrific method to start and gradually advance towards veganism if you’re seeking a science-based strategy to switch to a plant-based diet plan.

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