7 Best Reading Apps for Kids on Android iOS

You may use language learning applications to assist children to learn the fundamental alphabet and words. Today, we’ll take the lessons a step further by discussing apps that can help you learn to read. Some reading applications encourage kids to read by presenting the story in a visually appealing interface. Other reading applications combine lectures with reading content so that children can learn while also practicing. You should try some of the finest reading apps for kids that we identified for Android and iOS.

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Best Reading Apps for Kids (4 to 8 Years) on Android iOS

1. PalFish Reading – Kid’s Books

PalFish is a fun software for kids that provides a personalized reading experience. The app includes a fun UI and a vast selection of children’s books. You can sort these books by your child’s age group or simply choose one that PalFish recommends. Your child may start reading right away when they launch the app because the home screen offers 50 must-read classics. Furthermore, there is a specific area of books from well-known companies such as Scholastic, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, and others if you scroll down on the home page.

PalFish reading Apps for Kids on Android iOS

The app contains high-quality pictures, so your child will be more likely to finish the book. You can also listen to the books, do quizzes, and even record your child reading the book. PalFish is free, but upgrading to the VIP plan for $14.99/month unlocks more content, challenges, etc.


  • Books from big publishers including Oxford, Scholastic, and others.
  • Book thumbnails and an interactive interface
  • Additional content, such as amusing films, courses, and quizzes, is available.


  • Full-screen advertisements are present.
  • The images in the books lag and are out of sync with the audio.

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2. Epic: Kids’ Books

In terms of content, the Epic reading app is comparable to PalFish, so if you’re not in the mood to sign in, you might want to avoid it. It has a parent dashboard where you can keep track of your children’s activities. You can create numerous profiles if you have more than one child or if you’re a teacher with a large class. When it comes to the app itself, the home screen recommends one book per week, as well as new releases. If your child like a book, simply add it to a collection of the favorite area (which can be shared between multiple profiles).

Epic reading apps for Kids on Android iOS

There are numerous useful features, like the option to store for offline reading, a reading time indicator, multimedia playing control, and so on. The popular kids’ reading app now offers an unlimited membership that includes access to a 40K+ library, audiobooks, and limitless reading time. The Unlimited version is available for $9.99 a month.


  • Several child profiles (shared book collection)
  • Dashboard for parents
  • Professional audio and well-illustrated graphics


  • On some sites, requires sign-in UI alignment difficulties.

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3. Read Along (Bolo): Learn to Read with Google

Did you know that Google has created a reading app to help your children learn to read? Read Along is a simple app that will get you up and running quickly. Simply choose a language in which you want your children to learn to read and begin the courses. The audio reading assistant is the highlight, as it not only reads the text on the screen but also reviews your child’s pronunciation in a friendly tone.

Google reading app Bolo

The enormous library of illustrated books can be viewed offline at any time. There is no need for the internet. It includes word-related games such as speed reading, jumble words, and others to make reading fun for kids. Finally, Bolo is 100% free and does not disturb users with irritating advertisements.


  • AI-assisted pronunciation and review
  • Free and without advertisements
  • Multiple profiles are available.
  • Simple user interface


  • Illustration for a simple narrative
  • Apart from English, supported languages focus on Indian languages.

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4. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy, unlike the other apps on our list, focuses not just on a child’s reading skills but also on other aspects such as problem-solving, social development, creative skills, and so on. It has a lot to offer in terms of reading. The reading lessons are divided into intro groups, and there are different lesson plans for different areas. Your child can learn about basic reading skills, word readers, and stories, among other topics that can help him or her, read better. You can also filter lessons from preschool to second grade based on the age of the child.

Khan Academy reading apps for Kids on Android iOS

If your child is bored with the reading lessons, you should shift them to the books tab. You can let the child read the book or have it narrated, just like other reading applications for kids. The narrative can be turned on and off at any time and is useful for teaching correct pronunciation. The app’s finest feature is that it is 100% free, with no advertisements or in-app purchases.


  • Holistic application (lessons on other subjects)
  • Free and without advertisements
  • Both reading and a book area are included.


  • Sign-in is required.
  • Not suitable for someone looking for a dedicated reading app

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5. Let’s Read – Digital Library of Children’s Books

Let’s Read is a program of The Asia Foundation’s Books that focuses on young readers in particular. The app is simple to use; go to the homepage or featured page to find top book recommendations. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a large collection of children’s books that can be viewed offline. Aside from that, it displays appropriate tags and reading levels to help kids find better reading books.

Let's Read English

Many books in many languages are available in the catalog. The book image clearly displays the desired language, which may be changed at any time while reading. If you’re concerned about advertisements, be assured that the app is free and does not contain any.


  • A large selection of children’s books
  • Simple graphics and straightforward words
  • Free and without advertisements


  • Language support is limited.
  • More book filters would’ve made it easier to browse

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6. Hooked on Phonics Learn and Read

It’s very easy for a child to imitate what he or she hears, and if they’re hearing the erroneous pronunciation of a word, they’re probably reading it incorrectly as well. This program takes a phonetic method to solve the problem. It teaches children the relationship between sound and written language. Teaching words that finish in it, ad, at, and other similar sounds, for example. As a result, understanding similar-sounding words becomes simple.

Hooked on Phonics reading app for kids

All of the phonetics classes are gamified to keep the younger students entertained. There are over 20 stages to play through, as well as a big library of add-ons like music tracks, books, and games. Although the software is free, some extra features are locked and can be purchased at a cost of $7.99/month with a 7-day free trial.


  • Others take a different approach to phonetics.
  • There are almost 20 lessons.


  • The loading of each stage takes a long time.
  • Long introductions
  • Add ons locked behind the paywall

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7. Vooks

Vooks is a story app that uses interactive story narrations to assist children to improve their reading skills. Each story includes narration and on-screen text. The spoken word is emphasized as the story proceeds, making it easier for a child to follow and read.

Vooks audiobook for kids

Every week, the app updates its book list and adds new titles to the database. The only drawback I discovered is that Vooks is only available for 30 days. You can pay to subscribe at a cost of $4.99/month after the trial period has ended.


  • Stream across many platforms
  • Words spoken in the narration are highlighted.
  • A large library with new books is added every week.


  • Not for people who want to avoid signing in.
  • There is no option to try it out as a guest.

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Final Remarks: Best Reading Apps for Kids on Android & iOS

So there you have it: my top selections for the greatest reading apps for Kids on Android and iOS. Khan Academy is an excellent alternative if you want your child to stick to one app that does everything. It includes a variety of well-designed lessons that cover not only reading but also other subjects. I recommend giving a couple of the reading apps mentioned above a try, or handing the phone to your kids and letting them choose for themselves.

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