Best Snipping Tools for Ubuntu OS

To take the image or screenshot of the monitor screen and store it for future reference, you’ll need a snipping tool on your PC. Such Tool or Programs have the ability to capture the full PC screen, as well as any window tabs and areas as needed. Also provides the feature to specify the area, drag the mouse across the screen, and many other options. It also includes tools for highlighting and indicating in the photos, such as a pen, an arrow, and a rectangle. Taking screenshots on Windows OS is very easy and it has a built-in tool for the purpose. However, On Ubuntu PC you may need some third-party software are tool the do the required job. In this post, you will find some Best Snipping Tools for Ubuntu OS.

The snipping tools are mostly free to download and install on Ubuntu Operating System. Most of the Snipping Tools also have a blur option for hiding confidential information on images and many other basic features as well. Some Apps feature a time delay option that allows you to take a screenshot after a certain amount of time has passed. For dual purposes, most snipping tools feature screenshot and screen recording options. We’ll look at the finest snipping tool for Ubuntu in the following post. This article will show you how to use the best snipping tool to capture screenshots on an Ubuntu PC.

List of Best Snipping Tools for Ubuntu

  1. GIMP
  2. GNOME Screenshot
  3. ImageMagick
  4. ScreenRec
  5. Shutter
  6. Flameshot
  7. Ksnip
  8. ScreenCloud
  9. Spectacle

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Best Snipping Tools for Ubuntu


GIMP Linux Snipping Tools

GNU Image Manipulation Program formally known as GIMP is an excellent snipping tool for Ubuntu. It’s an open-source program with editing capabilities. The program allows you to take a screenshot of a single window, the entire screen, or a specific location. It also allows you to add or remove window decorations, as well as the mouse cursor on screenshots.

A color profile is available in the snipping tool to capture the image with monitor settings. The photos can also be converted to standard RGB profiles. There are two types of time delays: after the delay, select the region to capture, and before the delay, select the region to capture.

2. GNOME Screenshot

GNOME Snipping Tools for Ubuntu

GNOME Screenshot is one of the best snipping tools for Ubuntu, and it’s free. In the GNOME desktop environment, it comes with a built-in tool. The app allows you to capture the entire screen or a specific tab. It also has the ability to snap a screenshot of the chosen area. There are numerous effects that can be applied to the image.

It has a timer that allows you to capture the image after a set number of seconds. It’s possible to shoot the photograph with or without a window border. The pointer can also be included in the screenshot. It uses a screencast to record the screen and makes it simple to share the recordings.

3. ImageMagick – Snipping Tool for Ubuntu

ImageMagic Snipping Tool

For Ubuntu, ImageMagick is a fantastic open-source snipping tool. It can read and write practically every image format. The image can be resized, rotated, cropped, and flipped using this tool. It has the ability to add text to photos and create any shape on a screenshot. To focus on the appropriate zone, the tool has a blur and sharpen tool.

It has Image gradients, which allow you to combine two or more colors for image shapes. For simple recognition, ImageMagick displays the photos with the format. It can combine two photographs by overlap and create animated GIFs from a series of images.

4. ScreenRec – Best Snipping Tools for Ubuntu

ScreenRec Best Snipping Tools for Ubuntu

On Ubuntu, ScreenRec is the greatest tool for screenshots and screen recording. It features a simple setup and captures images quickly. The ScreenRec can add text to the image and put a rectangle box around the essential portions to identify them. It may highlight key sentences and display icons, tabs, and buttons using arrows.

The screenshot can be shared instantaneously, and the image can be copied to the clipboard and pasted into an email. It has cloud storage for storing the photographs and videos it captures. The microphone and webcam inputs can also be saved in the movie when using screen recording.

5. Shutter – Ubuntu Screenshot Tool

Shutter - Ubuntu Screenshot Tool

The Shutter is a free snipping program for Ubuntu that can be installed on any Ubuntu PC. It can capture images of any size on a PC, including full-screen, full-window, and websites with moveable markings. The snipping tool comes with a variety of auxiliary tools for editing screenshots, including arrows, lines, and rectangles for defining the essential parts.

It has a highlighter that may be used to draw attention to the relevant content in a screenshot. The Shutter can also trim the image to the required size and hide certain details on the image. It’s simple to share the photograph on social media apps, and it can post images to any website.

6. Flameshot

Flameshot Linux Screenshot Taking App

Flameshot is another one of Ubuntu’s best snipping tools. It includes a pen for drawing on the image, a line to underline the points and an arrow to point to a specific location. The program can capture the image in real-time and extend it at any point during the editing process. It contains an Undo and Redo feature that allows you to undo or redo your adjustments.

The highlighter, which comes in a variety of hues, is used to draw attention to the image while also blurring key areas in screenshots. Moreover, Flameshot allows you to save the photographs directly to the cloud and share them with your team or family members as required.

7. Ksnip – Best Snipping Tools for Ubuntu

Ksnip Screenshot Tool for Ubuntu

Ksnip is an excellent snipping tool for Ubuntu with many useful features. It’s simple to take a screenshot with the mouse, and it can take screenshots of the entire screen, windows, and more. To indicate on the screenshot, the tool provides markers such as a pen, an arrow, and a rectangular box. It has the ability to create shapes and insert text into images.

A watermark is included with the snipping tool to stamp the logo or name on the photos. It features command-line functionality and can capture screenshots with the time delay option. The Ksnip features a number of effects that may be used to change the image, the most common of which are drop shadow and grayscale.

8. ScreenCloud

ScreenCloud Snipping Program

ScreenCloud is a fantastic snipping application for Ubuntu that allows you to capture sharp screenshots. Because it is open-source, it is free to install on a PC. The tools allow the user to determine where the taken photographs should be saved. It can link to cloud storage and rapidly share photographs to the cloud. By transferring the link to the clipboard, the screenshots can easily be shared through email. To take a screenshot, it only has a drag-and-drop option.

9. Spectacle


The Spectacle is a fantastic snipping program that can be downloaded for free on an Ubuntu PC. With a simple drag of the mouse, it can record the entire PC screen or a specific area of it. There’s also a capture mode for defining the screenshot region, as well as a delay option for capturing the image at the appropriate time.

It has the ability to export the taken image to the desired website or app. You can also copy and paste the snapshot to the desired area. The Spectacle tool includes all of the tools needed to alter the photos. It can also be used to remove the mouse pointer from a screenshot.

Closing Remarks: Best Snipping Tools for Ubuntu OS

As a result, the top snipping tools for Ubuntu are evaluated in terms of their capabilities. The snipping tool comes in handy when presenting a report or giving a presentation that includes an image of the working process. It can also be used to demonstrate how the software works through screenshots.

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